Franklin, MA, United States
Franklin, MA, United States

Dean College is a private college located in Franklin, Massachusetts. It grants associate degrees in 17 majors and baccalaureate degrees in nine majors. Wikipedia.

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Johnson Y.O.,Dean College
Home healthcare now | Year: 2015

Self-neglect is a poorly understood phenomenon evident to home healthcare nurses who describe older adults who self-neglect as disheveled, unkempt individuals living in cluttered, filthy homes. In spite of the concerns nurses report about these individuals and their situations, individuals who self-neglect give no indication there is any reason for concern for their welfare, and in fact some refuse intervention. The purpose of this study was to determine how home healthcare nurses perceive elder self-neglect, their experiences with this phenomenon, and to explore the steps nurses take when self-neglect is suspected.

Lorber M.,University of Maribor | Savic B.S.,Dean College
Croatian Medical Journal | Year: 2012

Aim: To determine the level of job satisfaction of nursing professionals in Slovenian hospitals and factors influencing job satisfaction in nursing. Methods: The study included 4 hospitals selected from the hospital list comprising 26 hospitals in Slovenia. The employees of these hospitals represent 29.8% and 509 employees included in the study represent 6% of all employees in nursing in Slovenian hospitals. One structured survey questionnaire was administered to the leaders and the other to employees, both consisting 154 items evaluated on a 5 point Likert-type scale. We examined the correlation between independent variables (age, number of years of employment, behavior of leaders, personal characteristics of leaders, and managerial competencies of leaders) and the dependent variable (job satisfaction - satisfaction with the work, coworkers, management, pay, etc) by applying correlation analysis and multivariate regression analysis. In addition, factor analysis was used to establish characteristic components of the variables measured. Results: We found a medium level of job satisfaction in both leaders (3.49 ± 0.5) and employees (3.19 ± 0.6), however, there was a significant difference between their estimates (t = 3.237; P = <0.001). Job satisfaction was explained by age (P < 0.05; β = 0.091), years of employment (P < 0.05; β = 0.193), personal characteristics of leaders (P < 0.001; β = 0.158), and managerial competencies of leaders (P < 0.000; β = 0.634) in 46% of cases. The factor analysis yielded four factors explaining 64% of the total job satisfaction variance. Conclusion: Satisfied employees play a crucial role in an organization's success, so health care organizations must be aware of the importance of employees' job satisfaction. It is recommended to monitor employees' job satisfaction levels on an annual basis.

Hamdan T.A.,Dean College
International Orthopaedics | Year: 2012

Purpose: The author presents this prospective study of nine cases of pathologically confirmed spinal hydatid disease. Method: Hydatid disease is a difficult diagnosis in non endemic areas but it should be considered in the differential diagnosis of spinal pathology in endemic areas. Spinal involvement is very unusual. There is nothing typical of spinal involvement. Nine patients presented with hydatid disease of the spine between September 2001 and October 2010. The patients were clinically evaluated as well as by the latest imaging modalities, haematological and serological tests. All had decompressive surgery with or without fixation and the diagnosis was confirmed by histopathological examination. All received albendazole and praziquantel for ten months. Results: MRI was the best diagnostic test, CAT scan was also useful, eosinophilia was a constant finding, and ESR was above normal in five patients. All had decompression laminectomy and clearance; in addition, transpedicular fixation was done to three patients. After surgery one patient had complete recovery with no recurrence, seven patients showed recurrence over time and residual disease was observed, and one patient died within 24 hours of surgery. Conclusion: Diagnosis was easy from the start, but eradication was difficult, and recurrence rate was very high despite the use of chemotherapy. © 2012 Springer-Verlag.

Thyagharajan K.K.,Dean College | Minu R.I.,Anna University
International Journal of Engineering and Technology | Year: 2013

Colors in an image provides tremendous amount of information. Using this color information images can be segmented, analyzed, labeled and indexed. In content based image retrieval system, color is one of the basic primitive features used. In Prevalent Color Extraction and indexing, the most extensive color on an image is identified and it is used for indexing. For implementation, Asteroideae flower family image dataset is used. It consist of more than 16,000 species, among them nearly 100 species are considered and indexed by dominating colors. To extract the most appealable color from the user defined images, the overall color of an image has to be quantized. Spatially, quantizing the color of an image to extract the prevalent color is the major objective of this paper. A combination of K-Mean and Expectation Minimization clustering algorithm called hidden-value learned K-mean clustering quantization algorithm is used to avoid the over clustering behavior of K-Mean algorithm. The experimental result shows the marginal differences between these algorithms.

Ananthakrishnan N.,Dean College
National Medical Journal of India | Year: 2016

Ever since the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) introduced restrictions on resident working hours in the USA in 2003, controversy has continued to plague this issue in view of the long established and long held beliefs in the benefits of continuity of care particularly in surgical patients and the adverse effect of frequent hand-offs on resident training. Several studies have shown adverse outcomes of the new policy and some which have supported it. Evidence from large prospective randomized trials is currently lacking. The authors did a national, cluster-randomized, pragmatic, noninferiority trial involving 117 of 252 ACGME-accredited general surgery residency programmes in the USA in 2014. Seventy-seven programmes were excluded because of non-affiliation with the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP), which was the intended platform for patient data collection; 77 were excluded since state regulations did not permit such a trial (state of New York); and 12 programmes were excluded due to poor standing with the ACGME. © The National Medical Journal of India, 2016.

Alotaibi M.B.,Dean College
Journal of Computers (Finland) | Year: 2013

Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is becoming more competitive, particularly with increasing diversity of online consumers. However, the personalization of user interface can establish one-to-one customer relationships in E-Commerce, by two contrasting approaches: adaptable and adaptive. This study aims to evaluate three interaction approaches in E-Commerce: adaptable, semi-adaptive and fully adaptive. It aimed at measuring attitudes toward these interfaces in accordance with the following factors: Perceived Ease of Use (PEOU), Perceived Benefits (PB) and Behavioural Attitudes (BA). The three constructs were extracted from the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). Pursuing the aims, an experimental E-Commerce platform was implemented with three different product catalogue conditions: adaptable, semi-adaptive and fully adaptive. An independent group of participants (n=60) were instructed to perform three tasks using each of the product catalogues. The tasks were designed with one complexity level in order to control the effect of task complexity on participant attitudes. Upon completion, the participants completed a questionnaire devised specifically for this study. The results showed that the semi-adaptive interface ranked first for all aspects of user acceptance. The adaptable interface ranked second for acceptability and preference and the fully adaptive interface ranked third. © 2013 ACADEMY PUBLISHER.

Fiedler R.,Dean College
The Journal of nursing administration | Year: 2014

The purpose of this pilot study was to determine what influence a nurse residency program (NRP) has on long-term outcomes including turnover rates, career satisfaction, and leadership development. Studies examining short-term outcomes of NRPs have shown positive effects. Long-term studies of NRPs have not been reported. This descriptive study surveyed former nurse residents, still employed at the facility. Data were collected by means of a demographic tool and the McCloskey/Mueller Satisfaction Scale, a job satisfaction tool. Although nursing turnover increased past the yearlong residency program, it remained well below the national average. All components of satisfaction were ranked relatively high, but coworker/peer support was most important to job satisfaction. Leadership development in the areas of certification and pursuing an advanced degree increased with longer employment, but hospital committee involvement decreased with successive cohorts. Overall, the long-term outcomes of an NRP appear to have benefits to both the organization and the individual.

Igbigbi P.S.,Dean College | Ebite L.E.,Delta State University
Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology | Year: 2010

The orbital height, width, and index of 136 anteroposterior skull radiographs of adult Malawians aged between 18-73 yrs were analysed retrospectively. Results showed that mean orbital width was higher in males (44.57±2.24 mm) than females (42.15±2.20 mm) but the females had a higher mean orbital index (96.03±3.34 mm). The mean orbital width was higher in females than males within the age group 18-27 years and 38-47 yrs but the reverse was the case in the other adult age groups---28-37, 48-57, 58-67, 68-77 years. The mean orbital height showed a steady rise in males with increasing age to a maximum of 45.00 mm at 58-67 years followed by a slight decline at 68-77 years age group; suggesting adult variations of fused bone size probably due to bone remodelling with age. The results show that adult Malawians belong to the megaseme group just like the Chinese and Polynesians.

Moore K.D.,Dean College
International Journal of Aging and Human Development | Year: 2014

This article presents an emergent heuristic framework for the core environmental gerontology concept of "place." Place has been a central concern in the field since the 1970s (Gubrium, 1978) for its hypothesized direct relationship to identity, the self, and agency-suggestive of the appropriateness of lateral theoretical linkages with developmental science. The Ecological Framework of Place (EFP) defines place as a socio-physical milieu involving people, the physical setting, and the program of the place, all catalyzed by situated human activity and fully acknowledging that all four may change over time. The article begins with a concise overview of the EFP before moving on to consider it within three theoretical terrains: place theory, developmental science theory, and environmental gerontology theory. The EFP will be argued to be a place theory which subsumes themes of emergent environmental gerontology theories within a developmental science perspective. Implications for theory, method and practice are discussed. One of the strengths of the model is its ability to serve both research and practice, as is exhibited in its ability to incorporate applied design research and inform architectural decision-making so often lacking in other environmental gerontology models. Place should be viewed as an integrative concept providing opportunities for both environmental gerontology and developmental science to more critically concern the profound role places have in terms of agency, identity and sense of self over the life course. © 2014, Baywood Publishing Co., Inc.

Dean College | Date: 2017-01-26

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