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Perth, Australia

Curtin University Australia | Date: 2012-12-20

A support apparatus (

Curtin University Australia | Date: 2012-07-23

A method of determining a characteristic of a power transformer is provided. The power transformer has an input current, an input voltage, an output current and an output voltage. The method comprises measuring the input current and a voltage difference between the input voltage and the output voltage of the power transformer while the power transformer is in use within a power distribution network. Information that is indicative of at least one property of a test locus plot from the measured input current and voltage difference of the power transformer is derived and compared to information that is indicative of at least one property of a reference locus plot associated with a reference power transformer. From the comparison, it is determined whether a characteristic of the power transformer differs from that of the reference power transformer.

Curtin University Australia | Date: 2012-08-06

The present disclosure provides an apparatus for sorting a particulate material. The apparatus comprises a receiving portion for receiving the particulate material having a particle size within a predetermined range of sizes. The apparatus also comprises a distributor for receiving the particulate material at an upper end thereof and having a sloped distribution surface along which, in use, the particulate material passes substantially by gravity. A surface area of the sloped distribution surface increases towards a lower end of the distributor to facilitate a monolayer feed stream of the particles exiting and falling from a lower end of the distributor distributed as a curtain-like stream of particles. The apparatus further comprises a magnetic element for generating a magnetic force that is directed such that the particles of the falling feed stream that exit the lower end of the distributor have pathways that depend on magnetic properties of the particles. The apparatus also comprises sorting portions for sorting the particles based on the pathways of the particles.

Curtin University Australia | Date: 2014-04-18

The present invention disclosure provides a method of analysing data. In a first step a plurality of data records is provided, each data record having a plurality of data elements and having a property. At least some data elements of each data record are selected. In a next step, the selected data elements are grouped in a plurality of groups such that each group has data elements that are a part of one of the data records and such that for a group that has data elements of more than one data record, each data element or property is similar or identical to at least one of the data elements or properties, respectively, of each other data record of that group. A group of interest and a reference group are determined from the plurality of groups. The group of interest has at least one data element of interest and the reference group has data elements or properties that are similar or identical with data elements or properties, respectively, of the group of interest. In a further step, the group of interest is compared with the reference group such that from the reference group information concerning the data element of interest can be derived.

Curtin University Australia | Date: 2012-03-06

A method of sorting particulate matter comprises creating an unconstrained monolayer feed stream of particulate matter moving with an initial first trajectory in a gaseous medium, and subjecting the monolayer feed stream while in the gaseous medium to a magnetic field of sufficient strength to influence the trajectory of at least some particles in the feed stream to cause a spread of particle trajectories from the first trajectory. The particles are subsequently sorted and/or collected on the basis of their trajectories

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