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Semarang, Indonesia

Purwanto,Multimedia University | Purwanto,Dian Nuswantoro University | Eswaran C.,Multimedia University | Logeswaran R.,Multimedia University
Applied Intelligence | Year: 2012

The need for improving the accuracy of time series prediction has motivated researchers to develop more efficient prediction models. The accuracy rates resulting from linear models such as linear regression (LR), exponential smoothing (ES) and autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) are not high as they are poor in handling the nonlinear time series data. Neural network models are considered to be better in handling such nonlinear time series data. In the real-world problems, the time series data consist of complex linear and nonlinear patterns and it may be difficult to obtain high prediction accuracy rates using only linear or neural network models. Hybrid models which combine both linear and neural network models can be used to obtain high prediction accuracy rates. In this paper, we propose an enhanced hybrid model which indicates for a given input data which choice is better between the two options, namely, a linear-nonlinear combination or a nonlinear-linear combination. The appropriate combination is selected based on a linearity test of data. From the experimental results, it is found that the proposed hybrid model comprising linear-nonlinear combination performs better than other models for the data that have a linear relationship. On the contrary, the hybrid model comprising nonlinear-linear combination performs better than other models for the data that have a nonlinear relationship. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Ernawan F.,Dian Nuswantoro University | Abu N.A.,University Technical Malaysia Melaka | Rahmalan H.,University Technical Malaysia Melaka
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Year: 2012

Currently, mobile image applications spend a lot of computing process to display images. A true color raw image contains billions of colors and it consumes high computational power in most mobile image applications. At the same time, mobile devices are only expected to be equipped with lower computing process and minimum storage space. Image dithering is a popular technique to reduce the numbers of bit per pixel at the expense of lower quality image displays. This paper proposes a novel approach on image dithering using 2x2 Tchebichef moment transform (TMT). TMT integrates a simple mathematical framework technique using matrices. TMT coefficients consist of real rational numbers. An image dithering based on TMT has the potential to provide better efficiency and simplicity. The preliminary experiment shows a promising result in term of error reconstructions and image visual textures. © 2012 SPIE.

Lumbanbatu K.,Diponegoro University | Aryanto V.D.W.,Dian Nuswantoro University
International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development | Year: 2015

Encompassing firms to apply green policy in a holistic management practices are strongly required in order to maintain competitive advantages and experience long-term marketing performance. This current empirical research is aimed to fill the lack of empirical findings and empirical studies on firm's innovative concept. Green-based product innovation, green management practices and green corporate image are presented as the antecedents and postulated as the sources of sustaining firm competitive advantages. A questionnairebased survey was deployed to collect data from Large Scale Enterprises in Indonesia with Top Management, Operational and Marketing Managers served as respondents. 500 questionnaires were mailed and 388 were valid for further analysis. Data was analyzed by using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) via AMOS statistical software. Statistical findings demonstrated that green-based product innovation, green management practices and green corporate image significantly has a positive affect to sustain firm competitive advantages which is led to enhance long term marketing performance. However, green-based product innovation plays insignificant direct relationship on long term marketing performance. This study discusses some managerial implications for enterprises and recommendations on a basis of green implementation. © Copyright 2015, IGI Global.

Setyono A.,Dian Nuswantoro University
International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies | Year: 2015

This paper presents an adaptive MMS framework to build a mobile telemedicine system for sending multimedia messages and for streaming audio and video files. With the proposed framework, the capability of MMS can be increased to send and receive multimedia files of larger sizes without degrading the quality of data which is not possible with the present MMS system. This feature is particularly important for telemedicine environments as a good quality of multimedia data is required to accomplish accurate medical diagnosis. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed framework outperforms the existing MMS system with regard to the file size that can be transmitted and to the quality of data. The modified MMS framework is adaptive in the sense that it allows transmission of different sizes and types of multimedia messages. This framework can form the basis for developing a practical mobile telemedicine system.

Ernawan F.,University Technical Malaysia Melaka | Ernawan F.,Dian Nuswantoro University | Abu N.A.,University Technical Malaysia Melaka | Suryana N.,University Technical Malaysia Melaka
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2014

Colour image carries a certain amount of perceptual redundancy for the human eyes. The human eye is capable of perceiving various levels of colours. The sensitivity of human eye is useful for perceptual visual quality image in image compression. The visual sensitivity of the colour image in terms of image compression can be measured by a psychovisual threshold to generate the quantization tables. This paper will investigate a psychovisual threshold level for Tchebichef moment transform (TMT) from the contribution of its moments. In this paper presents a new technique to generate quantization table for TMT image compression based on psychovisual error threshold. The experimental results show that these new finer quantization tables based on psychovisual threshold for TMT provides better quality image and lower average bit length of Huffman code than previously proposed TMT quantization. © 2014 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

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