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Waterloo, Canada

Teledyne DALSA is a Canadian company specializing in the design and manufacture of specialized electronic imaging components as well as specialized semiconductor fabrication . Wikipedia.

The invention relates to a semiconductor device comprising: i) a substrate (

Dalsa | Date: 2011-08-26

A method of sealing a package includes plating a perimeter of a hole formed in a package and attaching a solder film to the plated perimeter, the solder film covering the hole. The method further includes assembling a device in the package and sealing the package to define an interior and an outside, the device being contained within the interior. Next, the method includes heating the assembled package in a vacuum oven to a predetermined temperature where the solder film bonds to the plated perimeter, evacuating the vacuum oven to form a vacuum until the solder film fractures as a gas contained in the interior escapes to the outside, and further heating the assembled package in the vacuum oven after the gas in the interior escapes to the outside and until the solder film re-melts and seals over the hole.

Dalsa | Date: 2011-07-25

An assembly includes a first packaged device that contains a first image sensor having first fiducial marks thereon. On a portion of the first packaged device at a predetermined location relative to the first fiducial marks is adhesive, and a first connection body is fixed within the adhesive and registered at the predetermined location relative to the first fiducial marks. The first connection body is mated into the first counter hole formed in a plate at a predetermined location.

Dalsa | Date: 2012-10-01

An infrared imaging device that groups two or more active radiation detectors with at least one shielded radiation detector for cancelling the self-heating effect from the active radiation detectors is disclosed. A power supply is coupled to the group containing active and at least one shielded radiation detector to provide power to the group synchronously so that the active and shielded radiation detectors will be subjected to the same self-heating effect. A readout module subtracts a reference signal received from the shielded radiation detectors from each of the active signals received from each of the active radiation detectors. The infrared imaging device can have one or more shielded radiation detectors for each row of active radiation detectors in an infrared imaging array.

Dalsa | Date: 2012-09-26

An improved complementary metal oxide semiconductor image sensor for time delay and integration imaging is provided that utilizes rolling shutter pixels. Columns of rolling shutter pixels in the CMOS image array are provided with a space between adjacent pixels to provide synchronization with movement of the subject in the along track direction. Preferably, the physical offset between the pixels is 1/Nth of a pixel pitch for a column having N rows.

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