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Mingfu Z.,Down Hole Operating Company
Well Testing | Year: 2011

Daniudi reservoir with low pressure, low permeability, low porosity and the characteristics of thin, horizontal well is more effective to improve well production and improve performance, enhanced oil recovery technology measures the number of horizontal wells in recent years increased year by year, but the level of infiltration wells in the area, flow mechanism, gas-liquid two-phase flow theory is different from the vertical wells, liquid discharge method has unique characteristics, by comparing the field data for a large gas field found in horizontal wells drain method. Source

Zhang J.,Down Hole Operating Company | Mu X.,Down Hole Operating Company | Qiu L.,Southwest Research Institute
Well Testing | Year: 2011

Empirical formula of "one Point" method has a certain scope and condition, and the calculated open flows from the different formulas are quite different. To these problems, 7 wells of well test data of deep layer at western Sichuan are analyzed systemically by using Saphir well testing software and the empirical formula of "one Point" method has been corrected at the first time in western Sichuan, so that the results are more accurate and reliable. Practical application results show that the proposed formula for are more reasonable which provides the means for fast and accurate evaluation of well productivity. Source

Yu W.,China University of Petroleum - East China | Li H.,China University of Petroleum - East China | Wu P.,Down Hole Operating Company
Well Testing | Year: 2011

According to the data statistics of exploration wells and fracturing wells in Shengli Oilfield, the fracturing effect is optimal in the nearshore sub-marine fan, the fracturing effect is next in beach bar faces, the fracturing effect is poor in fan delta, and the fracturing effect is worst in turbidite fan. Geological static parameters are the major factors affecting the fracturing effect of test wells. For heterogeneous reservoir, fracturing is mainly affected by the formation with the best physical properties in the reservoir within an effective radius of fracturing reformation yield, so we can reduce the lower limit of single well testing property to improve hydro-fracturing stimulation effect. Based on the analysis of typical wells, the fracturing effect of glutenite reservoir in northern Dongying is influenced mainly by the formation with good cracks communication; and the fracturing effect of beach dam in western Dongying is influenced mainly by the beach bar occurrence probability within the reformation field. For heterogeneous reservoir, the massive fracturing is needed to enhance the formation communication and increase the production. Source

Cui H.,Down Hole Operating Company | Fan L.,Down Hole Operating Company | Song X.,Down Hole Operating Company
Well Testing | Year: 2014

Chengdao oilfield Chengbei Gu7 hill reservoir, using the gas cap elastic expansion of mining depletion of reservoir development mode of production, in the early stages of development tends to have higher capacity, oil-gas segment length, the production of gas oil is high the fluid nature of the complex characteristics of spray formation, leakage serious, difficult construction job, well control high security requirements. For Chengdao hill reservoir characteristics, design, improve the supporting eight completions technology, provides a powerful technical support for the development of such a shallow hill reservoir. Source

Chen S.,Down Hole Operating Company | Zhao X.,Down Hole Operating Company | Liu F.,Down Hole Operating Company | Wang J.,Down Hole Operating Company
Well Testing | Year: 2012

According to the formation characterist ics of low permeability reservoir in Liaohe oilfield, that are deep buried depth, miscellaneous li-thology, poor porosity and permeability conditions, low natural capacity, and strong water sensitivity, combined with existing oil testing process, study of oil testing process supporting technology for low permeability reservoir has been carried out, and it ip gradually formed of that suits for low porosity and permeability reservoir characteristics of the Liaohe exploration area, that is combined oil test tech treatment and reform tech, and reservoir drainage tech for low porosity and permeability reservoir. Source

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