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Daikin Industries, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational air conditioner manufacturing company headquartered in Osaka. It has operations in Japan, China, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.Daikin codeveloped a R-410A refrigerant with Carrier and is an innovator in the Split System Air Conditioning Market, and is the inventor of Variable Refrigerant Flow air conditioning systems . Wikipedia.

Daikin and Daikin Industries Ltd | Date: 2011-12-06

A heating system includes a flow circuit carrying working fluid at a set flow temperature to a heat emitting section, an electricity driven heat pump having a first heat exchanger, and a fuel fired boiler having a second heat exchanger. The first and second heat exchangers arc connected to the flow circuit to heat the working fluid in succession. A coefficient of performance (COP

Daikin | Date: 2013-06-19

A rotary compressor includes a casing, an electric motor, a compression mechanism and a balance weight mechanism. The electric motor includes a stator fixed to the casing, and a rotor. The compression mechanism is connected to the electric motor via a drive shaft The balance weight mechanism is configured to cause centrifugal force to act on the drive shaft. The rotor includes a rotor core including a plurality of stacked electromagnetic steel sheets, and a rivet configured to clamp the rotor core at axial ends of the rotor core. The balance weight mechanism includes an insertion portion into which drive shaft is press fit, and a fiat portion forming a flat surface at an axial end of the drive shaft. The balance weight mechanism is disposed at an axial end portion of the rotor to cover a head of the rivet.

Daikin and Daikin Industries Ltd | Date: 2013-12-11

A dehumidification system for a dry clean room includes: a dry chamber supplied with air having a lower humidity than air in the dry clean room; a main dehumidification unit which supplies air to the dry clean room; and a terminal dehumidification unit which processes the air to be supplied from the dry clean room to the dry chamber, thus achieving energy saving and cost reduction for the dehumidification system for the dry clean room.

Daikin Industries Ltd and Daikin | Date: 2012-09-28

A dehumidification system includes a first dehumidification unit having an outdoor air cooling heat exchanger, a second dehumidification unit using two adsorption heat exchangers such that an air passage is switched, and a third dehumidification unit having an adsorption rotor. Low-temperature low-humidity air cooled and dehumidified in the second dehumidification unit is supplied to the third dehumidification unit to reduce energy for recovery of the third dehumidification unit and to realize energy conservation in the dehumidification system and reduction in cost of the dehumidification system.

Daikin Industries Ltd and Daikin | Date: 2014-03-14

A refrigerating apparatus includes a centrifugal compressor, suction and discharge capacity control mechanisms that control capacity of the compressor by changing opening degrees of the suction and discharge capacity control mechanisms, and a controller that compares a compressor-specific surge curve with an isentropic head to perform rotational speed control of the compressor, rotational speed adjustment control of the compressor in order to avoid surge, and emergency shutdown control of the compressor upon detection of surge. The compressor-specific surge curve is stored in the controller in advance, and is defined by an actual rotational speed of the compressor and opening degrees of the suction and discharge capacity control mechanisms. The isentropic head is calculated based on a suction pressure, a discharge pressure, and a suction temperature during operation.

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