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Dalian, China

Dalian University is a university in Dalian, Liaoning, China under the provincial government. Wikipedia.

Based on fuzzy decision theory, multi objective fuzzy optimization is done for three dynamic model scheme of self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridge. Combining the fuzzy decision method with engineering practice and using two comparison theory solves the problem of quantifying the qualitative indexes. Comparison results show that it is more reasonable to place viscous dampers between main tower and girder, with longitudinal displacement on mid-span of girder on the same time. This method can provide a reference for structure selection in practical conceptual design phase. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Niu Y.-J.,Dalian University | Wang X.-Y.,Dalian University of Technology
Nonlinear Dynamics | Year: 2013

This paper is concerned with the stabilization problem for a class of uncertain chaotic systems. Based on a set of linguistic rules, a novel variable universe fuzzy sliding-mode control approach is designed to improve the robustness and the stability of system. Based on Lyapunov stability theory, the overall closed-loop system is shown to be stable. The designed controller not only can control the uncertain chaotic system to a desired state, but also the control action is smooth without chattering. Simulation examples are presented to further illustrate the advantage of the proposed method. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.

Objective: To observe the efficacy of Dahuang Fuzi decoction in patients with severe acute pancreatitis (SAP), and to provide valuable medical evidences for a treatment of SAP with combined traditional Chinese and western medicine. Methods: A prospective, multi-center, randomized, controlled clinical trial was designed. Two hundred and six adult patients with SAP admitted to intensive care unit (ICU) in three tertiary university teaching hospitals in Dalian from January 2007 to February 2010 were randomly divided into two groups: soapsuds enema control group (control group, n = 101) and Dahuang Fuzi decoction enema study group (study group, n = 105). The levels of serum amylase, albumin (Alb), D-lactic acid, endotoxin and diamine oxidase (DAO), high-sensitive C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), immunoglobulin (IgG, IgA, IgM), complements (C3, C4), tumour necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), interleukins (IL-6, IL-8) were determined before and after treatment for 2, 4, 7 days. The bowel sound, gastrointestinal function score, the acute physiology and chronic health evaluation I (APACHE I ) score and the length of mechanical ventilation (MV), the length of stay in ICU, the mortality rate and average hospital expenses within 28 days were compared. Results: Compared with control group, in the study group the levels of serum amylase, DAO, D-lactic acid and endotoxin were lowered, the Alb was increased, the levels of TNF-α, IL-6, IL-8, hs-CRP were decreased, the function of body immunity was enhanced, intestinal peristalsis was enhanced, gastrointestinal function score and APACHE I score were improved, the length of MV was reduced, the length of stay in ICU was diminished, the 28-day mortality and average hospital expenses were lowered [4 days amylase (U/L): 357.35 ± 137.54 vs. 492.95 ± 189.42, 2 days DAO (kU/L): 5.20 ± 0.59 vs. 5.45 ± 0.72, 4 days D-lactic acid (μmol/L): 3.31±0.48 vs. 4.15 ± 0.55, 2 days endotoxin (kEU/L): 0.29±0.11 vs. 0.34±0.14, 4 days Alb (g/L): 34.75±3.56 vs. 32.53±3.44, 2 days TNF-α (ng/L): 3.08±0.45 vs. 3.36±1.11, 2 days IL-6 (ng/L): 298.54±67.82 vs. 313.56±73.91, 4 days IL-8 (ng/L): 30.48±8.56 vs. 45.16±10.81, 2 days hs-CRP (mg/L): 32.56±11.83 vs. 40.42± 15.10, 4 days IgG (g/L): 7.05±2.56 vs. 9.53±2.94, 2 days IgA (mg/L): 1 600±170 vs. 1 400±140, 4 days IgM (mg/L): 1 310±280 vs. 1 650±290, 4 days C3 (g/L): 1.11±0.09 vs. 1.50±0.15, 4 days C4 (g/L): 0.32±0.11 vs. 0.41±0.10, 2 days bowel sound (times/min): 1.26±0.45 vs. 1.15±0.41, 2 days gastrointestinal function score: 2.24±0.98 vs. 2.42±1.05, 4 days APACHE I score, 16.4±6.8 vs. 20.1±7.1, the length of MV (days): 6.5±3.1 vs. 10.1±4.6, the length of stay in ICU (days): 11.3±6.3 vs. 13.8±7.5, mortality, 8.6% vs. 16.8%, average hospital expenses (yuan): 72 thousands vs. 86 thousands, P<0.05 or P<0.01]. Conclusion: Dahuang Fuzi decoction may enhance the intestinal peristalsis, protect the gastrointestinal barrier function, reduce the bacteria and endotoxin translocation and the releasing of inflammation mediators, protect the function of body immunity, reduce the length of MV, the length of stay in ICU, and lower the 28-day mortality and average hospital expenses, and it can improve the prognosis of patients with SAP.

Li L.,Dalian University
Signal, Image and Video Processing | Year: 2015

This paper presents a novel method for joint parameter estimation of multiple targets for bistatic multiple-input multiple-output radar system in impulsive noise. Firstly, a new signal array model is constructed according to a 3-D motion characteristics of target in impulsive noise environment. Secondly, Doppler frequency parameters are jointly estimated by peak searching of a fractional lower-order ambiguity function based on fractional Fourier transform (FLOS-FAF) and a dechirping method. Furthermore, two modified algorithms are proposed for the estimation of direction-of-departure and direction-of-arrival, including the MUSIC algorithm based on the fractional lower-order ambiguity function (FF-MUSIC) and the ESPRIT algorithm based on the fractional lower-order ambiguity function (FF-ESPRIT) in the fractional Fourier transform domain. Simulation results are presented to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method. © 2014, Springer-Verlag London.

OBJECTIVE: This paper aimed to assess the physiological effects of p53 on glucose homeostasis in vivo. METHODS: A recombinant adenoviral p53 (rAd-p53) vector was administered to insulin-resistant diabetic mice. Intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test was performed in all groups of mice. Changes in fasting blood glucose, serum triglycerides, C-peptide, and insulin concentrations in treated and untreated mice were measured. Analyses of the target genes related to glucose metabolism were performed. RESULTS: Treatment with the rAd-p53 improved glucose control in a dose- and time-dependent manner and lowered significantly the fasting blood glucose, the serum triglycerides, and improved tolerance test of glucose as compared to control. Lowered blood glucose was associated with up-regulation of genes in the glycogenesis pathways, and down-regulation of genes in the gluconeogenesis pathways in the liver. Overexpressions of GLUT2, GK, PPAR-γ, and insulin receptor precursor were also observed in the liver and the pancreas of treated animals. CONCLUSIONS: Activation of p53-mediated glucose metabolism led to insulin-like antidiabetic effect in the mouse model especially by changing hepatic insulin sensitivity in the diabetic mouse model. Copyright © 2016 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.

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