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News Article | May 19, 2017

The County of San Diego has designated MediExcel Health Plan, a California HMO specializing in Binational Healthcare, as its first Binational Partner in its Live Well San Diego vision to help residents build better health, live safely and thrive. MediExcel Health Plan and the County of San Diego began their collaboration in February, when the first binational, Love Your Heart event took place at MediExcel’s corporate office in Chula Vista, and at its healthcare facilities in Tijuana, Mexico. The event included hundreds of locations across the county and encouraged the community to learn their numbers – when it came to heart health. Live Well San Diego aligns the efforts of individuals, organizations and government to help the county’s 3.3 million residents learn how to live well and bring about positive change in their lives. By selecting MediExcel Health Plan as its first binational partner, the county is working beyond borders and expanding their collective impact within neighboring communities. “As a binational region, this is an amazing opportunity to increase Live Well’s ability to promote healthy, safe and thriving populations, on both sides of the border,” said Supervisor Greg Cox, San Diego County Board of Supervisors, District 1. “By joining Live Well San Diego, MediExcel will continue to improve affordable healthcare access in the region and increase the quality of binational healthcare,” stated MediExcel Health Plan Director of Marketing, Anthony Llompart. “These types of innovative partnerships help address health care challenges in a positive way.” Live Well San Diego involves partner organizations in all sectors – from government, to businesses, to schools, to faith-based and community organizations – through a shared purpose. Working together allows for planning and implementation of innovative and creative projects to bring Live Well San Diego’s vision of a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving. MediExcel Health Plan is an ACA compliant, binational HMO, licensed by the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC). MediExcel offers covered health benefit options to employer groups in San Diego and Imperial County. Care is delivered at its healthcare campus in Tijuana, MX and through its Medical Network in Mexicali, MX. For more information about the plans and services MediExcel has to offer, please visit

Dina Shacknai said, "From what I was told, I was grateful Maxie received immediate CPR from Rebecca, which is why I was so shocked to hear people saying that Rebecca had taken her life given that all reports were that Rebecca had attempted to save his life according to Maxie's father. I never imagined my son was not going to walk out of the hospital, never play soccer again, never start first grade...until he flat lined on Friday, July 15, 2011. It was at least ten hours after I learned of her death that we received Maxie's MRI results that showed he had suffered critical brain damage." Keith Greer, Esq. said, "When we filed the lawsuit we relied on information which has now been refuted. After years of investigation and evidentiary analysis by experts it has become evident that our initial theory which alleged the involvement of Dina Shacknai and Nina Romano in the tragic death of Rebecca Zahau was wrong." "Through multiple sources we have confirmed that Dina Shacknai was at Rady Children's Hospital in the PICU with her son Maxie throughout the evening of Rebecca's death and specifically at the time a neighbor heard a woman that we allege was Rebecca screaming for help.  The evidence also supports Nina Romano's statements that she was not in any way involved in Rebecca's death.  Based on this evidence we previously dismissed Nina Romano from the case and have now dismissed Dina Shacknai." "We wish to apologize to Dina, Nina and their families for the stress and trauma this process has had on their lives, particularly in light of the tremendous pain they continue to endure due to the loss of their beloved son, nephew and grandchild Maxie," said Greer. "Although Nina and I do not agree with Keith Greer's litigation theory we do agree that Max and Rebecca's deaths both need to be investigated further. It is shocking to us that this case was allowed to continue against us for almost four years, in both State and Federal Court. My sister and I have suffered in every possible way personally, professionally and our overall health and wellbeing and we still do not have answers," said Dina Shacknai. At today's press conference, the attorney for Nina Romano, Darin Wessel, Esq. said "In this case, Nina's insurance carrier made a business decision to end the financial bleeding from the cost of litigation and protect its insured, Nina Romano. Her insurance carrier, on its own, negotiated this release. Nina Romano was always firmly and adamantly against paying any money to Plaintiffs because she had nothing to do with Rebecca's death." This morning Dina highlighted the fact that she and Nina had never deviated from their commitment to not offer a single penny to the Plaintiffs to end this case against them. As counsel confirmed, the unfortunate reality is that insurance companies do not have to follow their insureds' wishes, as happened in this case with Nina. A monetary settlement of any amount was absolutely against Nina's wishes. Similarly, Keith Greer has publicly confirmed that the Plaintiffs have not been offered 'millions of dollars' to settle by anyone. Nina Romano added, "I pray that now both the Zahau family and my family can begin the process of attempting to heal our hearts from such tragic loss and try to find some level of peace while we begin the process of rebuilding our lives." This response is for Case 37-2013-00075418-CU-PO-CTL, filed July, 2013 in Superior Court of California, County of San Diego. To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AFT Holdings, Inc., today updated its stakeholders on the growth and advancements of its two signature San Diego-based investments, Intesa Communications Group, LLC, a PR and government affairs firm, and The Global Fleet (Ocean Global, Sea Global, and Pacific Global) the largest tuna fleet operating in the region with 14 purse seiner vessels harvesting more than 100,000 tons of tuna per year. December 3, in Nadi, Fiji, the U.S. Government signed an extension of the 30-year-old South Pacific Tuna Treaty with 16 Pacific Island Nations. The finalized treaty was the product of the seven years of negotiations between the parties. It grants the fleet access to the critical fishing areas with the nations’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ), while providing needed flexibility and continuing to promote combined interest of all. Max Chou, partner in The Global Fleet, attended the Treaty ceremony with representatives from all the Nations involved and Industry. “This was a tireless effort between U.S. Department of State Office of Seafood, Congressional leadership, and Tuna Industry leaders,” Chou said. “The treaty represents the best of all of us to come together and ensure the future of our Distant Water Tuna Fleet. Personal thanks go out Bill Gibbons-Fly and Michael Brakke of the U.S. State Department Office of Seafood, who supported the challenge over a long period. We also wish to thank the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations committee, chaired by Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and Bipartisan Congressional leaders for their support, including Representative Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.). Another key investment within the portfolio, Intesa Communications Group, announced the completion of the restructuring that began in early 2016 with the addition of Maddy Kilkenny as a partner in the firm. This completes Intesa’s realignment to provide not only strategic communications, but also lobbying and public affairs council to companies doing business with San Diego city and county governments. Kilkenny has extensive experience working with local government at all levels in San Diego. She spent six years as Vice President of Government Relations at The Clay Company where she worked with Microsoft, Motorola, Kaiser Permanente, and many others clients in a variety of areas including land use, healthcare, and public safety. Prior to her work at The Clay Company, she spent 11 years at the County of San Diego, where she was a Senior Policy Advisor to Supervisor Greg Cox, focusing on health and public safety policy issues, community outreach and special events. “The addition of Maddy, working alongside Intesa co-founder Margie Newman, shows tremendous promise for Intesa’s ongoing expansion throughout the San Diego market and nationwide,” said AFT CEO J. Douglas Hines. “In an era of instant action and reaction, there is increasing demand for thoughtful planning to set the stage for efficient and effective communication and advocacy when it matters most.” AFT Holdings, Inc. is an international investment and management group with a diverse portfolio including commercial and residential real estate, sustainable foods development, global fishing fleets and technology. More at

News Article | October 28, 2016

Lococo Sports, Inc. (“Lococo”) the parent company to soccerloco has filed a Complaint against Diane Scavuzzo (“Scavuzzo”) in the Superior Court of San Diego alleging breach of written contract, violation of the Unfair Competition Law (Cal Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 17200, et seq.), violation of the False Advertising Law (Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 17500, et seq.), and declaratory relief. The Complaint alleges that Scavuzzo launched “a website and brand entitled, ‘GOAL NATION’, which is a derivative and confusingly similar name to ‘SOCCER NATION.’” The case number is 37-2015-00024420-CU-BC-CTL and is in the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego. About Lococo Sports Founded in 1997, Lococo Sports, and the specialty channel at soccerloco, has rapidly grown into the top destination to buy premium soccer shoes, jerseys, apparel and equipment; both online and in-store. The company carries all of soccer's top brands and dominates the competition in offering their customers the best variety of hand-selected soccer gear on the market. In addition to having an online and in-store presence, Lococo Sports is also the owner of soccernation, a leading soccer blog covering real time soccer updates and trends. For more information, please visit or or follow their Twitter and Facebook pages.

News Article | February 22, 2017

Koch General Engineering is set to launch after recently incorporating. Koch General Engineering is a San Diego-based small business that focuses on public works, residential and commercial construction. “We provide top-quality asphalt and concrete service,” said Jeffrey Briggs, co-owner of Koch General Engineering. Services include asphalt slurry work, freeway paving, ADA-compliance paving, grading, concrete paving, asphalt patching and more. The mission of Koch General Engineering is to exceed its customer’s expectations. “We partner with our customers in government and industry to provide engineering and construction solutions that enhance the delivery and quality of the projects we do in the communities in which we serve,” said Monty Koch, Operating Managing Owner of Koch General Engineering and a third-generation contractor. Koch began his career working for his father’s company, washing dump trucks and working his way through the ranks as a laborer, bridge carpenter, operating engineer, plant mechanic, asphalt foreman and general superintendent for several prominent San Diego construction companies. He later became the Responsible Managing Owner for Koch-Armstrong, a General Engineering Company that operated for the last 18 years. “The marriage of field and estimating expertise allows Koch General to provide a wide range of resources and the knowledge needed to complete all facets of any project,” concluded Briggs. “Monty and our other foremen have supervised jobs for clientele including public/government agencies as well as private entities ranging from small backyard jobs to huge commercial and public works projects.” About Koch General Engineering Koch General Engineering specializes in irrigation, drainage, water power, water supply, flood control, river control and reclamation works, highways, streets and roads, parks, playgrounds and other recreational works, land leveling and earthmoving projects, excavating, grading, trenching, synthetic turf field, horse racing tracks and paving. It mainly performs work in the County of San Diego, but does venture into surrounding areas. Koch General Engineering is the only experienced local contractor to place central Mix REAS (Rubberized Emulsion Asphalt Slurry). For more information, please call (619) 561-2005, or visit About the NALA™ The NALA offers small and medium-sized businesses effective ways to reach customers through new media. As a single-agency source, the NALA helps businesses flourish in their local community. The NALA’s mission is to promote a business’ relevant and newsworthy events and achievements, both online and through traditional media. For media inquiries, please call 805.650.6121, ext. 361.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BNBuilders is pleased to announce it has commenced construction on the renovations at the County of San Diego Housing and Community Development Services (HCDS) administrative offices. Located at 3989 Ruffin Road in San Diego, the project is one of...

Underwood J.G.,County of San Diego
Environmental Management | Year: 2011

Habitat loss is major factor in the endangerment and extinction of species around the world. One promising strategy to balance continued habitat loss and biodiversity conservation is that of biodiversity offsets. However, a major concern with offset programs is their consistency with landscape-level conservation goals. While merging offset polices and landscape-level conservation planning is thought to provide advantages over a traditional disconnected approach, few such landscape-level conservation-offset plans have been designed and implemented, so the effectiveness of such a strategy remains uncertain. In this study, we quantitatively assess the conservation impact of combining landscape-level conservation planning and biodiversity offset programs by comparing regions of San Diego County, USA with the combined approach to regions with only an offset program. This comparison is generally very difficult due to a variety of complicating factors. We overcome these complications and quantify the benefits to rare and threatened species of implementing a combined approach by assessing the amount of each species' predicted distribution, and the number of documented locations, conserved in comparison to the same metric for areas with an offset policy alone. We found that adoption of the combined approach has increased conservation for many rare species, often 5-10 times more than in the comparison area, and that conservation has been focused in the areas most important for these species. The level of conservation achieved reduces uncertainty that these species will persist in the region into the future. This San Diego County example demonstrates the potential benefits of combining landscape-level conservation planning and biodiversity offset programs. © 2010 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Vidales R.A.,County of San Diego
ICSI 2014: Creating Infrastructure for a Sustainable World - Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure | Year: 2014

When a master planned community's mitigation measures required implementation in an adjacent community, that community weighed in as to how those measures would actually be put in place. A community-driven design took more than 2 years to take shape at monthly public community planning group meetings (many of which included the developer and some of which included city staff). The community applied many sustainability principles in the project design, including multimodal connectivity between communities. The installation of pedestrian-scale lighting was one of the most prominent and community-advocated project features. The implementation of the project's pedestrian-scale acorn lights became a challenge when city maintenance was not available due to a technicality in the city's maintenance contracting (i.e., the acorn lights were deemed an ornamental feature and not a city standard). Also, the street's location was outside of the nearest Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) boundary. Therefore, the city requested that the project proponent install the cold and unsophisticated looking standard "cobra" style light fixtures ubiquitous in today's urban landscape. The community was persistent, and the developer was patient enough to successfully navigate through the city's complicated planning, design, and permitting process. Ultimately, the resilient neighborhood triumphed and got the acorn style lights installed using a creative maintenance financing mechanism and thus maintaining the neighborhood's civil and aesthetic pride. © 2014 American Society of Civil Engineers.

News Article | November 7, 2016

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The cost of renting an apartment or buying a home in the County of San Diego is mostly out of reach for Millennials. As prices skyrocket due to a lack of supply, Millennials are having to make tough choices. Either leave San Diego...

News Article | November 3, 2016

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- County of San Diego voters have a very clear choice before them November 8. The region is in the midst of the worst housing crisis in generations, with no end in sight. Nearly all housing experts agree, the best way to keep families together...

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