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A digital system is a data technology that uses discrete values. By contrast, non-digital systems represent information using a continuous function. Although digital representations are discrete, the information represented can be either discrete, such as numbers and letters or continuous, such as sounds, images, and other measurements. The word digital comes from the same source as the word digit and digitus, as fingers are used for discrete counting. Wikipedia.

Digital Systems | Date: 2015-10-19

An angular positioning apparatus that includes a wedge assembly and a rod assembly positioned generally within the wedge assembly. The wedge assembly can include a plurality of serially connected wedges, each separately rotatable and when rotated rotating the wedge or wedges, if any, above it. The rod assembly can be connected to the wedge assembly such that a distal end of the rod assembly has an operative pointing direction for a payload (an antenna, a camera, a laser or other angular sensitive device) mountable to a distal end of the apparatus) that is controllably movable by the wedge assembly and such that the rod assembly does not twist about a longitudinal axis thereof as the wedges are rotated. The rod assembly can form a hollow tube for wires and cables, or it can form a solid shaft.

A method and apparatus for ground or unmanned aerial vehicle based wind turbine blade inspection consisting of a thermal imaging camera configured to detect the presence of defects by acquiring thermal imaging data from a rotating wind turbine blade when it is not exposed to solar radiation heating and analyzing the thermal imaging data with a processor to identify thermal effects associated with latent defects or damage caused by internal friction due to cyclic gravitational stresses and wind loads during normal turbine operation or aerodynamic cooling of the area around a breach in the blade shell by escaping air, or blockage of residual heat flow or thermoelectric emissions from the rotating blade by the presence of delamination or crushing damage to the blade shell. The system permits latent defects to be identified using a ground-based in situ inspection before they become easily visually apparent, which allowing repairs to be made economically while the blade is in place.

Digital Systems | Date: 2016-01-12

A gaming table provides for use of RFID technology to track chip movement on a table game and to infer an association between a wager and a player position based on a chip identifier of a chip placed on a particular position of the table. In some embodiments, previous position history of the chip is also taken into account in determining a player position associated with a wager.

A method and apparatus for inspecting utility scale wind turbine generator blades from the ground includes a digital camera and an adjustable polarizing filter on a stable platform. The camera is used to record multiple digital images with varying polarization angles using an artificial polarized or polarized solar illumination to produce images with the same or similar registration but different polarization angles, followed by image processing using subtraction or absolute difference routines to yield high resolution, high contrast images with reduced glare and excellent surface definition over the field of view.

A method and system for zonal switching for light steering to produce an image having high dynamic range is described. The system comprises: a light source for providing light along an optical path; a spatial light modulator for directing portions of the light to off-state and on-state light paths, thereby producing an image, the spatial light modulator having a plurality of illumination zones corresponding to the image; and a set of sequentially-arranged optical elements in the optical path for steering at least some of the light from a first subset of the plurality of illumination zones to a second subset of the plurality of illumination zones to increase the dynamic range of the image. The dwell time of the one or more sequentially arranged optical elements can be modified to steer light.

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