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Houston, TX, United States

Devices and methods for treating obstructive sleep apnea by first performing an assessment of the patient that involves observing the patients upper airway during a tongue protrusion maneuver. The assessment may, for example, be done using endoscopy to observe the upper airway while the patient is awake in the supine position. An adequate response of the upper airway during the tongue protrusion maneuver is indicative of likely therapeutic success with hypoglossal nerve stimulation, and may be used for making clinical decisions. The principles of the present invention may be applied to other therapeutic interventions for OSA involving the upper airway.

A method of treating a patient, comprising: sensing a biological parameter indicative of respiration; analyzing the biological parameter to identify a respiratory cycle; identifying an inspiratory phase of the respiratory cycle; and delivering stimulation to a hypoglossal nerve of the patient, wherein stimulation is delivered if a duration of the inspiratory phase of the respiratory cycle is greater than a predetermined portion of a duration of the entire respiratory cycle.

A system for providing electrical stimulation of cervical vagus nerves for treatment of chronic cardiac dysfunction with bounded titration is provided. The system includes a patient-operable external controller to transmit a plurality of unique signals. The system further includes an implantable neurostimulator, which includes a pulse generator to deliver electrical therapeutic stimulation tuned to restore autonomic balance through continuously-cycling, intermittent and periodic electrical pulses that result in creation and propagation (in both afferent and efferent directions) of action potentials within the cervical vagus nerve of a patient through a pair of helical electrodes via an electrically coupled nerve stimulation therapy lead. The neurostimulator also includes a recordable memory storing an autotitration operating mode that includes a maximum stimulation intensity and is configured to increase an intensity of the delivered electrical therapeutic stimulation up to a level not exceeding the maximum stimulation intensity upon receipt of one of the unique signals.

Cyberonics | Date: 2015-11-10

Devices and methods for improving the coupling between the soft palate and the genioglossus. This may be accomplished, for example, but shortening or stiffening the palatoglossal arch. Improved coupling between the soft palate and the genioglossus may be beneficial to a patient suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) as a stand-alone procedure, or in combination procedures and devices that cause anterior displacement of the tongue such as hypoglossal nerve stimulation, genioglossus advancement surgery, mandibular advancement surgery, mandibular advancement (oral) appliances, etc.

Methods for detecting neurological and clinical manifestations of a seizure are provided. Systems are described including a monitoring device having a communication assembly for receiving neurological data transmitted external to a patient from a transmitter implanted in a patient; a processor that processes the neurological data to estimate the patients brain state; and an assembly for automatically recording clinical manifestation data in response to a brain state estimate by the processor.

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