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Nakagawa M.,Daiwahouse Industry Co. | Isoda H.,Kyoto University | Kawai N.,Kogakuin University | Koshihara M.,University of Tokyo | Araki Y.,Japan Building Research Institute
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering | Year: 2014

The horizontal composite structure consisting of reinforced concrete and timber frame was tested at full scale shaking table tests in parameters of specification of the floor and number of stories. After BCJ wave of maximum acceleration 350gal, no damage appeared in these structures with high eccentricity. The shear force of timber was reduced in both specimens of the timber floor and the RC slab. By comparison with test results, the design method that the shear force produced in timber frames is transmitted to the reinforced concrete shear wall was safety. As described in this study, it was confirmed through shaking tests that the method for building with high eccentricity can be designed with structural safety.

Sanda S.,Nara Institute of Science and Technology | Sanda S.,Japan Tobacco Inc. | Yoshida K.,Nara Institute of Science and Technology | Yoshida K.,Daiwahouse Industry Co. | And 6 more authors.
Physiologia Plantarum | Year: 2011

In plants, drought stress coupled with high levels of illumination causes not only dehydration of tissues, but also oxidative damage resulting from excess absorbed light energy. In this study, we analyzed the regulation of electron transport under drought/high-light stress conditions in wild watermelon, a xerophyte that shows strong resistance to this type of stress. Under drought/high-light conditions that completely suppressed CO 2 fixation, the linear electron flow was diminished between photosystem (PS) II and PS I, there was no photoinhibitory damage to PS II and PS I and no decrease in the abundance of the two PSs. Proteome analyses revealed changes in the abundance of protein spots representing the Rieske-type iron-sulfur protein (ISP) and I and K subunits of NAD(P)H dehydrogenase in response to drought stress. Two-dimensional electrophoresis and immunoblot analyses revealed new ISP protein spots with more acidic isoelectric points in plants under drought stress. Our findings suggest that the modified ISPs depress the linear electron transport activity under stress conditions to protect PS I from photoinhibition. The qualitative changes in photosynthetic proteins may switch the photosynthetic electron transport from normal photosynthesis mode to stress-tolerance mode. © Physiologia Plantarum 2011.

Akashi K.,Nara Institute of Science and Technology | Yoshida K.,Nara Institute of Science and Technology | Yoshida K.,Daiwahouse Industry Co. | Kuwano M.,Nara Institute of Science and Technology | And 7 more authors.
Planta | Year: 2011

Wild watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is a xerophyte native to the Kalahari Desert, Africa. To better understand the molecular mechanisms of drought resistance in this plant, we examined changes in the proteome in response to water deficit. Wild watermelon leaves showed decreased transpiration and a concomitant increase in leaf temperature under water deficit conditions. Comparison of the proteome of stressed plants with that of unstressed plants by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis revealed that the intensity of 40 spots increased in response to the stress, and the intensity of 11 spots decreased. We positively identified 23 stress-induced and 6 stress-repressed proteins by mass spectrometry and database analyses. Interestingly, 15 out of the 23 up-regulated proteins (65% of annotated up-regulated proteins) were heat shock proteins (HSPs). Especially, 10 out of 15 up-regulated HSPs belonged to the small heat shock protein (sHSP) family. Other stress-induced proteins included those related to antioxidative defense and carbohydrate metabolism. Fifteen distinct cDNA sequences encoding the sHSP were characterized from wild watermelon. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis of the representative sHSP genes revealed strong transcriptional up-regulation in the leaves under water deficit. Moreover, immunoblot analysis confirmed that protein abundance of sHSPs was massively increased under water deficit. Overall, these observations suggest that the defense response of wild watermelon may involve orchestrated regulation of a diverse array of functional proteins related to cellular defense and metabolism, of which HSPs may play a pivotal role on the protection of the plant under water deficit in the presence of strong light. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.

Satou T.,Tobishima Corporation | Kasai K.,Tokyo Institute of Technology | Kubota M.,Tobishima Corporation | Yamashita T.,Dynamic Control Design Office | And 11 more authors.
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design | Year: 2013

Seismic reinforcement by Passive Control System is dynamic design, it's a performance evaluation of buildings due to drift angle. That is why, it is difficult to evaluate with current seismic index of Structure. In this paper, we propose a method for calculating the conversion index that to evaluate the dynamic performance. In addition, considering the correction factor the converted seismic index of Structure. Then, we discuss the relationship between level and the conversion index affected.

Ito S.,Daiwahouse Industry Co. | Yamashita T.,Kozo Keikaku Eng. Inc. | Shirayama A.,General Building Research Corporation of Japan | Baba K.,Kwansei Gakuin University | Miyamoto Y.,Osaka University
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering | Year: 2011

In this paper, seismic response characteristics of high ductile structures with embedded foundation surrounding soil ground are evaluated. First, transfer functions of embedded foundation considering the time delay components are proposed based on Dynamic Ground Compliance and Novak method. Next, seismic responses of equivalent single degree of freedom systems using proposed transfer function are calculated by the difference of the first natural period and the ductile level of upper structure. Response measurement focuses on the story shear force, the displacement, the energy absorption by hysteretic for upper structures and radiation damping for soil ground. As a result, it is clarified that the tendency to the embedded depth in the characteristics of each response. The effects of the radiation damping are confirmed in the high ductile structures as well as usual structures, especially, the phenomena are effective when the small displacement amplitude on time history response analysis.

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