Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

Dena Bank , headquartered in Mumbai, is owned by the Government of India, and has a network of over 1400 branches. The bank was founded in 1938 and the Indian government nationalised it in 1969. Currently , the Economic Offenses Wing of the Mumbai Police and the Central Bureau of Investigation are investigating a major deposit fraud at Dena Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, and several other banks, including Vijaya Bank, UCO Bank, Bank of India and Dhanlaxmi Bank. Wikipedia.

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The information processing system comprises a server that divides up information into processing units that will not cause syntax errors during processing at a client, packetizes such that each set of divided information is contained in a single packet, and transmits the packets thus generated to the client.

A storage module is provided for storing game information that is necessary for the progress of the game. A request to allow the game to proceed is acquired from each of a plurality of players, game information is changed according to these requests and stored in the storage module, log information indicating the relation between before and after the game information is changed is stored in the storage means, the log information is used to reproduce game information older than a first point in time until the game information at the first point in time, and the reproduced game information is used to reproduce the progress of the game and provide it to a player.

Oil separator for cooling and/or air conditioning plants including an external shell (26), an inlet channel (1 1, 1 1 1) for the gaseous stream to be treated, connected to said external shell (26), a filtering element (12) disposed in the transit path of the gaseous stream, an outlet for the purified gaseous stream (24) made in the external shell (26), and a collection zone (21) for the oil or other particles separated from said gaseous stream. The oil separator (10) comprising a passage pipe connected to the inlet channel (1 1) of the gaseous stream and to the filtering element (12), and a diversion pipe (13), disposed around the passage pipe, and defining an outlet zone (18) of the gaseous stream, disposed below the gaseous stream outlet (24) provided in the external shell (26).

One object is to allow communication by sound/voice other than user speeches in voice chatting. A system according to an embodiment includes a plurality of terminal devices and a server communicatively connected to the terminal devices; and the system allows voice chat between users of the terminal devices. In the system, the terminal devices of the users who are members of a chat unit and participating in the chat unit perform the voice chat communication for implementing the voice chat in the chat unit. The terminal device of one user who is a member of the chat unit makes a play request for an audio file selected by the one user to the terminal device of another user who is a member of the chat unit based on an instruction from the one user, and the terminal device of the other user plays the audio file.

DeNA | Date: 2015-05-27

A server according to one embodiment includes an information storage unit that store various types of information; a notification information transmission unit that transmits predetermined notification information to a terminal device of an invited user who is invited to a voice chat in response to receiving a voice chat initiation request from a terminal device of a requesting user; a state monitor unit that monitors whether the requesting user and the invited user are in an available state in which they are able to perform a voice chat; and a voice chat control unit that enables a voice chat communication between the terminal device of the requesting user and the terminal device of the invited user when the requesting user and the invited user are in the available state. The server serves as a voice chat management device that manages a voice chat between users who operate their terminal devices.

Agency: European Commission | Branch: H2020 | Program: MSCA-ITN-ETN | Phase: MSCA-ITN-2016 | Award Amount: 4.00M | Year: 2017

Lightning is an extremely energetic electric discharge process in our atmosphere. It significantly affects the concentration of greenhouse gases and it threatens electrical and electronic devices, in particular, when placed on elevated structures like wind turbines or aircraft, and when these structures are built with modern composite materials with inherently low electric conductivity. In addition, even our fundamental understanding of atmospheric electricity is far from complete. New discharge processes in the atmosphere above thunderstorms have been discovered, the so-called Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) in the stratosphere and mesosphere, and Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGFs) that emit particle beams of antimatter. These phenomena demand thorough investigations, in geophysics and in the related fields of plasma and high-voltage technology where similar discharges appear. These challenges are approached within the SAINT project with a multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial training platform for 15 ESRs. The platform brings together satellite and ground observations with modelling and lab experiments. It couples scientific studies to applications relevant to industries developing satellite data products, plasma discharge technologies, lightning detection systems and lightning protection devices. With SAINT, we take advantage of the extraordinary opportunity presented by three simultaneous space missions with dedicated instruments to study lightning discharges, TLEs and TGFs, to integrate the unique space data with dedicated novel ground observations, model developments and lab experiments. SAINT will train the next generation of young, innovative scientists to shape the future of research and technology in Europe.

A reference image is generated by converting a vector image into a raster image, a temporarily-compressed image is generated by compressing the raster image according to a compression ratio, a comparison image of the same size as the reference image is generated by subjecting the temporarily-compressed image to interpolation enlargement processing, the above processing is repeated while varying the compression ratio if the error ratio between the reference image and the comparison image is greater than a benchmark error ratio, the above processing is repeated while varying the benchmark error ratio if the image volume of the temporarily-compressed image is greater than a predetermined memory capacity when the error ratio is at or under the benchmark error ratio, and the temporarily-compressed image is stored in memory as a compressed image of a vector image if the image volume of the temporarily-compressed image is at or under the memory capacity.

DeNA | Date: 2016-01-28

One object is to provide a video game system that can technically restrain real money trade. In accordance with one aspect, a server device 10 according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a determination unit 58 configured to determine whether an exchange of exhibited game contents and bid game contents is concluded based on a game content parameter value characterizing the exhibited game contents and the game content parameter value characterizing the bid game contents; and an updating unit 61 configured to update an owned game content storage unit 52 such that, only when the determination unit 58 determines that the exchange is concluded, the exhibited game contents are stored in association with player identification information of a bidder player and the bid game contents are stored in association with player identification information of an exhibitor player.

An object of the present invention is to relieve time and effort required for manipulated input. The game program according to the present invention causes a computer to perform, an offering process to offer the game content to the user; a recording process to record an offered game content offered in the offering process, as an owned game content owned by the user; a reception process to receive a prearranged registration of a specified game content specified by an input from a user; a judgment process, when an offer game content is offered to a user in the offering process after the reception process, to compare the offered game content to the specified game content prearranged for registration, to judge whether or not the offered game content is to be made an owned game content of the user; and an update process to update a record of the owned game content owned by the user based on a judgment result in the judgment process.

DeNA | Date: 2016-03-03

An advertisement distribution system executes a first step in which a server requests that a distributor client submit advertisements, a second step in which the advertisements submitted by the distributor client are provided to an advertiser client according to the request, a third step in which the advertisement that is employed from among the provided advertisements is received by the advertiser client, and the server is notified by the advertiser client, a fourth step in which a video is received from the distributor client by the server , and a fifth step in which the server distributes the video received from the distributor client, and provides the employed advertisement at a specific timing in the distribution of the video.

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