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Lausanne, Switzerland

Debiotech | Date: 2014-07-28

The invention concerns a flow regulator, made of a stack of 3 plates, respectively a top plate including a flexible membrane (

Debiotech | Date: 2014-03-04

The invention relates to a connector/cap assembly comprising locking means and coupling means allowing the cap to be removed from the connector using only one hand and preferably without the cap coming into contact with the hand of the practitioner.

Debiotech | Date: 2015-03-26

The present invention relates to a process for fabricating a porous coatings with controlled structure in the micro and nano-size domain. In particular, but not exclusively, it relates to a process for fabricating coatings with an anisotropic pore size distribution and to coatings obtained using such coatings. It describes in particular the use of ink-jet method to deposit in a controlled way such coatings. It also relates to porous coatings with controlled structure in the micro and nano-size domain. The coating has a thickness between 10 nanometres and 10 millimetres and its porosity is created in such a way that the pore size distribution is anisotropic. It finally describes objects covered with this coating.

Debiotech | Date: 2014-04-10

The invention relates to a method for prescribing a dialysis treatment comprising the following steps: The invention also relates to a system using this method.

A sampling system performs an automatic dialysis sampling at specific time intervals of a dialysis treatment. The system includes a fluidic pathway in which a dialysis solution flows, a series of sampling containers, and a valve system. The valve system is arranged in the fluidic pathway. The sampling system includes an electronic system that controls automatically the valve system in order to direct a certain quantity of each fluid sample to a specific sampling container.

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