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Glostrup, Denmark

Dako Denmark | Date: 2015-10-14

An apparatus (

A sample processing system that may be automated and methods are disclosed where samples are arranged on a carrier element and a process operation control system automatically processes the samples perhaps robotically with an operationally-influential exteriorly-consequential information monitor or a data capture element. Significant process details as well as operationally-influential exteriorly-consequential information may be monitored and an automatic notice element may cause notification of a person at some display that may be remote. Various people may be notified, such as an administrator, a supplier, or a manufacturer of an opportunity for some action such as reagent reordering or the like. A simulated motion display may be included to watch simulated operation in real time or long after completion of the actual processing.

Dako Denmark | Date: 2015-08-04

Methods and systems for image scoring and analysis are provided. Scored and analyzed images may include digital pathology images. Image scoring and analysis methods may include techniques to identify nuclei and determine membrane staining extent through the use of a priori models. Image scoring and analysis methods may include techniques for membrane intensity determination. Images may be scored based on an extent of membrane staining and membrane intensity.

Dako Denmark | Date: 2014-10-01

An apparatus for processing a biological sample is provided. The biological sample being arranged on a first planar surface of a carrier, the apparatus having a second planar surface arranged substantially parallel to said first planar surface and at a first distance from said first planar surface. The first planar surface and said second planar surface are arranged at an angle (A) greater than zero degree from the horizontal plane (HP). The apparatus having a supply for supplying an amount of a liquid that is to be applied to said biological sample. The first planar surface and said second planar surface are configured to be arranged at a second distance from each other, said second distance being such that said supplied amount of liquid is distributed over said biological sample when said first planar surface and said second planar surface are brought to said second distance from each other.

Dako Denmark | Date: 2015-04-22

The present invention relates to a composition comprising at least three primary antibodies or fragments thereof, wherein the at least three antibodies or fragments thereof binds specifically to at least three different proteins, and wherein the at least three different proteins are AMCAR, CK 5/6, and HMWC. Methods for using the composition in diagnosis, prognosis, and assessing efficacy of treatment is further included as well as kits comprising said composition, and optionally, instructions of its use.

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