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Dublin, Ireland

Covidien Public Limited Company was an Irish-headquartered global health care products company and manufacturer of medical devices and supplies. Covidien became an independent publicly traded company after being spun off from Tyco International in 2007. It was purchased by Medtronic Plc in a transaction that closed in 2015. Wikipedia.

δPOP is a physiological parameter derived from the respiration-induced change in the pulse oximetry plethysmographic (POP) waveform or "pleth." It has been proposed as a proxy for pulse pressure variation used in the determination of the response to intravascular volume expansion in hypovolemic patients. Many studies have now reported on the parameter, and many research groups have constructed algorithms for its computation from the first principles where the implementation details have been described. This review focuses on the signal processing aspects of δPOP, as reported in the literature, and aims to provide a comprehensive summary of the wideranging algorithmic strategies that have been attempted in its computation. A search was conducted for articles concerning the use of δPOP as a fluid responsiveness parameter. In particular, articles concerning the correlation between δPOP and pulse pressure variation were targeted. Comments and replies to comments by the authors in which signal processing aspects were discussed were also included in the review. The parameter is first defined, and a history of the early work surrounding pleth-based fluid responsiveness parameters is presented. This is followed by an overview of the signal processing methods used in the reported studies, including details of exclusion criteria, manual filtering (preprocessing), gain change issues, acquisition details, selection of registration periods, averaging methods, physiological influences on the pleth, and comments by the investigators themselves. It is concluded that to develop a robust, fully automated δPOP algorithm for use in the clinical environment, more rigorous signal processing is required. Specifically, signals should be evaluated over significant periods of time, with emphasis on the quality and temporal relevance of the information. Copyright © 2014 International Anesthesia Research Society.

Covidien | Date: 2016-01-11

A surgical staple, comprising a backspan, a first leg member extending from the backspan, a second leg member extending from the backspan, and at least one substantially continuous channel extending along at least one of an inner surface and an outer surface of the first leg member and the second leg member.

A medical tool comprising an electromechanical driver and a surgical instrument attachment for use in invasive surgery, including a handle coupled to a flexible sheath which is in turn coupled to a surgical attachment. The handle of the driver includes the electromechanical driver and at least one processor element which controls the actions of the electromechanical driver, and therefore the application elements of the surgical attachment, based on information relayed between the processor element and remotely activatable sensor assemblies in the surgical instrument attachment.

Covidien | Date: 2016-01-11

A surgical instrument including a handle assembly, a first endoscopic portion, a motor, and a first end effector is disclosed. The first endoscopic portion is selectively connectable to a distal portion of the handle assembly and defines a longitudinal axis. The first endoscopic portion includes a housing adjacent its proximal portion and includes an actuation member. The motor is disposed in mechanical cooperation with the housing of the first endoscopic portion and is operatively connected to the actuation member for moving the actuation member substantially along the longitudinal axis. The first end effector is selectively connectable to a distal portion of the first endoscopic portion and is configured to perform a first stapling function.

Covidien | Date: 2016-01-12

A stent comprising a stent body and a plurality of cells is disclosed. The stent body defines a length. Each cell includes two structural members extending in an undulating pattern. Each structural member includes a plurality of cell segments defining a plurality of nodes therebetween. At least one node includes a non-constant radius of curvature.

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