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Minneapolis, MN, United States

Devices and methods of use are described for identification, treatment, and/or management of heart failure and/or associated conditions. An exemplary device may include a first fluid status monitoring circuit configured to monitor a first fluid status indicator of a pulmonary fluid status associated with pulmonary edema, a second fluid status monitoring circuit configured to monitor a separate and different second fluid status indicator of a non-pulmonary fluid status, and a controller coupled to the first and second fluid status monitoring circuits, and a therapy circuit coupled to the controller. The controller is configured to use information about the first and second fluid status indicators to determine a therapy control signal to control a therapy, and the therapy circuit is configured to provide therapy in response to the therapy control signal to adjust at least one of the pulmonary fluid status or the non-pulmonary fluid status.

Devices, systems and methods are described by which the blood pressure, nervous system activity, and neurohormonal activity may be selectively and controllably reduced by activating baroreceptors. A baroreceptor activation device is positioned near a baroreceptor, preferably a baroreceptor located in the carotid sinus. A control system may be used to modulate the baroreceptor activation device. The control system may utilize an algorithm defining a stimulus regimen which promotes long term efficacy and reduces power requirements/consumption. The baroreceptor activation device may utilize electrodes to activate the baroreceptors. The electrodes may be adapted for connection to the carotid arteries at or near the carotid sinus, and may be designed to minimize extraneous tissue stimulation.

CVRx Inc | Date: 2013-05-21

Systems and methods provide baroreflex activation to treat or reduce pain and/or to cause or enhance sedation or sleep. Methods involve activating the baroreflex system to provide pain reduction, sedation, improved sleep or some combination thereof. Systems include at least one baroreflex activation device, at least one sensor for sensing physiological activity of the patient, and a processor coupled with the baroreflex activation device(s) and the sensor(s) for processing sensed data received from the sensor and for activating the baroreflex activation device. In some embodiments, the system is fully implantable within a patient, such as in an intravascular, extravascular or intramural location.

An implantable baroreflex activation device administers a special electrotherapy program that causes the device to apply electrotherapy to limit a rate of change of blood pressure increase associated with a blood pressure surge event such as a morning blood pressure surge (MBPS).

CVRx Inc | Date: 2013-08-05

Embodiments of the present invention generally pertain to devices and methods for use in conjunction with implanting a baroreflex therapy system which includes an implantable pulse generator and associated circuitry contained within a hermetically sealed housing, an elongate flexible electrical lead connectable to the housing, and a monopolar electrode structure coupled with the electrical lead. More specifically, the devices and methods of the present invention allow for a mapping procedure to be conducted as part of the implant procedure prior to fully implanting the baroreflex therapy system.

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