Klein Vielen, Germany
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Groh T.,DB Energie GmbH | Harprecht W.,Finkenstr. 14 | Puschmann R.,Siemens AG
eb - Elektrische Bahnen | Year: 2012

Following the discovery of the electrodynamic principle and the development of the DC motor, electric drives dramatically changed industrial production in urban environments but also operations in agriculture and even shipping. Where previously steam traction dominated local and long-distance transport, electric locomotives thereafter pulled passenger and freight trains in a more environmentally friendly way and at a higher efficiency. Both in local and long-distance transport applications, most varied current types were introduced the diversity of which was an obstacle to establishing an interoperable long-distance service between the German Länder. This barrier was overcome by the "Agreement on the design of electric traction vehicles", which was signed in 1912/13 and constituted the first agreement on the interoperability of electric rail operations.

Budde C.,DB Energie GmbH | Hofmann G.,ELBAS Elektrische Bahnsysteme Ingenieur Gesellschaft MbH | Westphal L.,Eisenbahn Cert
eb - Elektrische Bahnen | Year: 2011

The earthing and bonding systems of Deutsche Bahn are installed and operated on the basis of their own guidelines. The technical specifi cation concerning the interoperability of the Energy sub-system makes it necessary to check if these guidelines are in conformity with the European norms. In such conformity check, it is imperative to take into account the particularities of the traction systems in Germany, and to derive the conditions required to maintain protection against electric shocks.

Hormig U.,Eisenbahn Bundesamt Bonn | Walther J.-T.,DB Energie GmbH | Zenglein S.,Siemens AG
eb - Elektrische Bahnen | Year: 2016

The regulation 402/2013 (EU) establishes three methods for the assessment of safety of railway systems: Application of codes of practice, simularity analysis with systems and explicit risk assessment. DB Energy Ltd., in charge of management of fixed installations for electric traction systems of German Rail (DB), issued a procedure for accomplishing of risk assessments. DB's directives and the technical standards concerning the electric traction systems form the basis of this procedure. These standards represent the approved codes of practice for the risk assessment.

Xie J.,University of Ulm | Feng Y.X.,University of Ulm | Krap N.,DB Energie GmbH
Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, APPEEC | Year: 2010

The network impedance of power systems is an important quantity for many power system calculations. This paper presents a novel method for measuring network impedances of high-voltage (110 kV) power systems by injecting line-to-line test signals. The injected test signals are generated by a medium-frequency converter and fed to grid by a station transformer. During the measurement, we only assess the fundamental signal in order to ensure the measurement accuracy. As the transfer ratio of voltage and current transducers is questionable, we calibrate the total measurement system. The field tests show that the proposed method is suitable for measuring network impedances of high-voltage power systems. ©2010 IEEE.

Since 2001 DB Energie has renewed SCADA systems and control centres for the 16.7 Hz high and middle voltage grids supplying the German railways. This renewal based on digital substation automation, standardized data communication (IEC 60870-5-104) and the protocol TCP/IP.

Deutsche Bahn (DB) continues to power its electrically operated trains with renewable energies. For this purpose, the technical possibilities and economic effects were investigated for the variants certifi cate trading, purchase of physically cleanly renewable energies and their passage to frequency converters, and 16.7 Hz direct generation and infeed.

The parallel conduct of 110 kV traction current overhead lines and 380 kV overhead lines on common transmission towers may lead in case of a contact between the systems to heavy damages and destructions of the 110 kV traction current network. Overvoltage arresters that are modified concerning their behaviour under electric arc discharges shall minimise the damages. Following a successful testing, the so-called sacrificial arresters shall be applied from 2016 in the high voltage network of DB Energie.

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