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Inuyama, Japan

Provided is a plain bearing including a backing layer, a bearing metal layer, an optional intermediate layer and an overlay. The overlay includes a plurality of sub-layers disposed one on top of the other, which sub-layers include two or more relatively soft sub-layers and one or more relatively hard sub-layer. The soft and hard sub-layers are arranged alternately with respect to one another. Each soft sub-layer includes a metal or metal alloy, and each hard sub-layer includes one or more intermetallic compound. A method of making a coated plain bearing is also provided

Daido Metal Co. | Date: 2015-02-10

A slide member provided with a substrate; and a slide layer provided in a surface side of the substrate is disclosed. The slide layer includes a soft layer in the surface side and a DLC layer in the under surface side of the soft layer. The soft layer has a Youngs modulus E ranging from 6 to 30 GPa, hardness Ht ranging from 0.2 to 3.0 GPa, and a value of ratio [E/Ht] of the foregoing ranging from 10 to 30. The DLC layer has a hardness Hd ranging from 5 to 60 GPa.

Daido Metal Co. | Date: 2015-03-20

Provided is a sliding member including a steel back metal layer and a sliding layer with a porous sintered layer and a resin composition. The porous sintered layer includes granular Fe or Fe alloy phase and NiP alloy phase for binding the Fe or Fe alloy phase grains with one another. The steel back metal layer is made of a carbon steel including 0.05-0.3 mass % of carbon and having a structure composed of ferrite phase and pearlite phase, and includes a low pearlite phase part in a surface thereof on a side of the sliding layer. The low pearlite phase part has a ratio of the pearlite phase is lowered by 50% or more compared with the pearlite phase at a central part in a thickness direction of the steel back metal layer. The NiP alloy phase may cover the entire surface of the steel back metal layer.

Daido Metal Co. | Date: 2015-03-10

A slide member provided with a base, an impregnated layer, and a resin layer. The base made of metal or ceramic. The impregnated layer is defined on a surface portion of a sliding side of the base by forming a recess on the base. The resin layer impregnates the impregnated layer so as to cover a sliding side surface of the base.

Daido Metal Co. | Date: 2014-03-04

The disclosed is a thrust bearing including: a back metal layer; and a sliding layer joined to a front face of the back metal layer, the thrust bearing having a thickness T, wherein the back metal layer includes an intermediate sub-layer and a buffer sub-layer disposed on a back face of the back metal layer, the sliding layer being joined to the intermediate sub-layer, both of the sub-layers include iron or an iron alloy, and the buffer sub-layer has the thickness of 2 to 20% relative to a thickness T of the thrust bearing, and has a porosity ratio of 10 to 50%.

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