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Himeji, Japan

Daicel Corporation | Date: 2014-01-08

Provided is a polarization laminate that allows a distinct transmission image to be displayed on a translucent screen while maintaining the visibility of a projection image from a projector even in a case where the translucent screen contains a diffusion-polarization plate. A transparent polarization laminate as a member of a translucent projector screen for displaying a projection image from a projector comprises a diffusion polarization layer and an absorption polarization layer, the diffusion polarization layer comprises a continuous phase comprising a first transparent thermoplastic resin and a dispersed phase comprising a second transparent thermoplastic resin and having a refractive index different from that of the continuous phase, and these layers are laminated so that the diffusion polarization layer may have a transmission axis substantially parallel with a transmission axis of the absorption polarization layer. The diffusion polarization layer may comprise a stretched sheet, the continuous phase may have an in-plane birefringence of less than 0.05, the dispersed phase may have an in-plane birefringence of not more than 0.05, and a difference in refractive index for linearly polarized light between the continuous phase and the dispersed phase in a stretching direction may be different from that in a direction perpendicular to the stretching direction.

Daicel Corporation and Tokyo Ohka Kogyo | Date: 2014-03-28

A novel vinyl-group-containing fluorene compound and a method for producing the same, a polymerizable monomer and cross-linking agent including this compound, a leaving-group-containing fluorene compound, a monovinyl-group-containing fluorene compound, and methods for producing the same. This vinyl-group-containing fluorene compound is represented by formula (1). In the formula, W

Daicel Corporation | Date: 2015-03-17

Disclosed is a microporous laminated membrane including a nonwoven-fabric substrate and a microporous membrane. The microporous membrane is disposed on at least one side of the nonwoven-fabric substrate. The microporous membrane includes a multiplicity of interconnecting micropores. The micropores have an average pore diameter of from 0.01 to 10 m. The microporous membrane has an arithmetic mean surface roughness Sa of 0.5 m or less. The microporous laminated membrane has an air permeability of from 0.5 to 30 seconds. The microporous laminated membrane has a tensile strength of 4.0 N/15 mm or more. The microporous laminated membrane does not undergo interfacial peeling between the substrate and the microporous membrane as a result of a tape peel test.

Daicel Corporation | Date: 2014-03-20

The present invention provides a gas generator, including a cylindrical housing having therein an ignition device chamber and a pressurized gas chamber, a closing member in a circular shape having a fragile portion provided on one surface and closing between the chambers, a piston being disposed inside the ignition device chamber and having a base plate and a rod that extends in the axial direction from one surface of the base plate to abut against or face the closing member, the fragile portion being a groove formed with a curve extending from a start point A on Y the groove formed so that distances from the crossing point X the rod being not to come in contact with the start point A but pushing at a position close to the groove between the start point A and the first intermediate point B, and thereby the closing member being ruptured along the groove from the start point A to the end point E.

Provided is a curable resin composition capable of forming a cured product that has excellent heat resistance and transparency and, in particular, offers excellent barrier properties to a corrosive gas. The curable resin composition according to the present invention includes a polyorganosiloxane (A), an isocyanurate compound (B), and a silane coupling agent (C). The polyorganosiloxane (A) is an aryl-containing polyorganosiloxane. The polyorganosiloxane (A) preferably includes a polyorganosiloxane having a number-average molecular weight (Mn) of 500 to 4000 as determined by gel permeation chromatography and calibrated with a polystyrene standard.

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