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Shubha J.P.,Don Bosco Institute of Technology | Puttaswamy,Bangalore University
Advances in Physical Chemistry | Year: 2014

Tetracaine hydrochloride (TCH) is one of the potent local anaesthetics. A kinetic study of oxidation of tetracaine hydrochloride by sodium N-chlorobenzenesulfonamide (chloramine-B or CAB) has been carried in HClO 4 medium at 303 K. The rate shows first-order dependence on [ CAB ] o, shows fractional-order dependence on [ substrate ] o, and is self-governing on acid concentration. Decrease of dielectric constant of the medium, by adding methanol, increased the rate. Variation of ionic strength and addition of benzenesulfonamide or NaCl have no significant effect on the rate. The reaction was studied at different temperatures and the activation parameters have been evaluated. The stoichiometry of the reaction was found to be 1: 5 and the oxidation products were identified by spectral analysis. The conjugate free acid C6H5SO2NHCl of CAB is postulated as the reactive oxidizing species. The observed results have been explained by plausible mechanism and the related rate law has been deduced. © 2014 Jayachamarajapura Pranesh Shubha and Puttaswamy.

Padalkar P.,Don Bosco Institute of Technology
Proceedings - International Conference on Technologies for Sustainable Development, ICTSD 2015 | Year: 2015

It is necessary to sensitize the students of the professional course like engineering to the enviromental issues as well as to equip them with an ability to analyze and develope a sustinable solution to those problems. These skills are popularly know as the green skills. This paper presents analysis of the releation between the subject and the level of integration of the enviromental issues to the domain of study. The integaration would not only enable students to better understand and relate to environmnetal problem, but also prepare them to develop solution for the problems. We look at the current scenario of University of Mumbai syllabus for Department of Information Technology. The levels at which the assessment questions are set plays and important role in not only developing the understanding of the subject, but also in creating an image about its importance in the student's mind. We analyze the set of question papers from the subject of Environmnetal Studies according to the Bloom's Taxonomy. © 2015 IEEE.

Mahadevaswamy P.,Don Bosco Institute of Technology | Suresh B.S.,BMS College of Engineering
Ain Shams Engineering Journal | Year: 2016

Dynamic vibration absorbers generally have been used to suppress harmonic excitation of plate like structures at a point of attachment and at a given frequency. The vibratory flap is a plate type dynamic vibration absorber and has been developed to suppress plate vibrations over entire plate in more than one frequency. This paper presents an experimental study of transverse vibration of harmonically excited, clamped rectangular plate with vibratory flap. The investigation aims to discover the effect of the mass ratio of the flap on dynamic response of the plate. Consequently, the mass ratio has been optimized to get best attenuation in the first and second target frequencies. The study reveals that, the attenuation in vibration of the plate has increased to a large extent due to the use of optimized vibratory flap. Finally, the experimental results of the plate with optimized flap have been compared with finite element analysis results. © 2015 Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. Production and hosting by Elsevier B.V.

Krishnamoorthy R.,Anna University | Sreedhar Kumar S.,Don Bosco Institute of Technology
Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences | Year: 2016

In this paper, three new techniques namely improved Limited Iteration Agglomerative Clustering (iLIAC), Global Outlier Validation (GOV) and Effective Cluster Validation Method (ECVM) are proposed. The proposed work aims to automatically separate the outliers (irrelevant or error data) and normal clusters over the large dataset through the process of identifying the maximum number of highly relative clusters with good accuracy. The first proposed technique iLIAC works with a new threshold (optimum merge cost) that aims to limit the number of iterations, and it automatically identifies the maximum number of highly relative clusters and outliers over the large dataset with higher accuracy and fewer misclassification errors and less computational time. The second technique GOV evaluates the global outliers around the result, and the last technique ECVM measures the purity (intra-cluster similarity) and impurity (intra-cluster dissimilarity) over the result of the iLIAC technique. Experimental results show that the proposed iLIAC technique is quicker and better to separate the normal clusters and outliers over the large dataset with good accuracy than the existing techniques. © 2016 NSP Natural Sciences Publishing Cor.

Lamgunde A.,Don Bosco Institute of Technology
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2011

Today worldwide, security and data hiding concerns are increasing day by day. Various security devices, systems and algorithms are used at places for the same. Most of these systems are implemented at places like airports, military areas, private or government offices. Steganography means covered or hidden writing. The objective of steganography is to send message through some innocuous carrier. The message to be sent could be a text, an image or an audio file. Steganography techniques prevent the fact that a secret message is being sent at all. Steganographic security is mostly influenced by the type of cover media; the method for selection of places within the cover that might be modified; the type of embedding operation; and the number of embedding changes that is a quantity closely related to the length of the embedded data. Given two embedding schemes that share the first three attributes, the scheme that introduces fewer embedding changes will be less detectable. © 2011 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

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