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Donets'k, Ukraine

Donetsk National Medical University of Maxim Gorky is one of the largest medical university of the former USSR. The University is considered as one of the best medical schools in Ukraine. Originally located in Donetsk, it was relocated to Krasnyi Lyman in 2014 due to the war in Donbass. Wikipedia.

Gorshkov O.,Donetsk National Medical University
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment | Year: 2012

We suggest an algorithm for the estimation of the Hurst exponent that is based on the results of the well-known stabilogram diffusion analysis method of Hurst exponent estimation for one-dimensional fractals. Our algorithm can be applied to Hurst exponent estimation for fractals with two or more dimensions. To assess the efficiency of this algorithm, we compare its calculation results to those of the well-known Hurst exponent estimation detrending moving average analysis algorithm. In this paper, the computation of the Hurst exponent has been performed for two-dimensional domains of various sizes, which were generated by the Cholesky-Levinson factorization algorithm. The surrogate surfaces have Hurst exponents of H = 0.1, 0.5, and 0.9. It has been established that the detrending moving average analysis algorithm is more sensitive to high-frequency components, while the stabilogram diffusion analysis tends to be sensitive to low-frequency components. © 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd and SISSA Medialab srl.

Barinov E.F.,Donetsk National Medical University
Kardiologiya | Year: 2016

One of major complications of ischemic heart disease is myocardial infarction, which develops as a result of thrombosis at the site of ruptured atherosclerotic plaque. Platelets activation and aggregation are the key events of this process. The efficiency of aspirin and/or clopidogrel use is limited by residual platelet reactivity what indicates the need to explore its mechanisms. This review covers intracellular signaling systems involved in realization of effects of the main platelet agonists in order to specify new molecules for the target therapy in case of aspirin resistance.

Zuikov S.A.,Donetsk National Medical University
Advances in Gerontology | Year: 2015

The interrelation of purine nucleotides with the antioxidant system in blood plasma and erythrocytes with respect to age, as well as the contribution of key enzymes of the purine decomposition to the formation of reactive oxygen species, were studied. Fifty conditionally healthy people aged 40–79 years (50 persons) were examined. All indicators of the pro-oxidant system of blood plasma were shown to increase with age. Statistically significant interrelations between the studied parameters in the blood plasma and age of the examined persons were found. Relationships between glutathione peroxidase and adenosine deaminase/xanthine oxidase, adenosine deaminase and xanthine oxidase were also demonstrated. A significant increase in the content of products of oxidative modification of proteins in plasma and erythrocytes was observed with aging. It was shown that key enzymes of antioxidant protection, i.e., superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase, were reduced in blood plasma and erythrocytes with age. The results indicate that an imbalance in the antioxidant system occurs with age in blood plasma and erythrocytes, and this process contributes to the development of pathological conditions by increasing oxidative stress, which is especially pronounced with age. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Gorshkov O.,Donetsk National Medical University
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2013

We suggest an algorithm for the estimation of the largest Lyapunov exponent for one-dimensional domains. We evaluate the largest Lyapunov exponent for one-dimensional domains, which present the surrogate long-range correlated stochastic time series with Hurst exponent H=0.1, H=0.9, H=0.5. It has been established that for an anticorrelated time series with the Hurst exponent H=0.1, the largest Lyapunov exponent is positive. For a correlated time series with Hurst exponent H=0.9, the largest Lyapunov exponent is negative. Also for a classical random walk with Hurst exponent H=0.5, the largest Lyapunov exponent is close to zero. © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC.

Borzenko B.G.,Donetsk National Medical University
Experimental oncology | Year: 2013

A comparative study of enzyme activity features of thymidilate "salvage pathway" synthesis in blood serum and tissues of different age patients with gastric cancer (T(3-4)N(0-x)M(0)) was carried out. To evaluate the diagnostic relevance of thymidilate metabolism enzymes activities and their association with tumor growth. Enzymes activities were determined by the radioisotope method and spectrophotometrically in tumor tissues and blood serum of 74 patients. It was demonstrated that thymidine phosphorylase activity in gastric tumors is lower by 2.6 times as compared to non-neoplastic mucosa of resection margin. This being accompanied by decrease of its activity in the blood serum (from 47.9 ± 2.6 to 14.65 ± 2.4 nmol/min·mg, p < 0.001). An increase of thymidine kinase activity was revealed both in tumor tissues (more than 3.5 times) and in blood serum (from 3.9 ± 0,7 nmol/mg·h, to 6.8 ± 1.0 nmol/mg·h, p < 0.01). Changes in their activity in the postoperative period depended on the type of surgical procedure and tumor eradication. It could be suggested that control of individual dynamics of the enzymes activities in blood serum may be used as informative tool for monitoring of patients and treatment optimization.

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