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Darfon Electronics Corporation | Date: 2015-05-14

A keyswitch includes a casing having a first magnetic area, a key cap, and a support device including first and second support members rotatably connected to the key cap and the base plate. The first support member has a receiving opening and a second magnetic area disposed within the receiving opening. When the key cap is not pressed, a magnetic attraction force between the first and second magnetic areas keeps the key cap at a non-pressed position. When the key cap is pressed by an external force, the key cap moves with the support device toward a pressed position. When the external force is removed, the second magnetic area moves toward the first magnetic area due to the magnetic attraction force such that the key cap moves with the support device from the pressed position toward the non-pressed position.

DARFON ELECTRONICS Corporation | Date: 2015-07-02

The keyswitch structure uses two linkages form as V-shaped to support a keycap when the keycap is moved up and down. A first linkage and a second linkage are coupled with each other and also coupled with a support on a base respectively in a line contacting way, thereby forming a first axis, a second axis, and a third axis. The third axis is located between the first axis and the second axis. As the keycap is pressed to move downward, the keycap brings the two linkages and the support of the base to have relative rotation movement. Due to the geometric feature between the three axes, part of the linkages between the axes or the support of the base may be caused to slightly deform to provide a resilient restoring force that can move the keycap upward to a position not being pressed.

Darfon Electronics Suzhou Co. and DARFON ELECTRONICS Corporation | Date: 2015-02-12

The invention provides an electronic device including a user operable device and a foldable cover flexibly connected to the user operable device and capable to cover a whole top of the user operable device. The foldable cover includes a plurality of sections and a plurality of foldable lines, so that the foldable cover can be folded along the plurality of foldable lines formed between different sections. The sections are connected through the flexible foldable lines to allow the adjacent sections foldable with respective to one another to make the foldable cover in a supporting state, so that a first fastening section and a second fastening section are releasably fastened together so as to fasten a first supporting section and a second supporting section, and a first attachment section and a second attachment section are placed flatly on a plane.

Darfon Electronics Corporation | Date: 2015-05-01

A method of manufacturing keycaps, each keycap having a top and a skirt, includes: providing a first jig having a plurality of positioning units; arranging correspondingly a plurality of keycaps onto the plurality of positioning units; attaching a first film including an ink layer and a first release layer to the plurality of keycaps by using an out-mold transfer technique, such that the first film covers respective upper surfaces of the tops and respective side surfaces of the skirts of keycaps; removing the first release film; laser-engraving the ink layer; and forming a protection layer on the laser-engraved ink layer. A keycap manufactured by the method of the present invention is also disclosed.

DARFON ELECTRONICS Corporation and Darfon Electronics Suzhou Co. | Date: 2015-01-15

A keyboard comprising a plurality of keys and a keyboard controller is disclosed. The keys contain a first key. The keyboard controller generates a first sensing value corresponding to the first key when the first key is pressed by a first force. The first sensing value is related to the magnitude of the first force and is compensated by a first compensation value corresponding to the first key to generate a first adjusted sensing value. If the first adjusted sensing value is higher than or equal to a current threshold, the keyboard controller determines that the first key is pressed and accordingly outputs a first key code corresponding to the first key.

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