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Seoul, South Korea

Doosan Group is a South Korean conglomerate company. In 2009, the company was placed 471st in the Fortune Global 500. It has been included in the Forbes Global 2000 companies from 2007. It is the parent company of ŠKODA power. Doosan was ranked 4th among the “World’s Best 40 Companies 2009” list, released in the latest issue of BusinessWeek, the U.S. economics magazine in October 2009. Fortune Global 500 Wikipedia.

In an engine control method for maintaining performance of oxidation catalyst, fuel of a compressed natural gas engine under a lean-burn condition with an air-fuel equivalence ratio less than or equal to 1 is burned. Activation of the oxidation catalyst for purifying an exhaust gas of the engine is determined. Necessity of a regeneration mode for recovering catalytic activation of the oxidation catalyst according to an activation state of the oxidation catalyst and an operating condition of the engine is determined. And, the air-fuel equivalence ratio is increased to a range of from 1.10 to 1.20 when the oxidation catalyst is inactive and an engine speed is lower than a predetermined speed.

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for compensating thermal displacement of a machine tool, the apparatus including: a compensation quantity calculating unit configured to calculate a compensation quantity by using temperature data and a predetermined compensation parameter; a smoothing filter configured to exponentially smooth the calculated compensation quantity; a scaling unit configured to scale the exponentially smoothed compensation quantity; a time-dispersion compensating unit configured to calculate a final compensation quantity by time-dispersion compensation for the scaled compensation quantity according to a time-dispersion compensating period; and a control unit configured to compensate each axis of equipment according to the final compensation quantity, and adjusts the time-dispersion compensating period of the time-dispersion compensating unit according to an error absolute value representing a difference between an input value and an output value of the time-dispersion compensating unit.

Doosan Infracore | Date: 2015-03-24

An engine system utilizing a hydraulic pressure includes an engine, a hydraulic system having at least one hydraulic pump discharging a hydraulic oil for operating an actuator and a hydraulic oil tank storing the hydraulic oil returned from the actuator, a hydraulic power transmission device connected to a hydraulic line between the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic oil tank and configured to transmit a hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic oil as a driving source, and a vehicular auxiliary device driven by using the hydraulic pressure transmitted from the hydraulic power transmission device as the driving source.

Doosan Infracore | Date: 2014-03-03

The present disclosure relates to an apparatus for controlling a hydraulic pump for a construction machine. The apparatus for controlling the hydraulic pump for the construction machine according to the present disclosure includes: a hydraulic pump control device configured to generate first and second pump commands for controlling first and second hydraulic pumps so that the first and second hydraulic pumps generate pump torque corresponding to a request value; and a torque controller configured to generate first and second corrected pump commands, which are the corrected first and second pump commands, by a torque inclination map generated by reflecting a dynamic characteristic of an engine, and to provide the first and second corrected pump commands to the first and second hydraulic pumps.

The present disclosure relates to a method for setting a remote transmission cycle of information of a construction machinery for enabling a user or a provider to directly set the transmission cycle of the information of the construction machinery. To this end, the present disclosure enables the user or provider to set the transmission cycle for each information data packet. Further, the present disclosure previously determines various modes (e.g., a minimum charge mode, a medium charge mode, and a maximum charge mode) in which cycles of information data packets are set for each charge and enables the user or provider to set the transmission cycle by selecting the mode. Therefore, the user or provider can directly set the cycle for each packet or select the charge mode in accordance with a content of desired information and a desired communication cost condition.

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