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Al Qanāţir al Khayrīyah, Egypt

Khedr N.F.,Tanta University | Khalil R.M.,Delta University
Tumor Biology | Year: 2015

Doxorubicin (DOX) is widely used in cancer therapy of many carcinomas types. Unfortunately, DOX is not sufficiently effective in many cases, and increasing the dosage of it is limited due to its systemic toxicity. A citrus flavonoid hesperidin (HES) is proved to be potent antioxidant and protective agent against many diseases including cancer. In this context, the objective of this study was to examine effect of HES along with DOX on solid Ehrlich carcinoma (SEC) in mice. Forty male mice were divided into four equal groups (n = 10): control SEC, DOX, HES, and DOX + HES. HES (50 mg/kg body weight orally) was given day after day for 16 days along with DOX (4 mg/kg body weight i.p. injection) for 5 cycles every 4 days in ESC-inoculated mice. After 20 days, tumor volume, tumor weight, survival rate, tumor glutathione, nitric oxide content, and serum glutathione were determined. Tumor tissue was examined for histopathological and immunohistochemical study for p53 and VEGF. Tumor resistance for mdr1a gene was assessed in tumor tissue by RT-PCR. HES induced significant increase in tissue and serum glutathione with significant decrease in tumor volume and tumor weight. A possible role of HES to modulate gene expression of mdr1a in tumor tissue was established. In addition, HES alleviated the histopathological changes with significant decrease in p53 and VEGF expression. The use of HES as adjuvant therapy with DOX would enhance the therapeutic efficacy and alleviate the resistance to DOX in treatment of solid tumors. © 2015, International Society of Oncology and BioMarkers (ISOBM).

Abou-El-Sherbini K.S.,National Research Center of Egypt | Kenawy I.M.M.,Mansoura University | Hafez M.A.H.,Mansoura University | Lotfy H.R.,Delta University | Abdelbary Z.M.E.A.,Mansoura University
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering | Year: 2015

The new CO3 2-/Cl- layered double hydroxides (LDHs) (Mg(3-3v)Zn3v)/(Al(1-w)Few) were synthesized and calcined at 450 °C (CLDH), where v and w = 0, 0.1, 0.2, and/or 1, as adsorbents to remove anionic hazards such as Isolan Dark Blue 2SGL-01 (IDB) and CrO4 2- from polluted wastewater. The products were characterized by powder X-ray diffractometry, Fourier transform infra-red spectra, thermogravimetric analysis, elemental analysis, scanning electron microscope, magnetic susceptibility and specific surface area measurements. The effect of composition of LDH's on their uptake capacities (qe) for IDB and chromate ions were studied. CLDH's were more effective in removing anionic hazards than LDH, in particular with IDB and for v and w = 0.1 and/or 0.2. High adsorption capacities were obtained up to 438 and 46.3 mg g-1 (30.1 and 15.7% of the theoretical capacities), for IDB and chromate, respectively. Fe-containing LDHs could be magnetically separated either as-synthesized or loaded. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd.

El-Den B.M.,Delta University | Mohamed M.A.,Mansoura University | AbdelFattah A.I.,Mansoura University
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | Year: 2015

Expert sys, driving with your eyes closed can kill you. The human body needs to sleep like his needs to food and drink, this paper will discuss the sleep phenomenon which occurs during driving a car which leads to many accidents and irregularities occurring. The proposed system save the driver life by monitoring the eye movement using a mobile supplied with camera and capturing images of the face and repeat this process every 3 s to note if their inattention or drowsiness that may occur while driving or not. The application uses the Android environment in simulation of the system. In the case of proven snoozing or sleepiness of the driver, the system translates the reflexes of the person and give response to firing the car alarm or to stop the car by using brakes, Sensor ELM327_V1_5 Bluetooth interface OBD2 will automatically send and receive information from mobile and sent to the control unit in the car to take appropriate action. One of the biggest concerns when implementing the system is to achieve respond quickly and effectively to save the life of the driver. The simulation was conducted with a Mitsubishi Lancer car and Samsung Galaxy_S4 phone to simulate the system. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.

Fadda A.A.,Mansoura University | Bayoumy N.M.,Mansoura University | Bayoumy N.M.,Delta University | Elattar K.M.,Mansoura University | Elattar K.M.,Sert University
Synthetic Communications | Year: 2015

This review is a broad overview of the chemistry of 2-tosylacetonitrile, which considered as a very reactive synthetic compound. The synthetic methods are reported. The reactions of the title compound lead to the preparation of a variety of heterocyclic ring systems, such as five-and six-membered ring systems containing one, two, or three heteroatoms. The reaction mechanisms are discussed. © 2015 Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Bakr R.,Delta University
Geotechnical Engineering for Infrastructure and Development - Proceedings of the XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, ECSMGE 2015 | Year: 2015

Sandy soils appear in many cases at relatively shallow depths underlain by clay soil having reasonable shear strength parameters. Meanwhile the continuous sandy or rocky layers exist very deep. In some regions located in the seismic belt the building codes restrict the building heights. Therefore, relatively low stresses are imposed on the soil. In such cases it is possible to terminate the pile foundation in the shallower sand layer. The long-term settlement representing both consolidation and creep phases should be carefully studied. This study focuses on the evaluation of the factors affecting the behavior of piles that rest in a sandy layer underlain by clay. Eighteen cases were investigated and included in this study. Effects of soil properties, pile length, pile diameter, as well as the distance between the pile toe and the top surface of the clay soil are investigated by field static load tests. The results showed that both the pile length and the pile diameter affect the pile behavior. The pile capacity increases significantly as any of both length and/or diameter of pile increases. The presence of a layer of soft soil underlying the pile bearing sandy layer does not affect the pile behavior as long as the frictional capacity is not reached. © The authors and ICE Publishing: All rights reserved, 2015.

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