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Veracruz, Mexico

Medina-Meza I.G.,Instituto Tecnologico De Veracruz | Rodriguez-Estrada M.T.,University of Bologna | Lercker G.,University of Bologna | Soto-Rodriguez I.,Cristobal Colon University | Garcia H.S.,Instituto Tecnologico De Veracruz
Revista Mexicana de Ingeniera Qumica | Year: 2011

Formation of cholesterol oxidation products (COPs) during dry heating of cholesterol films at 150°C for 48 h was studied. A method based on aminopropyl solid-phase extraction (SPE), followed by GC-MS analysis was employed for the identification and quantification of COPs. Two kinetic runs were performed: 60 min and 48 h of treatment. In the short run (60 min), 7-ketocholesterol and 25-hydroxycholesterol were detected in similar amounts after 30 and 15 min, respectively. Oxysterols present in higher amounts in the long run (48 h) were 7β-hydroxycholesterol (12.6 mg/g) and 5,6α-epoxycholesterol (13.4 mg/g). However, compounds whose formation is related to enzymatic oxidation and/or irradiation were detected, as 6-ketocholestanol (3.38 mg/g) and 4β-hydroxycholesterol (2.04 mg/g). 25-hydroxycholesterol (0.12 mg/g) was found after only 1 h, reaching 0.99 mg/g after 48 h of treatment. The results suggest that due to the physical state of cholesterol, the oxidative pattern was changed, favoring unusual routes, such as formation of 4β-OH and 6-keto from breakage of the epoxide ring. Regarding 25-hydroxycholesterol, it is assumed that the solid state favored exposure of the side chain, rendering it more susceptible to oxidation.

Jaimes-Torres A.T.,Hospital Regional de Veracruz | Melin-Herrera O.,Hospital Regional de Veracruz | Perez-Montiel M.D.,Instituto Nacional Of Cancerologia | Sanchez-Valdivieso E.A.,Cristobal Colon University
Progresos de Obstetricia y Ginecologia | Year: 2016

Distinct forms of presentation and sizes of cervical leiomyoma have been reported. Here, we report a case of giant cervical leiomyoma that appeared as an abdominal and pelvic mass mimicking an advanced ovarian tumour. The dimensions of the mass were 40. ×. 35. cm and it weighed 14 kilograms. The postoperative course was uneventful. The histopathological examination revealed a classic leiomyoma, which was also confirmed with immunohistochemistry. This leiomyoma probably arose from the smooth muscle of the cervix superiorly and was expelled from the true pelvis into the abdomen. © 2015 SEGO.

Dodero A.,University of Waterloo | Casello J.,University of Waterloo | Molinero A.,Urbanismo y Sistemas de Transporte | Cotera D.,Cristobal Colon University
Transportation Research Record | Year: 2013

Inputs are provided for the decision-making process of transit improvements in developing countries. With an analysis of the willingness of private bus operators to participate in transit improvements, political feasibility can be assessed, and the likelihood of successful implementation can be increased. Data from 156 surveys conducted in cities in Mexico are used to develop probabilistic models that quantify the influence of private bus operators' characteristics, perceptions about business and operating efficiencies, and their relationship with government on their willingness to participate. Evidence shows that several elements can increase the willingness of private operators to participate in government-led proposals. These elements include the level of trust and communication between private bus operators and government authorities, the economic power of private bus operators, and the attachment to the status quo. Several features are shown to limit operators' willingness to participate, including the model of operation, likelihood of lost revenue through taxation, and concerns about the potential modifications of their legal rights to operate. An analysis of Mexico City, Mexico, and surrounding areas demonstrates the need to establish a well-defined strategy for engaging private bus operators in transit improvements; failure to do so has resulted in much less trust of government and led to more conflicts about future projects. The importance of analyzing private bus operators' participative profiles in the assessment of transit improvements is revealed. Selected areas for improvements might present challenges for engaging private bus operators in proposed improvements.

Maldonadoa I.A.,Cristobal Colon University | Duartea S.C.,Cristobal Colon University | Velazqueza F.G.,Cristobal Colon University | Aguilera A.A.,University of Veracruz
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine | Year: 2014

The creeping verminous dermatitis or cutaneous larva migrans is a parasitosis caused by percutaneous penetration and migration of larval nematode parasites characterized by producing one or more serpiginous erythematous, indurated, raised and pruritic lesion. The most common cause of cutaneous larva migrans is the Ancylostoma braziliense located in warm climate zones. In the present study, authors reported a case of cutaneous larva migrans with a characteristic clinical picture: erythematous-papular and vesicular lesion and serpiginous path, with progressive, and pruritic growth and it shown that a living area with immigration, tropical weather conditions and poverty may lead to this common infection. © 2014 by the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine.

Romero-Sarmiento Y.,Instituto Tecnologico De Veracruz | Soto-Rodriguez I.,University of Veracruz | Soto-Rodriguez I.,Cristobal Colon University | Arzaba-Villalba A.,Instituto Tecnologico De Veracruz | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Functional Foods | Year: 2012

The effect of CLA on hepatic oxidative stress and its relationship with the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats was evaluated. Twenty-one days old Wistar rats were divided in two groups: the control group of six rats, which received a standard diet; and the sucrose group of 12 rats, which was given the same standard diet plus 30% sucrose in the drinking water. After 9. weeks the animals of the sucrose group were divided in two sub-groups of six rats each: the vegetable oil group that was fed 7.5% sunflower oil in the diet, and the CLA group which received 1.5% CLA. After 8. weeks the animals were sacrificed to obtain blood and liver tissue samples. Levels of oxidative stress markers: SOD, GSH, and catalase were measured in serum and liver homogenate and histological analysis was performed to recognize steatosis. Dietary CLA significantly decreased body fat, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase in serum and liver. The histological analysis showed that, although CLA consumption was clearly beneficial, it did not entirely prevent sucrose-induced steatosis. © 2011.

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