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News Article | August 3, 2017

Seattle, Aug. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medical insurance for cats and dogs has become more popular over the years as many pet owners opt-in to a higher quality of veterinary care for their pets. Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs, identified three ways that pet owners are seeing the benefits of insurance for their pets. Dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes can run into accidents or incur unexpected injuries at any time in their lives. Young pets are especially susceptible as they get to know the world around them—eating things and testing their boundaries. This is when insurance can really help. Foreign body ingestion, when pets eat something they shouldn’t, is one of the most common claims Trupanion receives. The average cost is $1,400, but complications like infection, can increase costs from $2,000 to $10,000. Webster the kitten had a habit of eating an array of objects. “When he was a kitten, we found him trying to eat a push-pin, a piece of glass, and he even passed a necklace that went missing, which we later found in the litter box. After several visits to the vet, our veterinarian encouraged us to look at medical insurance, and mentioned that Trupanion was the only insurance that would pay our vet directly at the time of our visit,” said his owner, Lindsay, D., from Chicago, Illinois. His owners were grateful that they insured Webster. “Eventually he fully ingested one of his toys on a bungee-cord string—but this time it could have been deadly,” said Lindsay. “Webster needed surgery to remove the toy.” The Trupanion policy covered $1,680 of the cost. “This was such a relief because we didn’t have to cover the entire bill out of pocket, and we didn’t have to worry about sending in a claim for reimbursement – instead, we could focus on Webster’s recovery.” Pets can have coverage for chronic conditions Dogs and cats can develop chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and allergies. Those conditions can require monthly prescriptions, frequent veterinary visits and treatments that soon add up. Depending on the severity, chronic conditions can cost thousands of dollars to manage over the life of a pet. Medical insurance can mitigate some of those costs. Pet owner, Giovanna G. of Newport Beach, California, experienced this firsthand with her Shiba Inu, Kona. “Kona developed serious allergies at an early age— but having the enormous peace of mind of being covered by Trupanion has made everything much easier. After a year or so with chronic allergies, Kona was referred to a specialist for his skin condition. Even after several years of receiving treatment at the Animal Dermatology Clinic, I was assured that Kona would never run out of coverage and guess what? He hasn’t,” said Giovanna. The Trupanion policy has paid over $14,380 toward his chronic allergy treatments. Pets have access to advanced veterinary medicine, like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, stem cell therapy, and cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. The treatments available can prolong a quality life for pets, but they can come at a cost. When Halle, an Australian Shepherd, jumped through a broken window, her injury didn’t stop with sutures. A week after the injury, her owners discovered that she lacerated a tendon and would need additional surgery and rehabilitation to recover. “For the next ten weeks we went back and forth for follow-up appointments. After that initial period, we began the physical therapy and we also worked with a veterinary chiropractor, who kept Halle’s body in alignment,” said Michaele T. of Berkeley, California. Over the course of her recovery, Halle received physical therapy including the underwater treadmill, cold laser treatments, shockwave treatments, acupuncture, and sonograms. Halle also had platelet-enriched plasma injections. Her owner reflected, “no matter what was needed, Trupanion has been there. We have truly been able to give Halle the best care possible, without having to worry about the costs. Not one bill was questioned. We have felt completely free to do whatever has been necessary to help our dog get better.” The Trupanion policy paid over $22,000 toward her care. Trupanion is a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs throughout the United States and Canada. For almost two decades, Trupanion has given pet owners peace of mind so they can focus on their pet's recovery, not financial stress. Trupanion is committed to providing pet owners with the highest value in pet medical insurance. Trupanion is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol "TRUP". The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Seattle, WA. Trupanion policies are issued, in the United States, by its wholly-owned insurance entity American Pet Insurance Company and, in Canada, by Omega General Insurance Company. For more information please visit

News Article | July 20, 2017

The Dermatology Clinic announced today the addition of Dr. Scott W. Dunbar, Mohs Surgeon, to the staff. Dr. Dunbar received his BS in Biology from LSU, graduating summa cum laude. He attended Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta where he was the Medical School Class President. After his residency in St. Louis, Dr. Dunbar moved to New York to complete an AGCME-accredited Mohs surgery fellowship to become an expert in one of the most effective forms of skin cancer surgery. Dr. Dunbar now brings that expertise back to South Louisiana, where he resides with his wife and two children. Dr. Scott Dunbar specializes in Mohs micrographic surgery, a type of skin cancer treatment developed by Dr. Frederick Mohs in the 1930s. It's a technique that incorporates pathology and surgery to incrementally remove cancerous skin tissue in microscopic layers. These layers are examined until the margin of the tumor is definitively mapped and removed. The process is one of the most effective techniques for treating skin cancer, sparing the greatest amount of healthy tissue while completely removing cancerous cells. Dr. Dunbar has performed thousands of Mohs surgeries and now brings that expertise to work for the benefit of The Dermatology Clinic's patients. "We're thrilled to be adding a skin care surgeon of Dr. Dunbar's caliber to our staff," said Trudy Cash, office manager at The Dermatology Clinic. "We're always looking to bring in talented people with excellent credentials who can help our practice, but it's an added bonus when they're local. We're glad to have a doctor with his expertise in the office and glad to have him back home in Louisiana." For more information on Dr. Scott W. Dunbar or any of the other dermatologists or staff at The Dermatology Clinic, interested parties can visit or call the clinic directly at 225-769-7546. Individuals can also visit The Dermatology Clinic in person at 5326 Odonovan Dr in Baton Rouge, La. 70808. The Dermatology Clinic is a medical practice specializing in dermatological services, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Their board-certified dermatologists and aestheticians specialize in skin rejuvenation. Since 1947, The Dermatology Clinic has provided comprehensive skincare treatment and offered patients premium skincare products from the most respected brands in the industry.

News Article | August 8, 2017

One of the biggest Plastic Surgery and Medical Spas in Maryland has confirmed that they will have another top tier medical spa within the region merge with them. Maryland Plastic Surgery and Pure MedSpa has recently announced the merger with Effective MedSpa making Maryland Plastic Surgery and Pure MedSpa the largest medspa in the Maryland area. As of July 1, 2017, Effective Medspa will be operating as PURE MedSpa at Maryland Plastic Surgery under the direction of award-winning Dr. Adam Summers. In their announcement, they have stated that the merger between the two great businesses is going to expand services available. Some of the new services they offer are laser chemical peel, laser facelift, laser body lift, liquid facelift and cellulite treatment. All services from Effective Medspa will now be provided at Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery Center located at 7704 Quarterfield Road, Suite E., Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061. They have also stated that the staff which the clients and customers of Effective Medspa have been familiar with are still on deck to assist with their client’s aesthetic goals. During the announcement a representative of Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery Center ensured patrons of Effective MedSpa that the staff they are acustomed to will still be there. They said; “And don’t worry…the staff that you know and love (Halley and Emily), will continue to help you achieve your aesthetic goals at our new location!” In their announcement, it is stated that the Merger does not mean that Effective MedSpa is closing. The larger facility in PURE Medspa at Maryland Plastic Surgery allows them to be able to expand their set of services. As an example of their expanded services, if a client has had Vanquish body contouring and would like to achieve even greater fat reduction, the clients are going to enjoy a 50% credit towards their next procedure for permanent fat removal with radiofrequency, ultrasonic or laser liposuction. “We have had an incredible 2½ years in Gambrills, having achieved recognition as the leading med spa in Anne Arundel, from you, our customers! Special thanks to you, our loyal clients, for embracing us as a new business, inspiring us, and trusting in us to provide your beauty and wellness services. As we embark on this exciting journey of expansion, we know you will absolutely love getting expanded services at our new location as the PURE MedSpa!” said the representative from Effective MedSpa. After the merger was official Dr. Adam Summers said; “I’m excited to announce that Maryland Plastic Surgery and PURE MedSpa has merged with Effective MedSpa. With this merger, we are proud to be the most popular Cosmetic Surgery Center and MedSpa in the region.” To show appreciation to the love and support, Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery Center is offering 50% credit towards fractional laser resurfacing treatments for those who would like even smoother skin than ever before achieved with chemical peels. For more information about the merger and inquiries about the expanded services, please can visit their website at or call their office directly at (410) 553-9444. Dr. Summers is an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, nationally recognized as the developer of the One Hour Facelift. He is a leading expert in Botox and fillers, and one of the few plastic surgeons in the country participating in FDA clinical trials for cosmetic procedures. He graduated with Honors and Distinction in Research from St. Louis University School of Medicine. Maryland Plastic Surgery is under the direction of one of the region’s leading board certified Plastic Surgeons Dr. Adam Summers. Maryland Plastic Surgery is Maryland’s first Medical Spa and the region’s first fully integrated Cosmetic Surgery Center, Medical Spa, Laser Center, Dermatology Clinic and Ambulatory Surgery Center. They provide a full complement of treatment options, including highly effective medically supervised skin care products, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, laser therapy, minimally invasive surgery, endoscopic cosmetic surgery, anti-aging treatments and major cosmetic surgery all under one roof. For more information, please visit

News Article | September 27, 2017

QualDerm Partners, a company that creates market-leading dermatology practice partnerships through affiliations and de novo development, today announced Carolina Mountain Dermatology and Wilson Dermatology Clinic have joined the company as affiliate practices. Based in Asheville, NC, Carolina Mountain Dermatology provides general and cosmetic dermatology care as well as Mohs surgery to patients throughout the Asheville region. The practice’s clinical staff includes a general dermatologist, a Mohs surgeon, and a certified physician assistant. Wilson Dermatology Clinic, located in Wilson, NC, serves communities throughout Eastern North Carolina. Its staff includes a Mohs surgeon, a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner. The practice provides comprehensive dermatology services, including Mohs surgery. “We chose to affiliate with QualDerm because of their reputation for partnering with outstanding, highly-trained dermatologists,” says David Cogburn, M.D., founder of Carolina Mountain Dermatology. “Affiliating with QualDerm will allow us to continue to deliver patient-centric care while growing our practice at the same time.” Under the partnership agreements, QualDerm will provide both practices with management support, guidance and capital to expand their services to increase patients’ access to care. QualDerm currently has a total of 15 practice locations in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Ohio. The company has plans to expand into other regions by year end. “We’re excited to have Carolina Mountain and Wilson join QualDerm’s network of high-quality dermatology practices,” says Bill Southwick, Chief Executive Officer of QualDerm. “Both practices have a reputation for delivering outstanding patient care and complement our growing network of well-respected dermatologists. We’re eager to help them expand their services and grow their practices.” About QualDerm Partners QualDerm Partners helps top-tier dermatologists position their practices for sustainable growth and profitability. The company creates market-leading practice partnerships through affiliations and de novo development. QualDerm provides the management support, capital, and guidance for growth. Under QualDerm’s True Partnership(SM) model, physicians are partners, not employees, and retain their own practice brand. This doctor-driven model is designed to maintain physicians’ clinical autonomy and ensure the highest-quality patient care. QualDerm offers physicians tailored partnership structures to meet their needs, as well as the option to sell their practices. For more information, visit About Carolina Mountain Dermatology Carolina Mountain Dermatology provides highly professional and experienced dermatology care in the Asheville, NC region. The practice has a staff of Board-certified dermatologists, a Fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, and a certified physician assistant. Founded in 1986, Carolina Mountain Dermatology gives patients access to general dermatology and advanced skin cancer care, as well as a variety of aesthetician services. For more information, visit About Wilson Dermatology Clinic Wilson Dermatology Clinic has served the Eastern North Carolina region for more than 30 years. The practice provides general dermatology as well as advanced skin cancer treatment. The practice’s staff includes a Fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, a physician assistant, and a nurse practitioner. For more information, visit

News Article | October 2, 2017

Dr. Helm earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond. He completed medical school at Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Lubbock and then served as an intern at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia, Mich. He returned to Texas Tech University Health Science Center for his residency. Dr. Helm is passionate about working with patients and creating meaningful impact through quality care. He takes special interest in the treatment of skin cancers as well as new and emerging treatments for psoriasis. Dr. Helm grew up in Midland, Texas, and enjoyed his years in Lubbock. He loves the small-town feel of Sherman and looks forward to meeting patients and community members. His hobbies include tennis, golf, hiking, traveling and history. About Texoma Dermatology U.S. Dermatology Partners of Sherman, formerly Texoma Dermatology Clinic, has provided the Texoma area with quality health care since its foundation in 1972. Our specialized physicians provide up-to-date, evidence-based medicine supporting their combined 60-plus years of experience to help treat a comprehensive array of dermatologic conditions, including inflammatory diseases, skin cancers and infection. We see patients of all ages and provide both medical and surgical dermatologic treatment options. We pride ourselves on being the only clinic in town to ensure that every patient will be seen by a board-certified physician, and we offer the most comprehensive scope of treatments available. The current physicians have a combined experience of treating more than 60,000 skin cancers and offer Mohs Micrographic Surgery for the treatment of skin cancer as well. About U.S. Dermatology Partners As one of the largest physician-owned dermatology practices in the country, U.S. Dermatology Partners patients not only have access to general medical, surgical, and cosmetic skin treatment through its coordinated care network, but also benefit from the practice’s strong dermatology subspecialty thought leaders and medical advisory board. To be the best partners to its patients, U.S. Dermatology Partners is fervently focused on providing the highest level of patient-first care, and its team therefore includes recognized national leaders in areas such as clinical research, psoriasis and Mohs Surgery. To learn more, visit

Menne T.,Copenhagen University | Johansen J.D.,Copenhagen University | Sommerlund M.,Aarhus University Hospital | Veien N.K.,Dermatology Clinic
Contact Dermatitis | Year: 2011

Background. Classification of hand eczema has traditionally been based both on aetiology and clinical appearance. For 20% of cases, the aetiology is unknown. Objectives. To suggest a classification based on well-defined aetiology as well as on predefined clinical patterns and on the dynamics of hand eczema. Methods. Literature studies and discussions among members of the Danish Contact Dermatitis Group. Results. Criteria are given for the aetiological diagnoses of allergic contact dermatitis of thehands, irritant contact dermatitis of the hands, protein contact dermatitis of thehands, atopic hand eczema and aetiologically unclassifiable hand eczema. Six different clinical patterns are described and illustrated. Suggestions for general treatment principles are given. Conclusion. Operational guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of hand eczema are described. © 2011 John Wiley & Sons A/S.

Xia Y.,San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium | Cho S.,Dermatology Clinic | Howard R.S.,U.S. Army | Maggio K.L.,U.S. Army
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology | Year: 2012

Background: Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) significantly impacts the military population, especially deployed personnel. Objective: This study was designed to determine whether the addition of topical eflornithine to hair laser treatment would improve efficacy in treating PFB. Methods: This was a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, paired (right and left neck) comparison study examining a combination of eflornithine and hair laser versus placebo and hair laser for the treatment of PFB. In all, 27 male patients with clinical PFB were treated with a long-pulsed neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser with an energy fluence of 25 to 30 J/cm2, a pulse duration of 20 to 30 milliseconds, and a 10-mm spot size to the entire bearded neck region. The laser treatment was performed every 4 weeks for a total of 16 weeks. Between laser treatments, patients applied eflornithine and placebo creams twice daily to opposite sides of the bearded neck region. The number of hairs and inflammatory papules were counted bilaterally at each visit. Results: The eflornithine side had a statistically significant decrease in the number of hairs and inflammatory papules compared with the placebo side. At 16 weeks, the eflornithine side had a median hair reduction of 99.5% from baseline (range 48.5%-100.0%), whereas the placebo side had an 85.0% median hair reduction from baseline (range 50.5%-94.5%), P less than.001. Limitations: Patients were not followed up beyond 16 weeks. Conclusion: The addition of topical eflornithine to hair laser treatment decreased hairs and inflammatory papules faster when compared with hair laser therapy alone in the treatment of PFB.

Veien N.K.,Dermatology Clinic
International Journal of Dermatology | Year: 2011

Systemic contact dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease that may occur in persons with contact allergy when they are exposed to the hapten orally, transcutaneously, per rectum, intravesically, intravenously, or by inhalation. The most common causes of systemic contact dermatitis are drugs used both topically and systemically. Other causes are ubiquitously occurring haptens, such as the metals nickel, cobalt, gold, and chromate, and aromatic substances such as spices. Avoidance of the offending hapten is the most obvious treatment. For some haptens, such as nickel, diet treatment may be effective. Chelation therapy with disulfiram is another therapeutic option in nickel-allergic patients with systemic contact dermatitis. Hyposensitization therapy has been attempted with some success in systemic contact dermatitis caused by nickel and Parthenium hysterophorus. © 2011 The International Society of Dermatology.

Mollerup A.,Copenhagen University | Veien N.K.,Dermatology Clinic | Johansen J.D.,Copenhagen University
Contact Dermatitis | Year: 2014

Background Hand eczema is often related to high-risk occupations and aggravating exposures in everyday life. The disease is twice as frequent in women as in men, partly because of diverse exposure patterns. Other gender differences may be relevant for treatment and prevention. Objectives To gain insights into the common features and differences between men and women with hand eczema. Methods The clinical disease severity of patients (n = 306) attending for dermatological treatment at two settings was assessed with the Hand Eczema Severity Index (HECSI). Self-reported medication adherence, aggravating factors, hand eczema-related consequences and quality of life were obtained from a questionnaire. Results Men and women had equal clinical severities of disease, with an overall median HECSI of 43. Self-reported medication adherence was equal between the genders, but, among patients aged > 40 years, more reported higher adherence. The impact of disease was larger in women than in men. Women reported significantly more aggravating factors and sick leave. Also, women had a more impaired quality of life than men at equal levels of disease severity, and this could be associated with the higher number of aggravating factors. Conclusion Gender differences in hand eczema need to be considered in the dermatological treatment and counselling of patients. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Colombo D.,Dermatology Clinic
International journal of immunopathology and pharmacology | Year: 2010

For the past 25 years, cyclosporine A (CyA) has played a pivotal role in transplant immunosuppressant therapy. From the availability of the 2 primary marketed formulations (Sandimmun® and Sandimmun Neoral®, Novartis), confusion has existed with regard to whether these two formulations are bioequivalent. Due to the underlying clinical relevance of this information, we therefore conducted a meta-analysis of all available comparative pharmacokinetic studies to assess whether the two different CyA formulations, Sandimmun® and Sandimmun Neoral®, can be considered bioequivalent. All clinical studies that compared the bioavailability of the 2 formulations in organ transplant recipients were considered for analysis. We searched computerised databases (Embase/Excerpta Medica and Medline/PubMed) from their inception to May 2010. Only studies with AUC values determined at 12 hours were considered for analysis. Relative bioavailability was calculated with 90 percent confidence intervals (CI) for Sandimmun® (test substance) versus Sandimmun Neoral® (reference substance) according to Schuirmann?s Two One-Sided Tests Procedure and the Classical Shortest CI. Homogeneity of data was tested using the Χ(2) test. Fifteen studies were considered for meta-analysis and none of these studies reported AUC values in the 80-125 percent range required for the bioequivalence of two formulations. The overall bioavailability for Sandimmun® versus the microemulsion formulation Sandimmun Neoral® was 76 percent, with upper CI limits lower than 80 percent in some cases. Mean AUC values for Sandimmun® were significantly lower than those for Sandimmun Neoral® (p<0.01). This study demonstrates that the 2 main cyclosporine formulations, Sandimmun® and Sandimmun Neoral®, cannot be considered bioequivalent.

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