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Singh S.,CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya | Vidyasagar,CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya
Indian Journal of Ecology | Year: 2015

The present investigation deals with assessing the strength of self-incompatibility in the seeds of S-allele lines (1-4-6 and 11-12-4-7) produced through temporary breakdown of self-incompatibility (SI) with the use of sodium chloride (NaCI) solution. The S-allele lines were raised fj-om the seeds produced after NaCI solution sprays followed by manual pollination of freshly opened flowers during 2009-10. The pollinations viz. BP (selfing in bud stage) and OP (selfing in freshly opened flowers) were earned out manually in the test plants enclosed with insect proof nylon nets for testing their strength of self-incompatibility (SI) during 2010-11. Seed-set was recorded in BP ori all the test plants confirming the viability of male and female gametes. However, no seed-set was recorded in OP treatments in each of flowering regimes viz. 25-50 percent, 50-75 per cent and more than 75 per cent flowering, on the plants of S-allele lines, raised from OP seed obtained with 3°% and 5 % NaCI solution sprays. The S-allele lines, 1-4-6 and 11-12-4-7 were proved stable for their strength of self-incompatibility, since no seed-set was recorded in any of the OP treatments whereas variable numbers of seeds were obtained in BP treatment. This implies that NaCI sprays lead to breakdown of self-incompatibility temporarily.

Bhardwaj N.,CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya | Sharma P.,CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya
Indian Journal of Ecology | Year: 2015

The nature and magnitude of association among eight characters and their contribution towards seed yield was earned with twenty five genotypes of ricebean. Seed yield per plant showed positive and significant association with 100-seed weight, pod length, seeds per pod and pods per plant. Path coefficient analysis revealed that maximum positive direct effects were exerted by pod per plant followed by 100-seed weight, pod length and seeds per pod towards seed yield per plant. Based on correlation and path analysis, number of pod per plant, 100-seed weight, pod length and seeds per pod were identified as the most important components of seed yield. This suggested that prominence should be given to these traits in selection programme for improvement of seed yield in ricebean.

Thakur P.,CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya | Singh S.,CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya
Sabrao Journal of Breeding and Genetics | Year: 2015

Cabbage, Brassica oleracea var. capitata L. is one of the most important cole group vegetables. Hybrids are known to outperform the open-pollinated varieties in marketable head yield and horticultural traits. Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) seems to be a better option over sporophytic self-incompatibility (SSI) to develop hybrids in cole crops because of the standard advantages. Hence, the present investigation was undertaken to compare the CMS progenies with their respective fertile counterparts (maintainer lines) for yield and horticultural attributes. The experimental material was evaluated in RBD with 3 replications at the Experimental Farm of the Department of Vegetable Science and Floriculture, CSKHPKV, Palampur, Distt. Kangra H.P during 2010-11 and 2011-12. Observations were recorded on yield and important horticultural traits. The CMS progenies were also evaluated for their sterility behavior during the flowering regimes viz., 25-50%, 50-75% and 75-100%. All the 4 CMS progenies had the head shape index at par with their respective maintainer lines. For days to harvest, except KGAT- I CMS during 2011-12 the CMS progenies were at par with their respective fertile counterparts as well. For the traits heading (%), marketable heads per plot, non wrapper leaves and gross weight, one or two of the CMS progenies were not at par with respective maintainer lines. In respect of compactness of heads, net weight of heads and marketable head yield (kg/plot), the exceptions were even up to 50% of the CMS progenies studied. This may be attributed to the facts that cabbage is a highly cross-pollinated vegetable and the expression of latter traits subject to the influence of prevailing weather conditions. All the CMS progenies revealed break- down of male sterility (very mild to mild pollen grain production) in variable number of plants in all the flowering regimes during both the years (2010-11 and 2011-12). There exists a possibility of developing stable CMS progenies through rigorous selection over the years. © Society for the Advancement of Breeding Research in Asia and Oceania (SABRAO) 2015.

Sharma P.,CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya | Khyalia D.S.,CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya
Indian Journal of Ecology | Year: 2013

A trial on effect of sowing dates and varieties on seed yield and quality of garden pea was conducted at CSK HPKV, Research Sub Station Akrot during rabi, 2007-2008. Pea seeds of four varieties viz.. Matar Ageta, Arkel, Lincoln and Palam Priya were sown on 7th November and 21st November. Early sown crop resulted in significantly higher seed yield (12.6 q/ha) than the late sown crop (11.4 q/ha). Among the varieties studied. Palam Priya and Lincoln were statistically at par and gave significantly higher seed yield (13.5 and 13.1 q/ha, respectively) over rest of the cultivars. Sowing time and varieties interacted significantly for seed yield per plant.

Sharma R.P.,CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya | Shambhavi S.,CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya | Shambhavi S.,Bihar Agricultural University
Annals of Biology | Year: 2013

Effect of conjoint use of vermicompost and chemical fertilizers was studied on soil properties and productivity of potato at the experimental farm of the Department of Soil Science, CSK HPKV, Palampur in a silty clay loam soil during rabi 2006-07. Combined application of vermicompost and chemical fertilizers influenced soil organic carbon content, cation exchange capacity, available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and DTPA extractable Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe and water holding capacity positively and significantly. Application of 25 t vermicompost/ha along with 100% NPK increased OC, CEC, available N, P and K over control by 28, 31, 28, 136 and 18%, respectively. The corresponding increase in DTPA extractable Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu was 10, 14, 54 and 78%, respectively. Similarly, water holding capacity was increased from 49.04 (control) to 58.88 (100% NPK+25 t VC/ha). This treatment registered 11% reduction in bulk density over control. Application of vermicompost demonstrated its superiority over FYM in influencing soil properties. Highest marketable (30.46 t/ha) and haulm (9.04 t/ha) yield was recorded under 100% NPK+25 t VC/ha which was higher by 7.6 and 14%, respectively, over 100% NPK+25 t FYM/ha. Further, the yield recorded at 12.5 t VC/ha+100% NPK (27.45 t/ha) was at par with that at 25 t FYM/ha+100% NPK (28.29 t/ha) demonstrating thereby the superiority of VC over farm yard manure. Moreover, the yield recorded at 75% NPK+25 t VC/ha (24.40 t/ha) was at par with that recorded at 100% NPK alone (21.39 t/ha) which indicated that we could save 30, 8.75 and 12.5 kg fertilizer N, P and K with the use of 25 t VC/ha without sacrificing the yield. Based upon the findings, it can be inferred that vermicompost is an effective alternative for FYM in improving soil fertility and potato productivity.

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