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Yu C.,CAS Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics | Li H.-B.,CAS Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics | Li G.-W.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co. | Liu Y.-Q.,CAS Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2010

Initial stress field is the basis of the stability evaluation of underground engineering. In initial stress field analysis of Dalian underground oil storage cavern, based on site stress test data, a new method of inversion of initial stress field is proposed. Firstly, the relationship between initial stress field and elevation is established according to the analysis of measured stresses. Secondary, because the direction of principal stress and model coordinate axis do not coincide, the stress must be transformed. Finally, inversion of initial stress field is completed with functions using the Hoek-Brown rock mass strength criterion. The functions are defined with the programming language FISH embedded within FLAC3D. Through the comparison between calculated stresses and measured stresses, it is shown that the proposed method has higher inversion precision, smaller error and meets the needs of engineering, which reveals that it is a practical, simple and effective method.

Yu C.,CAS Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics | Li H.,CAS Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics | Zhou Q.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co.
Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering | Year: 2012

Aiming at analyses of surrounding rock stability of cavern group and seepage field characteristics at Dalian water-tight underground oil storage, firstly, based on regression analysis of in-situ stress testing data, initial in-situ stress field inversion is conducted with functions defined with program language Fish. Secondly, after three-dimensional random joint networks with different sizes are generated with 3DEC, a new method of calculating the anisotropy permeability is proposed. Finally, stress field and displacement field of surrounding rocks are gained using coupled fluid and mechanical excavation calculations. Based on point safety factor, whose criterion is the Mohr-Coulomb one with the tensile strength, cavern group stability is quantitatively evaluated considering parallel and vertical bedding planes owing to different materials characteristics. Referring to ideas from abroad, seepage field is analyzed by groundwater table and vertical hydraulic gradient, respectively. Results indicate that point safety factor is 1.95-2.00 for the materials in the direction perpendicular to bedding planes, while 1.02-1.25 in the direction parallel to bedding planes. With the artificial water curtain system comprised of water tunnels and holes, the groundwater drops 3-5 m during construction period, and the distance between groundwater table to cavern crown is 55 m. The average vertical hydraulic gradient is greater than 1.0 around the caverns, which meets the design specification and sealing requirement.

Jiang Y.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Jiang Y.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Ltd Company | Jiang Y.,Harbin University | Cai X.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Ltd Company | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Environmental Sciences | Year: 2010

The phenol and m-cresol biodegradations were studied using the mutant strain CTM 2 obtained by the He-Ne laser irradiation on wild-type Candida tropicalis. The results showed that C. tropicalis exhibited the increased capacity of phenolic compounds degradation after laser irradiation. It could degrade 2600 mg/L phenol and 300 mg/L m-cresol by 5% inoculum concentration, respectively. In the dual-substrate biodegradation system, 0-500 mg/L phenol could accelerate m-cresol biodegradation, and 300 mg/L m-cresol could be completely utilized within 46 hr at the presence of 350 mg/L phenol. Besides, the maximum biodegradation of m-cresol could reach 350 mg/L with 80 mg/L phenol within 61 hr. Obviously, phenol, as a growth substrate, could promote CTM 2 to degrade m-cresol, and was always preferentially utilized as carbon source. Comparatively, low-concentration m-cresol could result in a great inhibition on phenol degradation. In addition, the kinetic behaviors of cell growth and substrate biodegradation were described by kinetic model proposed in our laboratory. © 2010 The Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Liu G.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Company | Wang X.,Daqing Petrochemical Company
Shiyou Huagong/Petrochemical Technology | Year: 2014

The structure-activity relationship and hydration mechanism of ionic liquid Gemini imidazolium surfactant(ILGIS) aqueous solutions were studied using the topology system. The results showed that there was interaction between the hydrophobic alkyl tail chains of the surfactant molecules and the total electric charge of the polar groups, and the both increased remarkably with the increase of the length of linking groups. Under the condition of the water molecule number 1-3, ILGIS and water formed hydrate clusters with the ratio of ILGIS to water 1:1. As the water molecule number increased to 4 or 5, ring and cage hydrate clusters formed with the ratios 1:2 and 2:2. There were electrostatic repulsion among the aggregation of the hydrophobic groups due to the negative charge in the alkyl chain ends. As the surfactant concentration was low, the electrostatic repulsion in the system could be ignored. The influence of the electrostatic repulsion was enhanced with increasing the ILGIS concentration, which was unfavourable to the micellization.

An S.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Cui J.X.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Li L.Y.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co.
IET Intelligent Transport Systems | Year: 2011

This study reports on the tentative use of a multi-agent micro-simulation framework to address the issue of assessing commuter behaviour's day-to-day dynamics under pre-trip information. A Bayesian updating model is adopted to capture the reasoning mechanism by which commuters update their travel time perceptions from one day to the next in light of information and their previous experience. The population of commuters is represented as a community of autonomous agents, and travel demand results from the decision-making deliberation performed by each individual of the population as regards route and departure time. The reasoning mechanism of commuters is modelled by means of a Belief, Desire and Intention architecture, which has been a central theme in the multi-agent systems literature since the early 1990s. Each part of this architecture is specified by a multi-agent programming language named as AgentSpeak (L). A simple simulation scenario was devised using a combination of Jason (a multi-agent simulator) and Paramics (a traffic simulator). The simulation results show that the overall performance of the system is very likely affected by exogenous information and personal travel experiences; also, accurate information can greatly affect driver's switching activities and improve daily commuting conditions. Moreover, the combination of micro-simulation and agent-based modelling technique shows a great potential to represent more realistic and more complex driver's behaviour under intelligent transport system environment. © 2011 The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Sun C.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co Ltd | Wang R.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co Ltd
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

As the carrier of all kinds of study & engineering, the data as well as its quality have always been the focus concerned popularly. With the original source analysis as the beginning, the paper analyzes the relationship between the objective world and the data, as well as the sources of the scientific data uncertainty. Then the intrinsic property of the scientific data was also introduced, followed by the introduction of the relationship between data management and GIS(Geographic Information System). After that, several normal methods to evaluate & manage data were put forward, followed by a summary. And this would be interesting for deeply study of the related fields. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Sun G.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co | Li H.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2015

So far the centralized operation and maintenance monitoring for equipments is difficult to meet the needs in the applications of the enterprises which have complex business systems. This essay provides a business-oriented operation monitoring system that based on the technology of Keepalived and Inotify and the key process state judgment switch condition as well as triggered the synchronization process by changing the main file attribute to implement the redundant distributed monitoring mode. Integrated the business model into the logic relation of monitoring resources and treated the business view for analysis of system statements have been designed to improve the localization rate of alarming problems. The experimental results show that this system with a certain reference value for engineering application is characterized by its basic data acquisition which has low cost and small interference and meets the real-time monitoring for the complex business resources of the data center.

Sun G.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Li H.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Huang H.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2016

Purpose: The traditional K-means algorithm requires the K value, and it is sensitive to the initial clustering center. Different initial clustering centers often correspond to the different clustering results, and the K value is always required. Aiming at these shortcomings, the article proposes a method for getting the clustering center based on the density and max-min distance means. The selection of the clustering center and classification can be carried out simultaneously. Methodology: According to the densities of objects, the noise was eliminated and the densest object was selected as the first clustering center. The max-min distance method was used to search the other best cluster centers, at the same time, the cluster, which the object belongs to, was decided. Findings: Clustering results are related to the selection of parameters θ. If the sample distribution is unknown, only test method can be used through multiple test optimization. With prior knowledge for the selection of θ, it can be converged quickly. Therefore, θ should be optimized. Originality: This article proposes the new method based on the density to get the first initial clustering center, and then the new method based on the maximum and minimum value. The improved algorithm obtained through experimental analysis insures higher and stable accuracy. Practical value: The experiments showed that the algorithm allows for automatic obtaining of the k clustering centers and have a higher clustering accuracy in unknown datasets processing. © Guangbin Sun, Hongqi Li, Haiying Huang, 2016.

Ma L.-J.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co.
Petrochemical Equipment | Year: 2016

The comparison and analysis are made on the selection of the tower skirt material in the standard, and some suggestions were put forward.

Fang J.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Jia P.,China University of Petroleum - East China | Liu W.,Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co.
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science | Year: 2011

Using computational fluid dynamics method, dynamic mesh technology, and the dynamic equation of the moving elements, the performance of the reciprocating continuous wave generator is simulated. The influence of the non-Newtonian property of the drilling fluid on the pressure signal is analysed, and the results show that the influence of the non-Newtonian property on the pressure loss at the orifice is small due to the high Reynolds number. The influence of the motion pattern and the exciting frequency of the pilot valve on the dynamic performance of the generator is also analysed, and the results show that: the signal generated from the sinusoidal motion pattern of the pilot valve changes mildly, which is beneficial to the continuous wave generation; during the main poppet opening, the relief valve is at the position of minimum lift, which results in the slowly decreasing pressure, and the rate of signal generation is decreased. © 2011 Authors.

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