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Dalian University of Foreign Languages is a provincial university in Dalian, Liaoning, China. Formerly known as Dalian School of Japanese Language, it was founded in 1964 with the gracious attention of late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. It aimed at training foreign affairs officials, Japanese translators and Japanese interpreters. It is now under the administration of the Education Commission of Liaoning Province. Through 40 years of development, DLUFL has fledged into a multi-disciplinary foreign language university which also offers programs in other fields like arts, economics, management, engineering and law. Wikipedia.

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Gao Q.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages | Zhang S.,Dalian Medical University
Algorithms | Year: 2016

This paper proposes moving mesh strategies for the moving mesh methods when solving the nonlinear time dependent partial differential equations (PDEs). Firstly we analyse Huang's moving mesh PDEs (MMPDEs) and observe that, after Euler discretion they could be taken as one step of the root searching iteration methods. We improve Huang's MMPDE by adding one Lagrange speed term. The proposed moving mesh PDE could draw the mesh to equidistribution quickly and stably. The numerical algorithm for the coupled system of the original PDE and the moving mesh equation is proposed and the computational experiments are given to illustrate the validity of the new method. © 2016 by the authors.

Che L.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages | Hwang C.J.,Texas State University | Ni C.,Tsinghua University | Jin B.,Dalian University of Technology
Journal of Convergence Information Technology | Year: 2012

Currently, internet is facing serious challenges from bad behavior and information. The core problem of network management has been changed from service management to behavior management. Traditional passive defense cannot solve the complex problems of management. In this paper, we proposed a credit scoring model for network management using the SVM distance. The experiment and the prototype system are designed to validate our approach.

Lu R.,Liaoning Police College Academy | Li L.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages
Xitong Fangzhen Xuebao / Journal of System Simulation | Year: 2016

Considering the scheduling model and schedulibility for single-arm cluster tools with wafer residency time constraints, a mixed- integer linear programming model with both single-arm and temporal constraints for processing module was constructed. The rationality of equivalent processing time for concurrency module was theoretically proved. Based on this, the periodic wafer processing and transportation procedure for both single-arm and processing module was analyzed. Meanwhile, the schedulibility conditions for cluster tools were proved. The simulation experiments were carried out to test the model and schedulable conditions, and the results reveal the validity and feasibility of the presented model. © 2016, The Editorial Board of Journal of System Simulation. All right reserved.

Zhang L.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages
2011 International Conference on Multimedia Technology, ICMT 2011 | Year: 2011

Dynamic stream rate of continuous queries, real-time deadline and important value in high critical data stream application is considered in this paper. Firstly, current time stamp, deadline and value are all taken into account in defining a new priority of query operator here. Based on this priority, a value and relative deadline jointly based query scheduling algorithm in different stream rate is proposes. The experimental results indicate that the algorithm raises the hit value radio (HVR) and the success ratio continuous query scheduling. © 2011 IEEE.

Hu J.,CAS Shenyang Institute of Automation | Li L.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages
2015 IEEE International Conference on Cyber Technology in Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems, IEEE-CYBER 2015 | Year: 2015

In semiconductor manufacturing, the throughout analysis and robot action sequence are crucial for multi-cluster tools scheduling problems. This paper studies a general robot scheduling problem for multi-cluster tools with the single-arm robot and buffer process modules. Firstly, the scheduling model with constraints of processing module and robots transport is addressed. Secondly, the lower bound of cycle time is theoretically proved. And based on decomposition idea, the heuristic scheduling method, which produces robot action sequence by virtue of random processing time and cycle time, is proposed. Finally, the superiority of the proposed method is proved simulation results. © 2015 IEEE.

Cao H.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages
2nd International Workshop on Education Technology and Computer Science, ETCS 2010 | Year: 2010

There is no doubt that advanced mathematics plays an important role in computer-related professional teaching. Traditional advanced mathematics teaching trains a logical ideation of students in a good way; however, students are not able to experience it because of the non-convergence between teaching content and profession, and this reduces the enthusiasm of students. Therefore, with the requirements of computer science for the algorithm, some examples of how algorithms infiltrated into the mathematics course are given in order to let students learn something useful in the process. © 2010 IEEE.

Lou O.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages
Jisuanji Yanjiu yu Fazhan/Computer Research and Development | Year: 2010

Image watermarking resistant to geometrical attacks is the hotspot and challenging task in the state-of-the-art research on watermarking. Even an invisible affine transformation can invalidate most existing watermarking algorithms. This the authors analyse and discuss the characteristic of contourlet transform and Harris-Affine detector, and on this basis, propose a novel contourlet-domain watermarking algorithm against geometric attacks based on the affine-invariant feature points and characteristics of regions. First, the proposed scheme uses contourlet transform to extract multidirectional and multiscale texture information, and then obtains the feature points invariant to the affine transformation from the low and middle directional subbands by Harris-Affine detector. Second, the feature regions are adaptively computed by the feature scale of the local structure and normalized by U transform. The watermarking is emdedded adaptively in those characteristic regions which are normalized. Finally, by vector quantization, several copies of the watermark are embedded into the no overlapped local feature regions in different directional subbands. During detection, the resynchronization is achieved through feature points. And the embedded sequence can be extracted by "majority principles" without resorting to the original host image. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm has good transparency and is very robust to common image processing and geometric attacks.

Jia X.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages | Sun Q.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages | Gao Y.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages
Energy Procedia | Year: 2011

Nowadays,the international community has been trying to get rid of the financial crisis, but further deteriorate the environmental crisis. China also got caught up into environmental crisis, currency crisis, food and water resource crisis and ecological environment protection system crisis with the rapid development of the economy, How to break through from these crises and eliminate numerous obstacles on the way to the development of green economy, we need to design the strategy and propel our country toward ecological civilization. © 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Wan L.,Liaoning Normal University | Zhang C.,Liaoning Normal University | Xing Y.,Liaoning Normal University | Li Z.,University of Queensland | And 3 more authors.
Inorganic Chemistry | Year: 2012

A series of novel bis-pyrazole/pyridine complexes, [Zn 2(HL 1) 2(μ 2-SO 4)] 2· EtOH·H 2O (1), [Co 2(HL 1) 2(μ 2-SO 4)] 2·2DMF· 6H 2O (2), [Zn 4(HL 1) 4(μ 4-SO 4)][OH] 2 (3), [Zn 2(HL 2) 2(μ 2-SO 4)] ·2H 2O (4), [Zn(H 2L 2)(H 2O) 2](SO 4)·0.87H 2O (5) (H 2L 1 = 2,6-di-(5-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-3-yl)pyridine, H 2L 2 = 2,6-di-(5-methyl-1H-pyrazol-3-yl)pyridine), were synthesized hydrothermally from the self-assembly of Zn(II) or Co(II) with different types of bipyrazolyl/pyridine derivative ligands. All the complexes were characterized by elemental analysis, IR and UV-vis spectroscopy, powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD), and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Structural analyses revealed that metal atoms (Zn and Co) in complexes 1-5 are five-coordination modes, forming slightly distorted trigonal bipyramidal geometries. In complexes 1-3, H 2L 1 ligand connected the two metal centers via the tetradentate fashion, and the same form of connection was found in complex 4 with H 2L 2 ligand. While in complex 5, H 2L 2 only connected with one metal center via the tridentate fashion, which was different from those in complexes 1-4. Additionally, there are abundant hydrogen bonding interactions in complexes 1-4. Interestingly, for hydrogen bonding connecting fashions being different, the molecules for the complexes 1 and 4 are held together by the hydrogen bond to form a 1D supramolecular structure, whereas complexes 2 and 3 are a hydrogen bonded dimer. In addition, quantum chemical calculations for 1, 3, and 4, thermal behaviors and photoluminescent properties for 1 and 3-5 were performed and discussed in detail. In the mean time, we found that these complexes had potential catalytic activity for the oxidation reaction of cyclohexane. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Tao Y.P.,Dalian University of Foreign Languages
2011 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Communication Software and Networks, ICCSN 2011 | Year: 2011

This paper described the working principle and system components of RFID technology. And makes an objective comparison of the now popular two-dimensional bar code industry and RFID, brings out the specific problems during its development. On this basis, comparing with home and abroad, analysis the development of e-commerce and put forward the view about development of RFID in the future. © 2011 IEEE.

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