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Zaventem, Belgium

Desmet Ballestra Group | Date: 2011-03-30

An apparatus for the solvent extraction of oil-bearing materials having a two-deck (

Desmet Ballestra Group | Date: 2012-11-13

A continuous process for the dry fractionation of edible oils and fats using one or more crystallisers in series, said process comprising the steps of: (a) providing a molten fat; (b) continuously feeding said molten oil or fat to the first of said one or more crystallisers in series in which the fat is gradually cooled by using heat exchangers containing a cooling medium so that a crystal slurry is formed, each of said one or more crystallisers exhibiting a temperature gradient, the temperature at the point where the molten or partially crystallised fat enters one of the crystallisers being higher than that at the point where the slurry leaves that crystalliser; (c) continuously withdrawing said slurry from the last of said one or more crystallisers; (d) separating said crystal slurry by filtration in a filter cake and a filtrate, wherein said process further comprises the step of at least partially melting fat encrustations deposited on said heat exchangers; and an oil fraction produced by therefrom.

Solex Thermal Science Inc. and Desmet Ballestra Group | Date: 2015-09-11

A heat exchanger includes a housing including an inlet for receiving bulk solids, and an outlet for discharging the bulk solids, a plurality of spaced apart, substantially parallel heat transfer plate assemblies disposed within the housing, between the inlet and the outlet for heating the bulk solids that flow from the inlet, through spaces between the heat transfer plate assemblies, and at least two gas handling zones including a first gas handling zone and a second gas handling zone spaced from the first gas handling zone, the two gas handling zones disposed between the inlet and the outlet for entry of a pulsed flow of air into the housing and around the bulk solids and for exit of the pulsed flow of air from the housing.

Desmet Ballestra Group | Date: 2013-10-16

An oil bearing vegetable material crushing process including pre-heating and pre-drying the material to generate warm, partially dried oil bearing vegetable material. The partially dried material may then be surface heated rapidly, to generate warm and dried material having a weakened and non-adhering hull. The hull may then be mechanically cracked and removed to yield dehulled oil bearing vegetable material and hull. The dehulled material may be flaked to produce flakes. The flakes may be solvent extracted to generate solvent laden oil and solvent laden meal. The solvent laden meal produced may be desolventized to generate hot, wet meal. The wet meal produced may be dried to generate a hot vapour stream. The hot vapour stream generated by drying the meal is condensed in a condenser. The warm liquid medium produced in the condenser may be used to pre-heat and/or pre-dry the oil bearing vegetable material.

Desmet Ballestra Group | Date: 2013-08-09

This invention relates to a process for preparing a vegetable protein concentrate from oleaginous vegetable material that comprises the steps of:

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