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Deng L.-Q.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy | Wu J.-X.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy | Shan Y.-J.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy
2016 1st IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication and the Internet, ICCCI 2016 | Year: 2016

Traditional training of communication network has many problems such as single means, old method, and formal machine. Aiming at this problem, a distributed communication network simulation training system is designed from architecture and function. The system relies on HLA architecture, supports real-time communication channel simulation, network simulation, electromagnetic simulation and geographic information. The simulation results of communication equipment and communication network are given based on VRNET modeling mechanism. © 2016 IEEE.

Ye F.,Harbin Engineering University | Zhang X.,Harbin Engineering University | Li Y.,Harbin Engineering University | Tang C.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy
Symmetry | Year: 2017

Cognitive radio (CR) has become a tempting technology that achieves significant improvement in spectrum utilization. To resolve the hidden terminal problem, collaborative spectrum sensing (CSS), which profits from spatial diversity, has been studied intensively in recent years. As CSS is vulnerable to the attacks launched by malicious secondary users (SUs), certain CSS security schemes based on the Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence have been proposed. Nevertheless, the available works only focus on the real-time difference of SUs, like the difference in similarity degree or SNR, to evaluate the credibility of each SU. Since the real-time difference is unilateral and sometimes inexact, the statistical information comprised in SUs' historical behaviors should not be ignored. In this paper, we propose a robust CSS method based on evidence theory and credibility calculation. It is executed in four consecutive procedures, which are basic probability assignment (BPA), holistic credibility calculation, option and amelioration of BPA and evidence combination via the Dempster-Shafer rule, respectively. Our scheme evaluates the holistic credibility of SUs from both the real-time difference and statistical sensing behavior of SUs. Moreover, considering that the transmitted data increase with the number of SUs increasing, we introduce the projection approximation approach to adjust the evidence theory to the binary hypothesis test in CSS; on this account, both the data volume to be transmitted and the workload at the data fusion center have been reduced. Malicious SUs can be distinguished from genuine ones based on their historical sensing behaviors, and SUs' real-time difference can be reserved to acquire a superior current performance. Abounding simulation results have proven that the proposed method outperforms the existing ones under the effect of different attack modes and different numbers of malicious SUs. © 2017 by the authors.

Jiang L.,Nanjing University of Science and Technology | Jiang L.,Nanyang Technological University | Zhang W.,Nanjing University of Science and Technology | Yuan H.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy | Li X.,Nanjing University of Science and Technology
Optics Express | Year: 2016

We report a super-resolution strategy based on pure/hybrid nanoscale solid immersion lenses (n-SILs) under dark-field illumination. Dependences of the focusing performance of pure n-SILs on different diameters, locations, and substrates are investigated. Simulation results demonstrate a higher resolution (up to a 22.8% improvement) of pure n-SILs under dark-field illumination than convergent plane wave illumination. A hybrid n-SIL with a higher-index nanorod embedded into the n-SIL is proposed. Under dark-field illumination, the hybrid n-SIL can generate a near-field focal spot with a much higher resolution (∼λ/8) that is beyond the Abbe diffraction limit in the nanorod. These results have potential applications in data storage, near-field mapping and spectra, and nanoscale lithography. © 2016 Optical Society of America.

Liu Y.,Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Sciences and Technology | Liu Y.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy | Zhong X.,Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Sciences and Technology | Wang J.,Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Sciences and Technology
2016 23rd International Conference on Telecommunications, ICT 2016 | Year: 2016

In the multiuser cooperative communication, a core problem is how to efficiently find an appropriate cooperative relay node with lower power consumption and minimal payment when the number of relay nodes is large. This is referred to as optimal relay selection problem, which characterize the desired tradeoff between the probing cost for establishing cooperative transmission and the reward via the cooperative diversity. In this paper, we establish optimal strategies for the homogenous relay node and heterogenous relay node by using optimal stopping theory with a finite horizon. Furthermore, for the homogenous and heterogenous case, the optimal strategies exhibit a pure SNR threshold structure and reward threshold structure, respectively. Therefore, they are simple to be implemented. Theoretical analysis and numerical results indicate that the proposed optimal relay selection strategies can reduce the number of probing candidate relays and improve the transmission rate with lower energy consumption and minimal payment. © 2016 IEEE.

Liu Y.,LIAONING Technical University | Zhang X.,Jilin University | Liu D.,Dalian Ocean University | Zhiqiang H.,Dalian airforce communication NCO academy
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

The TDOA localization algorithm for wireless sensor networks can help us measure thetime differences of an unknown node to more anchor nodes, which establish nonlinear equation ofthe differential distance between unknown node and anchor node. Newton iteration is the crucialmethod for nonlinear equation numerical solutions, so using the Newton iterative method can betterachieve nonlinear optimization in TDOA location. The simulation results indicate that the algorithmcan meet the requirement of localization and possesses the preferable localization precision. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Yin X.,PLA Air Force Aviation University | Liu Y.,PLA Air Force Aviation University | Fang Y.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy
Proceedings - 2014 IEEE Workshop on Advanced Research and Technology in Industry Applications, WARTIA 2014 | Year: 2014

Problem of intranet security is almost birth with network interconnection, especially when the demand for network interconnection is booming throughout the world. The traditional technology can't guarantee the access terminals to its safe and reliable. In view of this, this paper introduces the trustworthiness evaluation technology in trusted computing. The collection and management model is established to deal with the evidences. Through analysing access terminals' own environment and behavior this paper puts forward a model of trust evaluation of tree type, and focuses on the analysis of decision attributes in the model. The model uses multi dimension attributes to determine the trusted access. Finally, the assessment model is analyzed and validated through a simulation experiment, and the results show that the evaluation model is feasible and effectiveness. © 2014 IEEE.

Zheng J.-J.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy | Lin J.-L.,Xihua University | Zhu W.-L.,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Dianzi Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China | Year: 2011

Time domain synchronous-orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (TDS-OFDM) system makes used of PN sequence as guard interval, which is used as channel estimation. Because PN serial correlation is not ideal δ function, extra error has been inducted. A channel equalization method suitable for OFDM system is propose in the paper. Cepstral technique is employed in the method to attain the channel equalization. The simulation results indicate that this method has perfect equalization effect.

Hao X.N.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy | Wang X.M.,Dalian University of Technology | Deng L.Q.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

In view of practical applications, it is a high priority to optimize the efficiency of methods for secure multi-party computations. A classic problem is described as following: there are two secrets, α and β, shared among n players using Shamir (t+1,n)-threshold secret sharing scheme, and how to make their product αβshared among n players using the same way. The protocol of Gennaro, Rabin and Rabin (1998) is a well known and efficient protocol for this purpose. It requires one round of communication and O(n2k log2 n+nk2)bit-operations per player, where k is the bit size of the computing field and n is the number of players. In a previous paper(2007), the author presented a modification of this protocol, which reduced its complexity to O(n2k+nk2). In 2009, Peter Lory reduced its complexity to O(n2k). A new protocol is presented in our paper, which reduces this complexity further to O(nklog2k). It is better than Gennaro protocol unconditionally. And as to Peter Lory protocol, the reduction is profitable in situation where log2k is smaller than n. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Yu Y.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy | Yuan H.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy | Fan F.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

How to allocate the numbers of transmitted bits to the sub carriers in OFDM system is studied in this article. Among all the bit loading algorithms, three classic bit loading algorithms are investigated, the Greedy algorithm is mostly analyzed, the performance of the three algorithms are also analyzed by simulation and some improved methods are proposed. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Xia M.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy | He F.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy | Jiang W.,Dalian Airforce Communication NCO Academy
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

Atmosphere laser communication, as a very good wireless communication method, has been studied by so many people theoretically and experimentally since the invention of laser. In the atmosphere laser communication system the effect of different weather conditions to the transmission was different, there was no theoretical formula of the effect of rainfall to laser communication and only the empirical formula could be achieved by plenty of observations. Since the parameters of empirical formula from different literatures were different, in this article rainfall attenuation was simulated according to the empirical formula under different parameters and the results differed. It was proved that the conditions to the empirical formula could not be incarnated in the formula itself, large numbers of tests were needed to make sure that the parameters were confirmed. In this article rain attenuation under normal weather conditions was presented with some familiar parameters. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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