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Miyagi, Japan

Dexerials Corporation | Date: 2016-01-04

A method for manufacturing an image display device includes the step of forming a cured resin layer by interposing a photo-curable resin composition between a protection member and a display-side panel including an image display unit and a frame member and then photo-curing the photo-curable resin composition, with the photo-curable resin composition being disposed across between the image display unit and the frame member. In the manufacturing method, a high-viscosity resin composition having a viscosity of 3000 mPas or more and 12000 mPas or less is used as the photo-curable resin composition. Alternatively, after a gap between the image display unit and the frame member is sealed with a sealing film, a photo-curable resin composition is interposed between the display-side panel and the protection member.

A thermally conductive sheet having good thermal conductivity in the thickness direction and a method for producing a thermally conductive sheet. A thermally conductive sheet having a surface with an L* value in a L*a*b color system of 29 or more and 47 or less is obtained by preparing a thermally conductive composition comprising a curable resin composition, thermally conductive fibers, and thermally conductive particles, extrusion-molding the thermally conductive composition to obtain a columnar cured product, and cutting the columnar cured product in a direction almost perpendicular to a length direction of a column to a predetermined thickness.

Dexerials Corporation | Date: 2015-09-25

A small reactor, which contains an inorganic transparent substrate, which contains: a reaction channel configured to allow a chemical reaction to proceed therein; a supply channel, which is connected to one end of the reaction channel, and is configured to supply samples to be reacted in the reaction channel; and a discharge channel, which is connected to the other end of the reaction channel, and is configured to discharge a reaction product from the reaction channel, wherein the inorganic transparent substrate is in the shape of an arc-shaped curve.

A compound is provided containing silicon, aluminum, strontium, europium, nitrogen, and oxygen is used that enables a red phosphor having strong luminous intensity and high luminance to be obtained, and that enables the color gamut of a white LED to be increased with the use of the red phosphor. The red phosphor contains an element A, europium, silicon, aluminum, oxygen, and nitrogen at the atom number ratio of the following formula: [A

Hirata Corporation and Dexerials Corporation | Date: 2015-06-15

The present invention provides a method of applying a photocurable resin on a surface of a panel. A difference in a surface level is formed on a peripheral portion on the surface of the panel. The method includes a step of moving either one of an application head and the panel so that the application head provided with a slit-type nozzle which discharges a photocurable resin relatively moves on the surface of the panel, and an application step of discharging the resin from the nozzle onto the surface of the panel during the moving step. In the application process, a film thickness of the resin is controlled so that a difference in a surface level is not generated on a liquid film surface of the resin on the difference in a surface level on the panel.

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