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Sunnyvale, CA, United States

Dionex Corporation is an American company based in Sunnyvale, California. It develops, manufactures, sells, and services chromatography, ion chromatography and extraction systems for separating, isolating, and identifying the components of chemical mixtures.Dionex develops the Chromeleon brand of chromatography software. The primary function of Chromeleon is to control and obtain data from Dionex analytical instruments although the software supports instruments from other vendors. Chromeleon 7 is the latest edition of the software.The latest technology made by Dionex is the Rapid Separation LC and the polymeric HPLC columns, a type of monolithic HPLC column. Unlike the inorganic silica columns, the polymer monoliths are made of an organic polymer base. Dionex, traditionally known for its ion chromatography capabilities, has led this side of the field. Dionex first acquired a license for the polymeric monolith technology in the 1990s.Thermo Fisher Scientific announced its acquisition of Dionex in December 2010 for $2.1 billion to develop the water sector-analysis in China. Wikipedia.

Dionex Corporation | Date: 2015-06-15

A system and method to generate a concentration gradient eluent flow are described. The concentration gradient eluent flow can include at least two different generants. A liquid can be pumped to an eluent generating device. A first controlling signal can be applied to a first eluent generator to generate a first generant. A second controlling signal can be applied to a second eluent generator to generate a second generant. Either the first and/or the second controlling signal can be varied as a function of time to generate the concentration gradient eluent flow.

Dionex Corporation and Thermo Electron | Date: 2014-10-29

A chromatographic material comprising a zwitterionic ligand covalently bound to a substrate, the ligand preferably has a formula II: wherein

Dionex Corporation | Date: 2013-12-26

A method of making an ion exchange foam is described. The method includes forming an aqueous phase by suspending an ion exchange resin in an aqueous solvent. An organic phase is formed by mixing at least a divinylbenzene, a monomer, and a surfactant. The formed aqueous phase is mixed with the formed organic phase to form an emulsion. The emulsion is polymerized to form the ion exchange foam. The ion exchange foam can be used with a plurality of sample vials in an autosampler.

Dionex Corporation | Date: 2013-12-02

Electrolytic eluent recycle systems for ion chromatography using a multi-channel electrolytic ion exchange device which integrates suppression, eluent generation, and eluent recycle. The systems recycle the eluent into the analytical system without passing the eluent through the electrode chambers. Also, such systems with a channel for electrolytic removal of ions from the suppression effluent before recycle.

Thermo Electron and Dionex Corporation | Date: 2014-02-07

A particulate material for chromatographic use comprising silica particles is provided having a skeleton structure containing silsesquioxane cage moieties. The material is useful as a chromatographic material, for example in HPLC. The silica particles may be hybrid organo-silica particles wherein the silsesquioxane moieties comprise a cage structure having silicon atoms positioned at corners of the cage wherein one or more silicon atoms positioned at the corners of the cage carry an organic group. A preferred method of preparing the particulate material comprises hydrolysing a silsesquioxane as a co-component of a hydrolysis mixture, especially in a Stber or modified Stber process.

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