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Farooqui M.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College For Women | Pardeshi R.,S R College Ghansawangi | Jadhav S.,Vivekanand College
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research | Year: 2016

Non-enzymatic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) plays an important role in the medicinal field and acts as antioxidants use in fruits and vegetable such as lemon, orange, grapes, carrots, tomatoes, grapefruit, beans, broccoli, and mangos. It helps to prevent and stop of various diseases such as lung cancer, asthma, and wheezing and finding an antibronchospastic effect. Other factors such as diet have also been implicated in the development of lung cancer. Despite the extensive research conducted in this area, the relationship between diet and lung cancer is still not clear. Diets high in fat and low in vegetables and fruits may increase the risk of lung cancer and other fact eating of tobacco and smoking of cigarette. Lung tissue damage due to high levels of free radicals in cigarette smoke causes direct (tissue oxidation) and indirect (release of oxidizing agents and enzymes). Vitamin C is necessary for phagocytosis. It plays a significant role in daily life, dietary system like eating food, vegetable and smoking of cigarette. It helps to prevent or stop the damage the lung tissue/or cause lung cancer. The present review studied that application of vitamin C act as antioxidant in lung cancer like diseases such as lung-cancer and role in lung function. © 2016, Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.

Moghal M.M.,Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology | Ladniya V.,Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology | Pradhan V.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College For Women
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2016

Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) is unique method for the analysis and measuring quantity of organic volatile and semi-volatile compounds. Gas chromatography is applied to separates mixtures into individual components employing a temperature-controlled capillary column. Mass spectrometry is applied to recognize a variety of components from their mass spectra. In the present study volatile/semi-volatile compounds present in Oil extracted from Freshwater Edible Crab (Barytelphusa Cunicularis) are analyzed. Crab oil is extracted by Supercritical fluid extraction method and then analyzed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS). A total of 60 volatile/semi-volatile compounds are found and quantified in this study.

Pradhan V.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College For Women | Kamble Y.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College For Women | Ragade V.,Kets V G Vaze College
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research | Year: 2015

Objectives: we investigated the incidences of malaria in the rural areas of Gangapur which is Taluka place in the Aurangabad District of Maharashtra. Methodology: Overall 4738 suspected patients were examined at Govt Hospital of Gangapur who were having high fever. Conclution: At rural areas of Gangapur, the malaria patients are well below as prescribed by WHO. The main species involved is Plasmodiaum Vivax. Few cases of plamodiaum falciparum is aslo observed. © 2015, Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research. All rights reserved.

Jirekar D.B.,Anandrao Dhonde Alias Babaji College | Ghumare P.P.,Anandrao Dhonde Alias Babaji College | Farooqui M.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College For Women
Journal of Industrial Pollution Control | Year: 2015

Equilibrium sorption of Nickel on Vignaunguiculata husk was studied using batch adsorption method. The applicability of Langmuir, Freundlich, Dubinin-Radushkevich, and Temkin equations was investigated. Of the four adsorption isotherms, the R2 value of Temkin isotherm model was the highest and exhibited the best fit with the experimental data. The maximum monolayer coverage (Q0) from Langmuir isotherm model was determined to be 2000.00 mg/g, the separation factor indicating a favorable sorption experiment is 0.594. According to Freundlich isotherm model the sorption intensity (n) which is indication of favorable sorption is 0.692 with correlation coefficient 0.945. The heat of adsorption process was determined from Temkin isotherm model (1626.009 J/mole) and the mean free energy was estimated from Dubinin-Radushkevich isotherm model (8.558 × 10-4 J/mol). Which indicate that adsorption experiment followed a physical process. © EM International Printed in India. All rights reserved.

Jirekar D.B.,Anandrao Dhonde Alias Babaji College | Pathan A.A.,Maulana Azad College Aurangabad | Farooqui M.,Maulana Azad College Aurangabad | Farooqui M.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College For Women
Oriental Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2014

Experimental investigation was carried out by using commercially available husk of green gram (phaseolusaureus) seed to removal ofmethylene blue from aqueous medium. Husk of green gram seed was characterized by performing particle size distribution. The effect of contact time, effect of initial concentration of dye, effect of dosage, effect of salt, effect of pH, zero point pH and effect of temperature were studied in batch technique. Adsorption kinetic was verified by pseudo-first-order and pseudo-second-order models. The rate of adsorption of methylene bluefollowed by pseudo-second-order model for the dye concentration studied in the present case. Adsorption of methylene blue on green gram (phaseolusaureus) seed husk is also followed by Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption isotherm.

Jirekar D.B.,Anandrao Dhonde Alias Babaji College | Pramila G.,Anandrao Dhonde Alias Babaji College | Farooqui M.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College For Women
International Journal of ChemTech Research | Year: 2015

In this work, batch adsorption experiments were carried out to study the adsorption of crystal violet (CV) dye from aqueous solutions using Black gran seed husk (BGSH). The effects of major variables governing the efficiency of the process such as contact time, initial CV concentration. BGSH dose, pH and temperature were investigated.. The adsorption kinetic data were analyzed using pseudo-first order and pseudo-second order models. It was found that pseudo-first order kinetic model was the most appropriate model, describing the adsorption kinetics. Adsorption isotherm of CV dye onto the BGSH was determined at 306.2, 311.2, 316.2, 321.2, and 326.2 K with 50 mg/L as initial concentration of CV . Adsorption equilibrium was attained within 24 hours. Equilibrium data was fitted to the Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption isotherm models and isotherm constants were determined. The equilibrium data were best fitted by the Langmuir isotherm model than Freundlich model. Thermodynamic parameters such as Gibb's free energy change (ΔG0),enthalpy change (ΔH0)and entropy change (ΔS0)were calculated. The negative values of ΔH0and ΔG0 indicates that the CV adsorption process is exothermic and spontaneous in nature. Experimental results have shown that, the amount of CV adsorption increased with increasing the initial concentration of the dye and BGSH dose, while the amount of CV adsorption decreased with increasing the temperature. © 2014, Sphinx Knowledge House. All rights reserved.

Rai M.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College for Women | Kawde P.B.,R and D Glenmark pharmaceuticals
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2013

A simple, precise and rapid stability-indicating HPLC method was developed for the simultaneous quantitative determination of Olmesartan, Amlodipine and Hydrochlorothiazide from their innovative Pharmaceutical combination drug product, with the presence of degradation products. The separation was achieved on simple gradient method. The detector wavelength was 260 nm. The total runtime was 25 min. and RTof Hydrochlorothiazide, Amlodipine and Olmesartan are 4.2, 11.2 and 16.8 min.respectively. The described method was validated with respect to system suitability, specificity, linearity, precision and accuracy.

Al-Saeedi A.,Postgraduate and Research Center | Farooqui M.,Postgraduate and Research Center | Farooqui M.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College for Women
Oriental Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2013

The (4+2) cycloaddition or the Dials-Alder reaction is one of the most important reactions in the field of organic synthesis. The Dials-Alder reaction well known to all chemists is 100 years old. The Diels-Alder reaction during that period it has been studied intensively, where there are more papers, many books and reviews in the Dials-Alder reactions making the complete study of these works impossible, therefore in this article we concentrate on the review and generalization of the Diels-Alder reaction of 9-substituted anthracene with a variety of dienophiles.

Durrani A.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College For Women
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2011

pH-metry have been used most widely for the simultaneous equilibrium of transition metals with different amino acids like Histidine, Glutanic acid, Proline and L-aspartic acid using aqua-organic solvents. The ionic strength was maintained and complex formation was observed. © 2011 RASAYAN. All rights reserved.

Zaid A.A.,Post Graduate and Research Center | Farooqui M.,Dr Rafiq Zakaria College For Women | Janrao D.M.,Jes College
Journal of Saudi Chemical Society | Year: 2015

Binary and ternary complexes of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) with atenolol as hypertension drug and glycine have been determined pH metrically at room temperature and 0.01M ionic strength (NaClO4) in aqueous solution. The formation of various possible species has been evaluated by computer program and discussed in terms of various relative stability parameters. © 2012.

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