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Moscow, Russia

This first part of the review of the Chilean Brachyglutini is devoted to analyzing the taxonomic situation within the tribe and some taxonomic changes are proposed: 1. The subtribe Baradina nominally remains a part of Brachyglutini; 2. Based on the presence of median gular longitudinal elevation laterally delimited by a pair of sutures in Brachyglutina (apomorphy which characterizes the subtribe) the following genera are transferred to Brachyglutina: A) Mangalobythus Tanokuchi from Bythinini; b) Sogaella Jeannel from Iniocyphini; c) Arachis Raffray, Diroptrus Motschulsky, and Obricala Raffray from Brachyglutini incertae sedis (Newton & Chandler, 1989); and also Berlaraxis Jeannel and Araneabaxis Chandler are transferred from Brachyglutini to Iniocyphini subtribe Iniocyphina; 3. Based on the presence of two long, longitudinal lateral carinae on the metathorax the subtribe Pselaptina is reestablished (stat. resurr.). A preliminary diagnosis of Achilia Reitter is also given.

Sabella G.,Animale dellUniversita | Besuchet C.,Museum dHistoire Naturelle | Kurbatov S.A.,Davydkovskaya 4 2 104
Zootaxa | Year: 2011

Seven new species of Tychini are described: Tychus viti Besuchet sp. n. (dalmatinus group), T. sodalicius Kurbatov sp. n. (cilicicus group), T. latebrosus Besuchet sp. n. (judaeus group), T. spurius Sabella sp. n. (mutabilis group), T. grassator Sabella sp. n. (florentinus group), and T. altivagus Besuchet sp. n. (incertae sedis), all from Turkey, and Tainochus bastardus Kurbatov sp. n.from Japan, Yamanashi Pref. Tychus anser Sabella & Kurbatov, 2002 is assigned to Tychus mutabilis species group while Tychus coiffaiti Besuchet, 1958 is included in Tychus florentinus species group. New localities for Tychus meleagris Sabella & Kurbatov, 2002, T. anse r Sabella & Kurbatov, 2002, Tainochus minutus Nomura, 1996, T. iwaoi Nomura, 1996, and T. insulicola Nomura & Lee, 1992 are reported. Copyright © 2011 · Magnolia Press.

Brachat V.,Beethovenweg 19a | Kurbatov S.A.,Davydkovskaya 4 2 104
Revue Suisse de Zoologie | Year: 2012

Six new species of Tychus Leach, 1817 are described: T. triumphator Sabella sp. n. from Lesbos Island (Greece) and T. meybohmi Brachat sp. n. from central Turkey (dalmatinus group), T nothus Sabella sp. n. from central Turkey (lederi group), T. assingi Brachat sp. n. from Turkey (rhodopeus group), T. moecha Kurbatov sp. n. from Lesbos Island (Greece) (florentinus group), and T. sellarius Kurbatov sp. n. from Turkey (incertae sedis). The females of Tychus sodalicius Kurbatov, 2011, T. spurius Sabella, 2011 and T. grassator Sabella, 2011 are described for the first time and their antennae and genital plates are illustrated. The genital plates of T latebrosus Besuchet, 2011 and T altivagus Besuchet, 2011 are also illustrated for the first time. New localities are reported for T. latebrosus Besuchet, 2011, T. olor Sabella & Kurbatov, 2002 and T. balcanicus Reitter, 1902.

Sabella G.,DellUniversita | Besuchet C.,Museum dHistoire Naturelle | Kurbatov S.A.,Davydkovskaya 4 2 104
Zootaxa | Year: 2011

The species belonging to the Tychus algericus group are revised and the group is characterized. Four species are recognized, described and illustrated, and a key for identification is provided. One species is new to science: T. similis Besuchet, sp. n. from Algeria, while three taxa: T. algericus Guillebeau, 1893 from Tunisia and Algeria, T. depexus Peyerimhoff, 1905 from Algeria, and T. vaucheri Jeannel, 1956 from Morocco are redescribed and their affinities and geographic distribution discussed. The lectotype for Tychus depexus is here designated. Copyright © 2011, Magnolia Press.

Kurbatov S.A.,Davydkovskaya 4 2 104 | Cuccodoro G.,Museum dHistoire Naturelle
Zootaxa | Year: 2015

The Sumatran genus Neodeuterus is revised, and the two included species are synonymized (i.e., N. admirandus = N. alter syn. n.). In addition, Borneodeuterus gen. n. is erected to accommodate B. sannio sp. n. from Borneo. Copyright © 2015 Magnolia Press.

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