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Narayan Y.,DCE Inc
Proceedings - 2013 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Communication, Control, Signal Processing and Computing Applications, IEEE-C2SPCA 2013 | Year: 2013

In This paper we discussed about Networked control systems (NCS) for controlling flow rate of two non-interacting tank processes using fuzzy logic controller. Basically NCS are used for network communication to enable exchange of information of plant response via communication channel. For controlling the flow rate of processes we use fuzzy logic controller with a network on a shared medium to connect plant & controller. The experimental application of NCS in this paper work is manufacturing plant monitoring to provide decision & command, factory automation © 2013 IEEE.

Reddy M.S.,Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science KITS | Kumar M. R.,DCE Inc | Rao K.S.,Osmania University
Proceedings - 2011 Annual IEEE India Conference: Engineering Sustainable Solutions, INDICON-2011 | Year: 2011

Human activities are recognized from the Electrooculogram (EOG) signal generated from the movement of eye. Hence early, accurate preprocessing of EOG signals is important. In recent years, this became an active area of research. The EOG signal captured using acquisition device is corrupted with the noise and device intrinsic, thus pre processing (noise reduction) is first and foremost step in any further analysis & activity recognition. In this paper a novel method of De-noising EOG signals using Dual Tree complex wavelet transform (DT-CWT) is proposed. The Denoising results obtained are compared with conventional wavelet (DWT) de-noising method. To demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed method, SNR calculations and the statistical analysis are evaluated. The proposed method is best suitable for real time EOG based applications like human-machine communication devices for disabled persons, eye movement analysis and gaming applications. © 2011 IEEE.

Roy P.K.,Center for Fire | Swami V.,DCE Inc | Kumar D.,DCE Inc | Rajagopal C.,Center for Fire
Journal of Applied Polymer Science | Year: 2011

Because of the presence of carboxylic acid moieties, poly(acrylic acid) possesses a unique ability to form stable complexes with divalent metal ions. However, its practical use for the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions is restricted because of its inherent water solubility. To address this issue, crosslinking of this polymer has been attempted to synthesize hydrogel, which is stable in aqueous medium over a wide range of pH values. The hydrogels, prepared by redox polymerization of acrylic acid in the presence of polyethylene glycol diacrylate as the crosslinker, were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectrometry, elemental analysis, thermal analysis, and swelling studies. This chelating hydrogel-bearing O, O donor groups exhibited high-metal sorption capacity of 41.1, 58.2, 43.1, and 81.2 mg/g for Cr 6+, Ni2+, Cu2+, and Pb2+, respectively, under optimum conditions. The effect of parameters including pH, concentration, and interference of common ions on metal uptake was also investigated. Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption isotherms have been used to validate the metal uptake data. High recovery (>97%) was achievable for all metal ions with 1N HCl as eluting agent, and the regeneration tests revealed that the sorbent could be used repeatedly for at least 10 cycles without any loss in chelating efficiency. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc..

Xiang Y.,University of Lille Nord de France | Xiang Y.,DCE Inc | Delbarre H.,University of Lille Nord de France | Sauvage S.,University of Lille Nord de France | And 7 more authors.
Environmental Pollution | Year: 2012

During summer 2009, online measurements of 25 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from C6 to C10 as well as micro-meteorological parameters were simultaneously performed in the industrial city of Dunkerque. With the obtained data set, we developed a methodology to examine how the contributions of different source categories depend on atmospheric turbulences, and the results provided identification of emission modes. Eight factors were resolved by using Positive Matrix Factorization model and three of them were associated with mixed sources. The observed behaviours of contributions with turbulences lead to attribute some factors with sources at ground level, and some other factors with sources in the upper part of surface layer. The impact of vertical turbulence on the pollutant dispersion is also affected by the distance between sources and receptor site. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Kumar S.,MAIT | Gupta R.,MAIT | Kapoor R.,DCE Inc | Bhattacharyya A.,DCE Inc
ICWET 2010 - International Conference and Workshop on Emerging Trends in Technology 2010, Conference Proceedings | Year: 2010

This method is based upon the image registration process and the application is when the text which is to be identified is behind the mesh which works as a hurdle. We know that the mesh as hurdle can be made less irritating by either moving the camera or the source itself. The method uses Radon Transform for extracting the mesh lines and capturing the position of the mesh lines. The final process of filling the deformed image is through the registration. The method is adaptive to movement in any direction. Quaternion method is used to remove the scaling and rotational errors. It was tested on a number of images approximately and gave excellent results. Copyright 2010 ACM.

Krishnakumar K.S.,Bangalore University | Ramani,Bangalore University | Damle R.,Bangalore University | Dinesh C.M.,DCE Inc | Madhu K.V.,Satellite Center
International Journal of ChemTech Research | Year: 2014

This paper describes the effect of 30- and 60- MeV Boron ion and Gamma ray (Co-60) irradiation effects on silicon photo detector (MRD 500 Motorola manufactured) for various fluence/doses. The devices are systematically investigated by I-V and C-V measurements. The radiation induced electrical degradation is studied from I-V measurements. C-V measurements are made to estimate the effect of irradiation on the doping concentration of the devices. The characteristics studied in this investigation show that Si PIN photodiodes are suitable for use in high radiation environment.

Kumar M.V.,University of Mysore | Krishnakumar K.S.,Bangalore University | Dinesh C.M.,DCE Inc | Krishnaveni S.,University of Mysore | Ramani,APS College
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2012

The radiation response of npn Bipolar junction transistor (BJT) has been examined for 100 MeV O7+ ion. Key electrical properties like Gummel characteristics, dc current gain and capacitance-voltage of 100MeV O 7+ ion irradiated transistor were studied before and after irradiation. The device was decapped and the electrical characterizations were performed at room temperature. Base current is observed to be more sensitive than collector current and gain appears to be degraded with ion fluence, also considerable degradation in C-V characteristics is observed and doping concentration is found to be increased along with the increase in ion fluence. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.

Gupta S.,DCE Inc | Satapathy S.R.,AKGEC Inc | Mehta P.,DCE Inc | Tripathy A.,DCE Inc
Proceedings of the 2013 3rd IEEE International Advance Computing Conference, IACC 2013 | Year: 2013

The wide adoption of cloud computing is raising several concerns about treatment of data in the cloud. Now a day's Cloud computing is a buzz word and it is still in its infancy in terms of its implementation at all levels due the limitations it suffers. Most of the security schemes require a basic level of trust between the data owner and cloud provider, when this trust is breached either intentionally or unintentionally it is the data and its owner that suffers. Thus, we suggest a scheme where the trust from service provider is not required. The security of data will be in control of the data owner solely. It would mainly contain a tool that would allow the owner of the data to decide about the access rights of his/her data, revocation if any, and notification if any security breaches are in place. This paper also allows a user to search their files in an encrypted database with the help of ranked keyword search which is an improvement over conventional searching techniques. © 2013 IEEE.

Mazumder S.K.,DCE Inc
ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering | Year: 2016

Estimation of scour in bridge piers is necessary for economic and safe design of bridges. Although a large number of mathematical models are available, scour estimation in Indian bridges is done by empirical equation like Lacey in both fine and coarse soil. Total scour depths in piers, founded on fine soil, are estimated in five bridges in India using different mathematical models and are compared with those found by IRC method based on Lacey’s theory. IRC method is found to overestimate scour in all the cases and the error is found to vary between 5 and 275%. Local scour depths in bridge piers founded on coarse soil are observed at five bridge sites in Mississippi river basin in U.S.A. Scour depths observed are compared with those predicted by different mathematical models and also by IRC method. Compared to IRC method, scour in piers founded on coarse soil, governed both by size and gradation of sediments, is found to be significantly less than that in fine uniform soil under all velocity of flow. It is observed that the scour depths predicted by mathematical models are quite conservative and closer to the observed ones. © 2016 Indian Society for Hydraulics


DCE Inc | Date: 2011-10-13

wiring harnesses for control, monitoring and protection of vehicle electrical systems including gasoline and diesel engines; electronic power steering units for land vehicles and watercraft.

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