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Godley C.A.,Cy Inc. | Gillard M.A.,Guide Dogs for the Blind
Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness | Year: 2011

Attacks by dogs on dog guides are traumatic for dog guide teams. One variable that affects a team's recovery is how handlers cope with emotional responses to the attack. This article presents a three-stage model for assisting handlers that is useful for handlers and dog guide instructors. © 2011 AFB, All Rights Reserved.

Stanton A.L.,University of Guelph | Kelton D.F.,University of Guelph | LeBlanc S.J.,University of Guelph | Millman S.T.,Iowa State University | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Dairy Science | Year: 2010

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is a major concern when raising replacement heifers because of the high incidence and long-term effects of this disease, such as decreased growth and increased time to first calving. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of tulathromycin (TUL) treatment at postweaning movement on the incidence of BRD in dairy replacement heifers. A total of 1,395 heifers were enrolled between November 2006 and June 2007 at a commercial heifer-raising facility. Calves were randomly assigned either to treatment with TUL or to a positive control group treated with oxytetracycline (TET). Calves treated with TUL were 0.5 times (95% CI: 0.4 to 0.7) less likely to be treated for BRD in the 60 d following enrollment than calves treated with TET. For calves that had no history of BRD in the pre-enrollment period, TET calves weighed 4.9±0.5. kg less than TUL calves after 6 wk in group housing. If calves were treated for BRD in the pre-enrollment period, there was no treatment effect on growth. Calves with clinical BRD in the 60 d following movement weighed 7.9±0.6. kg less than calves without BRD after 6 wk in group housing. Treatment with TUL at the time of movement to group housing had a beneficial effect on the health and performance through the prevention of BRD in dairy calves with no prior history of the disease. Moreover, BRD after movement to group housing after weaning had a significant effect on the growth of dairy calves. © 2010 American Dairy Science Association.

Stanton A.L.,University of Guelph | Kelton D.F.,University of Guelph | LeBlanc S.J.,University of Guelph | Wormuth J.,Cy Inc. | Leslie K.E.,University of Guelph
Journal of Dairy Science | Year: 2012

Bovine respiratory disease complex (BRD) is a common disease in weaned dairy calves that incurs economic and welfare costs. This study was an extension of a randomized clinical trial in which a single injection of tulathromycin (TUL) or oxytetracycline (TET) was administered at first movement to group housing for the prevention of BRD in the 60. d following antimicrobial treatment (BRD60). Calves treated with TUL were 0.5 times [95% confidence interval (CI): 0.4 to 0.7] as likely to be treated for BRD60 as calves treated with TET. The objectives of the current study were to evaluate the long-term effects of BRD and antibiotic treatment on growth of heifers until breeding age, age at first calving, incidence of dystocia, milk production, and mortality before first calving and mortality before 120. d in milk. At entry to the breeding barn (382. d of age), calves that experienced BRD60 weighed 16.0 ± 2.3. kg less than calves that did not. Survival to first calving was recorded for 98% (1,343/1,392) of the heifers on this trial. For TET and TUL heifers with BRD60, 63% (94/150) and 73% (64/88) survived to first lactation, respectively. For TET and TUL calves without BRD60, 84% (436/517) and 84% (494/588) survived to first lactation, respectively. The median age at first calving for heifers with and without BRD60 was 714 (95% CI: 705-723) and 702 (95% CI: 699-705) days, respectively. Heifers with BRD60 were 1.5 (95% CI: 1.1-2.2) times more likely to have a calving ease score ≥. 2 at their first calving compared with heifers without BRD60. The administration of TUL at movement to group housing may have a role in the prevention of BRD and in mitigating some of the long-term effects of this disease. © 2012 American Dairy Science Association.

Hand R.,Free University of Berlin | Hadjikyriakou G.,Cy Inc. | Zetzsche H.,Free University of Berlin
Willdenowia | Year: 2012

Recent research has identified a new species of the genus Scaligeria, the rhizomatous perennial S. alziarii, endemic to Cyprus. Prior to the discovery of this species, the biennial S. napiformis was the only identified taxon of the genus in Cyprus. Molecular studies corroborate the placement of the new taxon in Scaligeria and its rank as a separate species. © 2012 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem..

Cy Inc. and Newtec Productions Nv | Date: 2011-07-19

Equipment for satellite communication, namely, satellite antennas, receivers, transmitters, transceivers, amplifiers, broadcast satellite modulators, broadcast satellite demodulators and routers and parts thereof; software packages for broadcast contribution; computers; computer servers; computer database servers; electronic cable boxes for the exchange of data or sounds, fixed or animated images, and messages; apparatus for transmission, dissemination and reception of data, sounds, fixed or animated images and messages; apparatuses for installation in or to computers, namely, computer memories, interfaces, magnetic tape drives and magnetic disc drives, computer keyboards; apparatuses for installation to mobile, portable or fixed telephones and mobile, portable or fixed radio telephones, namely, computers; mobile, portable or fixed telephone transmitters and telephone receivers; telephone answering machines; modems; pagers; automatic telephone exchanges; radiotelephony set; radio relay message terminals; masts for wireless aerials; satellites and aerials for dissemination, transmission and reception of data, sounds, fixed or animated images and messages; terminals for receiving audio, video and multimedia; local computer networks, namely, local area computer networks for access points for connecting network computer users, integrated circuits; microprocessors; printed circuits; electric batteries; blank magnetic and optical data carriers; blank cd-Roms for sound or video recording, all of the foregoing used solely in connection with satellite broadcasting equipment. Satellite transmission services; providing connections to global data communication networks; Providing multiple use access to global computer wireless networks for the dissemination of radio and television programs; telecommunication access services, namely, sound, image and data transfer via satellite; telecommunication access services, namely, using digital multimedia technology in the nature of the internet, and radio communications; telecommunication access services, namely, sending messages via radio, telephone, radio telephony, radio phonic communication; transmission and distribution of audio-visual images or data messages via the internet; providing e-mail fax services; communication via computer terminals by digital transmission or by satellite; tele-informatics for satellite transmission services; radio communications; telecommunication access services, namely, sending messages via radio; telecommunication access services via computer terminals; telephony communication services; radio telephony communication services; transmission and distribution of audio, still or moving images via the internet; providing telecommunications access to communications networks; consultation in the areas of telecommunications and radio communications; telecommunication access services, namely, sending messages via radio or telephone. Consultancy in the field of hardware and software; design and updating of software for use in the manufacture of integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, and equipment and facilities for telecommunications and radio communications, all for reporting via the radio, telephony, radio telephony, radio phonic for communication, the transmission and dissemination of audio, still or moving images, data and messages; software design; engineering services, namely, technical project planning and design engineering for information technology studies; installation of software; rental of computer software; software maintenance; updating of software; computer programming; the hosting of web sites of others; secure transmission of messages via the internet, radio, telephone and radio telephony; scientific and industrial research in the field of information technology.

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