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Yu S.,China University of Petroleum - East China | Yu S.,Petrochina | Zhang J.,CPECC East China Design Branch | Cheng T.,Petrochina | And 3 more authors.
China Petroleum Processing and Petrochemical Technology | Year: 2012

Different amounts of FCC slurry oil and HVGO were added to Tahe atmospheric residue respectively. The colloidal stability and asphaltene agglomeration of atmospheric residue and mixed oils were characterized by means of the mass fraction normalized conductivity and the small-angle X-ray scattering technology (SAXS). The results indicated that the stability of Tahe atmospheric residue decreased with an increasing amount of these oil fractions. It was found that the decline of the colloidal stability was attributed to the component polarity difference between oil fractions and the atmospheric residue. Though the aromaticity of FCC slurry oil was higher than that of HVGO, the polarity of aromatics and resins of FCC slurry oil was lower than those of HVGO. So the degree of the colloidal stability was more seriously destroyed by FCC slurry oil. The dispersion of asphaltenes in Tahe atmospheric residue was changed by adding FCC slurry oil and HVGO. The particle size of asphaltenes increased along with the decline of the colloidal stability. Source

Liang X.,Xian University of Architecture and Technology | Kang L.,CPECC East China Design Branch | Deng M.,Xian University of Architecture and Technology | Dang Z.,Xian University of Architecture and Technology
Jianzhu Jiegou Xuebao/Journal of Building Structures | Year: 2014

In order to improve the seismic behavior of the reinforced concrete column, the fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) was applied in the potential plastic region of the column instead of ordinary concrete. A series of six reinforced concrete column specimens with shear span ratio of 3 and little stirrup were designed, where five specimens were made of FRC in the potential plastic region, and one was conventional concrete column for comparison. By means of quasi-static tests, the cracking and damage process of the specimens were studied under low cyclic reversed lateral loads. The hysteretic behavior, deformability and energy dissipation capacity were analyzed for various FRC region, axial load ratio and concrete strength. The results show that, combined with normal concrete columns, the column with FRC in the potential plastic region and little stirrup exhibits shear failures after the longitudinal reinforcement yielding with better ductile characteristics and damage tolerance. As the height of FRC region doubled, the displacement ductility ratio and drift ratio increased by 45% and 21% respectively, and energy dissipation capacity increased by 81%. The column with FRC in the part of column can reduce the amounts of confining reinforcements and shear stirrups. Source

Li H.-B.,CPECC East China Design Branch
Petrochemical Equipment | Year: 2013

In the design and calculate process of large diameter overlap-floating heat exchanger, generally, the anchor bolts stress could not approved because of its too much seismic forces. So the saddle support needs to adjust properly, while, increase the diameter of anchor bolt or changed materials and so on, which is the most convenient selection. The calculation process of adjustment and the scheme of saddle support's checking calculation were introduced. And by using of the software PV Desktop flexibly to do the analysis-adjustment-reanalysis calculation checking process to example, the reasonable solution is given. Source

Sun B.,Gansu Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection and Research Center Lanzhou | Wu J.,Gansu Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection and Research Center Lanzhou | Li L.,CPECC East China Design Branch | She Z.,Petrochina
Xinan Shiyou Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Southwest Petroleum University | Year: 2013

The remaining strength of the in-service corroded oil and gas pipeline was predicted based on artificial neural network's ability to approximate complex function. But artificial neural network has drawbacks as follows: the initial distribution of weight and threshold value is a stochastic process and it was the local optimization algorithm, and that the local minimum solution tends to appear in the convergence process. Therefore, the weight and threshold value of BP neural network using L-M algorithm were optimized based on the global search ability and independence of the gradient information of genetic algorithm, and with consideration of the influencing factors of failure pressure of oil and gas pipeline determined by sensitivity analysis, the GA-BP(L-M) network model was built. The network was trained using sample of Modified ASME B31G and predictions were made. The results show that the GA-BP(L-M) network model can better predict failure pressure of oil and gas pipeline, which proves to be a more scientific and accurate model. Source

Xueyun L.,CPECC East China Design Branch
Petroleum Refinery Engineering | Year: 2014

The FCC gasoline in the gasoline pool in China was over 70%. With the adjustment of configurations of the petroleum refineries and construction and operation of mego refineries in recent years, the percentage of FCC processing capacity is lowered to 28.4% while the CCR processing capacity is increased to 9.5%. Whereas, there is still a great gap with the developed countries. The FCC gasoline, which is high in sulfur and blending percentage, has a great impact on the quality of motor gasoline in China. The gasoline compositions of gasoline pools as well as well as refinery process unit configurations both in China and abroad are studied, and two different gasoline desulfurization processes are compared. It is recommended to adjust the existing process unit configurations to reduce the FCC gasoline percentage in the gasoline pool. The selection of state-of-art after-treatment processes is recommended to remove the sulfur from FCC gasoline to improve the quality of motor gasoline. Source

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