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Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction | Date: 2015-06-16

A ballast water treatment apparatus for a ship includes a water collection part for collecting sea water, a forward osmosis process unit for producing ballast water and treatment water obtained by desalinating the sea water collected through the water collection part, and a ballast water tank for storing the ballast water produced by the forward osmosis process unit. Since the sea water is treated using a forward osmosis process, fresh water required within the ship can be supplied and the treated sea water can be used as ballast water. In addition, since waste heat and carbon dioxide generated in the ship are used to treat the sea water, the ballast water can be treated and produced in a low-cost and high efficient manner.

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction | Date: 2015-06-08

A brush seal assembly may include: a packing body configured to be positioned between a rotating body and a fixing body and provided with an insertion groove; a brush seal part configured to include a brush extending toward the rotating body in a state in which one end of the brush seal part is inserted into the insertion groove and a support member supporting the brush; a thermal expansion member configured to adhere to a side of the support member and be thermally expanded in a circumferential direction of the packing body; and a fixing member configured to be fitted in the insertion groove to face the thermal expansion member to simultaneously fix the brush seal part in the circumferential direction and a radial direction of the packing body.

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction | Date: 2015-01-08

Provided is a method for mounting a stator core on a generator, the generator having key bars and spring bars disposed between the key bars and a frame body, the method including pre-laminating stator core sheets to form a stator core bundle in a given unit; conveying the stator core bundle laminated in the given unit; and mounting the stator core bundle on the inner peripheral surface of the frame body.

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction | Date: 2015-01-09

A saturator, configured for use in a water treating apparatus, includes a chamber, in which a first flow path through which first fluid flows is formed, and a plurality of porous membranes disposed in the first flow path, a second flow path formed within the plurality of porous membranes, through which second fluid flows. The first fluid is dissolved in the second fluid, or the second fluid is dissolved in the first fluid. Accordingly, a contact area between the first fluid and the second fluid is enlarged, and thus, a dissolving speed increases.

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction | Date: 2015-07-13

A hybrid power generation system using a supercritical CO

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