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Kirchheim Unter Teck, Germany

Dialog Semiconductor PLC is a German-based manufacturer of semiconductor based system solutions. The company is registered in the United Kingdom but headquartered in Kirchheim unter Teck, a town in the Stuttgart metropolitan area. Dialog Semiconductor develops integrated circuits for power and motor control as well as audio and display processing. Their products are mainly used within mobile phones and the automotive industry. Dialog Semiconductor is fabless, but maintains own test and physical laboratories at its headquarters in Kirchheim.The company generated a revenue of about 160 million dollars in 2008, 296 million dollars in 2010, and 902 million dollars in 2013, making it one of the fastest growing semiconductor companies in Europe. Customers include Sony Ericsson, Apple, Bosch, Sharp and Samsung.On 10 February 2011, Dialog semiconductor announced that it had completed a transaction to acquire SiTel Semiconductor B.V. , a leader in short-range wireless, digital cordless and VoIP technology.The company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is one of the thirty TecDAX companies. Wikipedia.

Dialog Semiconductor | Date: 2015-02-20

A controller for a lamp assembly is disclosed. The controller comprises:

Dialog Semiconductor | Date: 2015-05-07

A power efficient method and system for ensuring a reliable operation of dimmers in conjunction with solid state lighting devices such as LED or OLED assemblies is presented. A controller for a driver circuit of a solid state light bulb assembly is described. The solid state light bulb assembly comprises a solid state light source. The driver circuit comprises a switched-mode power converter. The controller is configured to receive an input voltage indicative of a mains electricity supply submitted to a dimmer; to determine that the dimmer is in an off-phase, based on the input voltage; and, if it is determined that the dimmer is in an off-phase, to generate a control signal for the switched-mode power converter to operate the switched-mode power converter in a switched mode for discharging one or more capacitances at an input of the switched-mode power converter.

A digital load side transmission lighting control apparatus has at one least control gear for controlling at least one lighting source. The control gear includes a period timer to establish an inter-transition time period between each transition within each data packet frame. An inter-transition comparator is in communication with the period timer and configured to compare each of the inter-transition periods with valid inter-transition periods between each transition of the bi-phase encoded data for determining if the inter-transition periods represent valid patterns or are an error has occurred. A data extractor is configured to receive valid bi-phase encoded data from the inter-transition comparator for extracting transmitted data from within the data packet frames. A command formatter is configured to receive the extracted frame data from the data extractor for assembling the telegram bit data pattern for transfer for the subsequent processing.

Dialog Semiconductor | Date: 2015-01-08

An LDO circuit with a current sink stage reduces significantly overshooting of the output voltage due to sudden changes of output current. The activation of the current sink stage is independent of the overshoot percentage of the regulated output voltage. The disclosure doesnt require large output capacitors to avoid the possibility of brownouts of chips supplied by the LDO.

Dialog Semiconductor | Date: 2015-04-23

The present document relates to the compensation of voltage variations within power converters. A driver circuit for a solid state light source is described. The driver circuit comprises a switched-mode power converter comprising a switch; wherein the switched-mode power converter is configured to convert an input voltage at an input of the switched-mode power converter into an output voltage at an output of the switched-mode power converter. Furthermore, the driver circuit comprises current sensing means configured to determine a sensed current signal indicative of a current through the switch; and voltage sensing means configured to determine a sensed voltage signal indicative of the input voltage. In addition, the driver circuit comprises a control unit configured to determine a gate control signal for putting the switch into an off-state, based on the sensed current signal and based on the sensed voltage signal.

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