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Richmond, VA, United States

Astrolink International LLC and Dominion | Date: 2015-05-23

A method and system for providing a secure communication network using an electrical distribution grid is disclosed. A device connected to the electrical distribution grid initiates a request for a secured key token by signaling an intelligent communicating device residing at or near an edge of the grid. The intelligent communicating device forwards the request to a receiver at a distribution substation on the electrical grid. This receiver enhances the properties of the request such that a grid location for the request can be inferred. The enhanced request is forwarded to a server at the distribution substation, which compares the request grid location to a Grid Map and Policies of known secure grid locations. Any inconsistencies between the grid location inferred from the enhanced request and the Grid Map and Policies locations are considered evidence of tampering, and the server rejects the request.

A method of downloading an electronic product to a pin-pad terminal involves the terminal transmitting to a network gateway a transaction proposal for an electronic product from a network device, and receiving from the gateway a transaction proposal response generated by the gateway in response to the transaction proposal. The transaction proposal response includes a transaction pointer associated with the electronic product. An electronic cash register receives an indication of a proposed payment amount for the electronic product. The pin-pad terminal receives from the electronic cash register confirmation of entry of the electronic product in an electronic shopping basket maintained by the electronic cash register. The terminal validates the confirmation of entry of the electronic product from a comparison with the transaction proposal response, and transmits the transaction pointer to the network device via the gateway. The terminal receives the electronic product from the network device via the gateway.

Dominion | Date: 2015-07-10

The disclosed embodiments include methods and systems for validating, funding, activating, and reloading one or more configurable multicards. The disclosed embodiments may include a method that may include obtaining user authentication information relating to a first user associated with an inactivated multicard that is configurable for use for purchases and is configured with a zero multicard account balance amount. The method may include obtaining multicard configuration information including a unique multicard identification information that identifies the inactivated multicard and a first multicard account balance amount for the inactivated multicard. The method may also include validating the inactivated multicard using the unique multicard identification information and associating the inactivated multicard with a multicard account having the first multicard account balance that is funded from a financial account associated with the first user.

Dominion | Date: 2015-09-15

A method of transferring a loan involves a primary financial institution server receiving a credit application for a loan. The credit application includes credit application content and further includes credit application meta-data identifying particulars of the credit application. The credit application particulars includes a loan amount. The primary financial institution server is associated with a primary financial institution. The primary financial institution server determines from the credit application meta-data that the credit application is consistent with secondary credit risk requirements associated with a secondary financial institution, registers in a primary loans management database of the primary financial institution a loan in the loan amount, transmits the credit application content to a secondary financial institution server requesting assumption of the loan by the secondary financial institution, and advances funds in the loan amount. The secondary financial institution server is associated with the secondary financial institution.

A method of authorizing a debit transaction involves a server receiving from a debit terminal a message requesting authorization for a debit transaction. The message includes a credential provided by a payment token interfaced with the debit terminal. The credential is uniquely associated with the token. The server is in communication with a payment definition database that associates a plurality of payment credentials each with a respective financial account and a default payment amount. The server determines the financial account and the default amount by querying the database with the received credential. Particulars of the determined financial account and default amount are indeterminable from only the credential. The server authenticates the message and facilitates a debit in the default amount from the financial account. The server performs the receiving, determining, authenticating and facilitating all without confirmation of authentication of a bearer of the token.

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