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Okayama-shi, Japan

Dowa Electronics Materials Co. and Fujifilm Co. | Date: 2014-10-31

Provided is magnetic powder capable of enhancing simultaneously both magnetic characteristics including SNP and durability of a magnetic recording medium. The hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder for a magnetic recording medium has a Ba/Fe molar ratio of 8.0% or more, a Bi/Fe molar ratio of 2.5% or more and an Al/Fe molar ratio of from 3.0 to 6.0%. The magnetic powder preferably has an activation volume Vact of from 1,400 to 1,800 nm

A luminescent device and a manufacturing method for the luminescent device and a semiconductor device which are free from occurrence of cracks in a compound semiconductor layer due to the internal stress in the compound semiconductor layer at the time of chemical lift-off. The luminescent device manufacturing method includes forming a device region on part of an epitaxial substrate through a lift-off layer; forming a sacrificing portion, being not removed in a chemical lift-off step, around device region on epitaxial substrate; covering epitaxial substrate and semiconductor layer and forming a covering layer such that level of surface thereof in the region away from device region is lower than luminescent layer surface; removing covering layer on semiconductor layer, and that on sacrificing portion surface; forming a reflection layer on covering layer surface and semiconductor layer surface; and forming a supporting substrate by providing plating on reflection layer.

A method suitable for mass production of nanoparticles with a uniform particle diameter is provided. It is an object to provide a powder of the nanoparticle obtained by this method, a dispersion containing the nanoparticles, and a paste containing the nanoparticles. There is provided a method for manufacturing silver particles including the step of reducing silver in a silver solution containing a protective agent composed of an organic material and a copper component in an amount of 1 to 1,000 ppm relative to the amount of silver to obtain particles having an average particle diameter (D

There is provided a metal nanoparticle dispersion which can be bonded at a lower temperature (for example, 200 C. or less), and enabling to obtain excellent mechanical properties and electric properties of the bonded portion, the metal nanoparticle dispersion, including: metal nanoparticles, with at least a part of a surface of each particle coated with amine A having 8 or more carbon atoms; and a dispersion medium for dispersing the metal nanoparticles, wherein the dispersion medium contains amine B which is primary, secondary, or tertiary amine having 7 or less carbon atoms, and which is linear alkyl amine or alkanol amine.

The carrier core particles for electrophotographic developer include a core composition expressed by a general formula Fe

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