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Tokyo, Japan

Dena Bank , headquartered in Mumbai, is owned by the Government of India, and has a network of over 1400 branches. The bank was founded in 1938 and the Indian government nationalised it in 1969. Currently , the Economic Offenses Wing of the Mumbai Police and the Central Bureau of Investigation are investigating a major deposit fraud at Dena Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, and several other banks, including Vijaya Bank, UCO Bank, Bank of India and Dhanlaxmi Bank. Wikipedia.

DeNA | Date: 2015-02-12

To improve the operating characteristics of character manipulation on touchscreen panels while at the same time providing a compact display of the control areas on a game screen. When a first operation is accepted as input by allowing a player to select any single area among multiple unit areas with a touch gesture on a game screen, or when a second operation is accepted as input by allowing a player to select any two or more areas among multiple unit areas in a successive manner, the inventive game program directs a computer to execute a process that determines the actions that a player-operated character is directed to perform respectively in response to the first operation and the second operation.

To reduce labor of a player to search for game content sought by the player. A game program according to the present invention causes a computer to execute: when an operation to designate game content is performed by a player, play event selection processing to select a play event in which the designated game content is obtainable from among a plurality of play events set in advance; game screen generation processing to generate a game screen including a guidance operation area that guides the player to the selected play event; and game progress processing to make a game progress with the guided play event and to make the player play the game when the guidance operation area is operated by the player while the game screen is displayed.

DeNA | Date: 2015-04-17

A user authentication system

Service recommendation among users can be promoted while refraining from excessive recommendation activity. A server according to an embodiment includes an information storage unit, a screen display control unit controlling displaying screens on a terminal device, and an offering request receiving unit receiving an offering request of recommendation information. The offering request is executed without specifying a recommendation destination user. The server further includes a recommendation destination user selecting unit selecting a recommendation destination user, a recommendation information delivering unit delivering the selected destination user with the recommendation information in response to a predetermined action by a recommendation source user, a virtual object information update unit updating virtual object information necessary for executing the offering request, a recommendation information discarding unit discarding the recommendation information of which destination user has been selected if the predetermined action has not been taken by the source user until a preset time.

A game management server device includes an evolution processing management unit that evolves base game media into evolved game media by combining them with partner game media in accordance with an evolution material table that includes settings for the base game media, partner game media, evolved game media, and evolution success probabilities, and a player information storage unit that stores, for each player, information on the base game media, partner game media, and the evolution material table belonging to the player, and, the evolution processing management unit, upon receiving instructions to evolve the base game media evolution from the player and for said player owning an evolution material table used for evolving the base game media, as well as the base game media and partner game media configured in said evolution material table, uses the evolution success probabilities configured in said evolution material table to make a determination.

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