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Dortmund, Germany

Pries-Heje J.,Roskilde University | Johansen J.,DELTA
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2014

In the newly published ISO/IEC 33014.2013 [1] standard there is a strategic activity called "Identify the overall change strategy" that includes selecting a change strategy "from among a myriad of available change models". The book [2] on the ImprovAbility model describes a framework of how to select change strategy. There are 10 different change strategies to choose from. But which ones are chosen in practice? To answer that we have analysed data from 49 assessments in 44 organizations that have used the framework. We give a ranking of strategies chosen and we analyse how they adapt the change strategy to their specific conditions. We conclude that the most often recommended organizational change strategy is Optionality followed by three other strategies: Socializing, Learning-driven, and Specialist-driven. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2014.

Laursen J.E.,DELTA
42nd International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering 2013, INTER-NOISE 2013: Noise Control for Quality of Life | Year: 2013

This paper describes Round Robin measurements on noise from toys involving 10 different laboratories in Europe and China. This proficiency test, conducted in 2010-2011, was arranged in collaboration between the Danish technical institute DELTA as peer review laboratory and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden as project leader. The test involved 12 different toy specimens and a reference sound source to be measured according to a draft proposal of a revision of the acoustic parts of European standard EN 71 - Safety of toys part 1. In this paper the test application and some challenging issues are presented along with selected data from the test. It is generally difficult to take into account the fact that the test specimen becomes worn from use during the process of Round Robin measurements. The participants' measurements on the reference sound source can rule out some errors, but problems like operating and mounting the toy can also greatly influence the results. Copyright© (2013) by Austrian Noise Abatement Association (OAL).

Delta | Date: 2015-01-20

Instruments for measuring length; Measuring apparatus, namely, laser profiler equipment for measurement of road condition; Instruments and apparatus for controlling electric current, namely, electrical controllers for magnetic bearing control; Monitoring instruments and apparatus, namely, HD video cameras for recording of images; Testing instruments and apparatus, namely, for testing pavement strength, skid resistance, and line and sign reflectivity; surveying machines, namely, level measuring machines; Road and airfield survey equipment, namely, surveying machines and instruments for profiling of road and airfield geographic conditions; Instruments, apparatus and equipment, namely, HD video cameras, data processing equipment in the nature of couplers, computers and software, all for monitoring pavement and airfield conditions; Surface friction testing equipment, namely, HD video cameras, data processing equipment in the nature of couplers, computers and software, all for monitoring pavement and airfield conditions, all for roads, airfields and runways; Meteorological instruments and apparatus, namely, rain gauges, barometers and radar apparatus for weather monitoring of roads and at airports; Retroreflectometers for measuring retroreflection of pavement markings, raised pavement markers (RPM), and road traffic signboards for roads and airfields; Deflectometers for measuring structural deformations in roads and airfields; Falling weight deflectometers for measuring bearing capacity; Instruments for measuring road and pavement temperatures, deformations and below grade subsurface aggregate for movement and deflection, all for use on roads and airfields. Profiling equipment, namely, computers and operational software for longitudinal profiling, measuring terrain and translating data into various formats for further synthesis, including the International Roughness Index (IRI), Sensor Measured Texture Depth ( SMTD) and Mean Profile Depth (MPD) formats; Computer operating software for instrumentations; Computer software for analyzing, transmitting and managing pavement and road conditions; Computers and computer systems comprised of computers, monitors and electronic sensors, temperature transmitters and operating software for use in designing of pavements and roads and for monitoring and measuring pavement and road conditions. Unmanned drones in the nature of hexacopters for surveying conditions around airfields. Business administration assistance, collection and analysis of quality metric data for the road and transport industry, government agencies, road authorities, contractors and private companies for business purposes, conducting quality assurance surveys of quality of pavements, pavement markings, raised pavement markings (RPMs) and road traffic signboards on roads and in airports. Technical analysis of grading for roads and airfields; Technical analysis of surface friction on roads, airfields and runways; Technical analysis of bearing capacity of road and airfield pavements; Technical analysis of the conditions of unbound and bound layers in connection with roads, airfields and runways; Technical analysis of pavement conditions, including the roughness level of roads, airfields and runways; Providing meteorological information, including analysis and monitoring of weather conditions and its influence on roads, runways and airfields; Cartography and mapping services for roads; Analysis and evaluation of digital imaging of roads for safety and quality purposes; Research, development, design and testing of pavements, including roads, airfields and runways; Analysis of the quality of retroflection in pavement markings, raised pavement markers (RPMs), traffic signboards on roads and airfields; Design of roads, airfields and runways; Traffic engineering; Testing the structural strength of pavements; Measuring roughness level and texture of pavements, including roads and runways; Providing testing, analysis, monitoring and quality evaluation and inspection of roads, airfields and runways for surface friction, retroreflection on roads and airfields, and bearing capacity of road and airfield pavements; Quality control for others of unbound and bound layers in connection with roads, airfields and runways; Consultancy, advisory and information services relating to the design of pavements and monitoring of pavement quality for roads, airfields and runways.

Delta | Date: 2013-10-11

A monitoring device suitable for attachment to a surface of a subject, the device having a data collector and a processor. The data collector includes a flexible foil attached to a less flexible socket, where the foil forms a dermal side surface of the data collector for adhesion to a skin surface of a subject to be monitored. To enable communication of electrical signals between the data collector and the processor, the data collector includes a distribution structure formed as a pattern of an electrically conductive material on an outer surface of a foldable sheet. The foldable sheet forms a layer in the flexible foil and having an interface portion which is folded into an aperture in the socket to form a coupling inside the cavity for electrical communication with a matching coupling of the processor when the processor is received in the cavity.

Elvang M.,DELTA
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2014

How can you improve as a product developing organization? Are there principles that you as an organization can chose to believe in, which will then help change the odds of success in your favor? This paper will argue for a positive answer to this question and further attempt to suggest a useful set of such beliefs - I call them 'Game Changing Beliefs' © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2014.

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