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Iksan, South Korea

Dongwoo Fine Chemical Co.Ltd | Date: 2012-01-18

Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a reflective polarizer, the method including: coating a block copolymer composed of first and second blocks on a supporter and setting an arrangement direction of the first and second blocks by applying shear force in one direction; thermally treating the block copolymer having the set arrangement direction to allow the block copolymer to be separated and arranged into the first and second blocks in a lamellae structure; etching one of the first and second blocks to form a pattern; and forming a metal layer on the block copolymer having the pattern, so that the reflective polarizer can have a thin thickness due to a single layer of metal pattern and thus can maintain a polarization degree and a transmittance equal to or higher than those of the absorptive reflector and a large-are polarizer can be easily manufactured as a low cost.

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