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Osaka, Japan

Daihen Corporation | Date: 2015-03-27

A conveying apparatus includes a guide mechanism and a moving body guided by the guide mechanism. The moving body includes a first support, a second support and a holding portion. The first support has a first engagement portion engaged with the guide mechanism. The first support, supported by the guide mechanism, is movable in a first direction. The second support has a second engagement portion engaged with the guide mechanism. The second support, supported by the guide mechanism, is movable in the first direction. The holding portion, supported by the first and the second supports, holds a workpiece. The first engagement portion receives a moment applied thereto by deformation of the moving body, where the moment is opposite in direction to a moment applied to the first engagement portion by a load of the workpiece held by the holding portion.

A control circuit controls the inverter circuit in one of the non-master-slave inverters connected in parallel in a power system. The control circuit includes: a target parameter controller for generating a compensation value for adjusting a target parameter to the target value; a cooperative correction value generator for generating a correction value for cooperating with another of the inverters; a PWM signal generator for generating a PWM signal based on a correction compensation value obtained by adding the correction value to the compensation value; a weighting unit for weighting the correction compensation value; and a communication unit for communicating with other inverters. The communication unit transmits the weighted correction compensation value to the other inverters. The cooperative correction value generator generates the correction value using an operation result based on the weighted correction compensation value and a reception compensation value received by the communication unit from the other inverters.

Daihen Corporation | Date: 2015-05-08

An impedance adjustment apparatus of the invention performs impedance matching using characteristic parameters, even where a high frequency power source of variable frequencies is used. The apparatus is applicable to a power supply system using a high frequency power source of variable frequencies. Characteristic parameters obtained by targeting a portion of combinations of position information (C) of a variable capacitor and output frequency information (F) of the power source are stored in a memory. A T-parameter acquisition unit acquires characteristic parameters corresponding to (C

Daihen Corporation | Date: 2015-03-04

An image inspection apparatus is provided with an image sensing unit, a determination unit, and a reference image generation unit. The image sensing unit captures an inspection target. The determination unit takes a difference between a reference image that includes a solid image of the inspection target and a captured image that is captured of the inspection target. The determination unit thereby extracts an image that is not included in an image of the inspection target in the reference image, and determines the quality of the inspection target based on the extracted image. The reference image generation unit generates the reference image that is used by the determination unit by performing predetermined image processing to change to an image showing the inspection target that is included in the captured image into a solid image.

Daihen Corporation | Date: 2015-01-22

A wire feeding mechanism includes feeding rollers and a cushioning mechanism. The feeding rollers feed a wire, which is drawn from a wire supply source, along a predetermined feed path. The cushioning mechanism is arranged between the wire supply source and the feeding rollers. The wire has an intermediate portion that extends from the wire supply source to the feeding rollers. The cushioning mechanism applies tension to the intermediate portion while the length of the intermediate portion is changing.

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