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Budapest, Hungary

Corvinus Egyetem

Budapest, Hungary
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Nyirady P.,Semmelweis University | Sardi E.,Corvinus Egyetem | Beko G.,Kozponti Laboratorium Pest | Szucs M.,Semmelweis University | And 6 more authors.
Orvosi Hetilap | Year: 2010

Several reports are known about the effects of nutrition supplements in the improvement of quality of life of patients with tumor, however, the physiological background remains largely unknown. Table beet affects numerous biochemical reactions, enzymes and metabolic-synthesis. Methods: Natural table beet product come from commercial service was given twice 10g daily for 1 month for 24 patients (mean age 68±8 years) with hormone-resistant and metastatic prostate cancer treated with taxan chemotherapy, who report themselves first, mean 3,6±2,8 years ago with their complains. 18 men's data were amenable after treatment for evaluation. In addition to routine laboratory examination values of HbA1c, 9 cytokines and levels of 3 growth factors, the global parameters of redox-homeostasis, few elements of their metal-ions, Zn-and level of free protoporfirin, trans-metilating processes before and 1 month after treatment were determined. Results: In most of the patients, favorable impact of beet was enforced and significantly high levels of Zn-and free protoporfirin decreased; furthermore, trans-metilating processes fastened. Conclusions: According to results, it seems that moderate and permanent consumption of table beet product affects the life expectancy of patients favorably; however, due to the increasing values of EGF, medical control is necessary for patients with prostate cancer treated by chemotherapy.

Remport A.,Szent Imre Korhaz | Danko D.,Corvinus Egyetem | Gerlei Z.,Semmelweis University | Czebe K.,Tudogyogyintezet | Kiss I.,Semmelweis University
Orvosi Hetilap | Year: 2012

Long-term success in solid organ transplantation strongly depends on the optimal use of maintenance immunosuppressive treatment. Cyclosporin and tacrolimus are the most frequently administered immunosuppressants and they are designed to narrow therapeutic index drugs. The substitution of the branded formulation by their generic counterparts may lead to economic benefit only if equivalent clinical outcomes can be achieved. There is no published evidence to date on the guarantee of their long-term therapeutic equivalence and cases of therapeutic failures have been reported due to inadvertent drug conversion. The disadvantageous clinical consequences of a non medical, mechanistic forced switch from the original to generic formulation of tacrolimus and the estimated loss of the payer's presumed savings are presented in a kidney transplant recipient population. Special problems related to pediatric patients, drug interactions with concurrent medications and the burden of additional therapeutic drug monitoring and follow up visits are also discussed. The authors are convinced that the implementation of the European Society of Organ Transplantation guidelines on generic substitution may provide a safe way for patients and healthcare payers.

Zoltan L.,Corvinus Egyetem | Gyula K.,Corvinus Egyetem | Laszlo O.,SZIE AOTK
Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja | Year: 2012

The use of live organisms as weapon has been seen throughout the history of mankind. In our age the growing global tension, the several unserviceable nations and the multitudinous occurrence of low-intensity conf licts increase the risk of biological terror attacks even in Hungary. In case of a contingent biological terror attack the veterinarians will become key f igures, f ighting in the foref ront, because 60% of the humán contagious diseases are zoonosis and the food-chain is an easily attackable target. Hence, in the article the authors review the concepts, history and f uture trends of bio, agro and food terrorism, and the possible impacts of bioterrorism on food-chain, public health, economy and the whole society.

Ibolya D.,Szent Istvan University | Marianna M.,Debreceni Egyetem | Tibor A.,Debreceni Egyetem | Antal F.,Corvinus Egyetem | Katalin P.,Szent Istvan University
Journal of Landscape Ecology | Year: 2013

The maintenance of soil fertility is the base of food production. Fertility means not only the quantity of available nutrients, but it is closely related to the microbial activity, and physical and chemical properties of the soil as well. However the microbial community of soil -its diversity and quantity- is significantly influenced by the applied farming system, the shifts in microbial community also effect on soil fertility. Our aim was to determine the dynamics of organic matter and microbiological characteristics, and to study the relationship of these parameters in typical sandy and meadow soil samples in Nyírség region, under conventional and ecological farming systems. Invertase and catalase activity and soil chemical properties (pHKCl, carbon and nitrogen content, soil organic matter, nitrite-nitrate-N content) were examined and the correlation between them was studied in two soil depths. Our results of the samples of 2012showed that the invertase and catalase enzyme activity, and the carbon and nitrogen content of the soil decreased with depth. The different soil types and farming methods had significant effect on both enzyme activities. Higher level of enzyme activities as well as carbon and nitrogen content was found in sandy soil samples in organic farming and in meadow soil samples in conventional farming system.

Agnes S.,SZIE AOTK | Gyula K.,Videkfejlesztesi Miniszterium | Zoltan L.,Corvinus Egyetem | Laszlo O.,SZIE AOTK
Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja | Year: 2011

The clones are offsprings originating from the same nuclear genetic material, produced naturally (identical twins) or by nuclear transfer technology. In the literature review the authors briefly review the practical opportunities of cloning, study both the national and EU legislation of cloned food products and that of human cloning, and summarize the major ethical issues of this technology.

Gyula K.,Videkfejlesztesi Miniszterium | Dorottya G.,Videkfejlesztesi Miniszterium | Laszlo O.,SZIE AOTK | Miklos S.,Fornetti Kft | Zoltan L.,Corvinus Egyetem
Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja | Year: 2011

The authors' aim was to determine how the Hungarian consumers consider the force-feeding of geese and how they perceived the campaign of Four Paws organization in 2007. According to the results of their questionnaire survey the current practice of goose liver production is accepted by the society as a whole that supports the governmental attitude protecting this agricultural sector. At the same time the evaluation of the Hungarian consumers' opinions with data-mining techniques revealed that the younger generation is much more responsive to animal welfare messages and arguments than the older people. Therefore, the preservation of market shares, furthermore, the sustainment of some food-producing sectors requires more cooperation between the education, the veterinarians, farmers and marketing experts, so that the consumers would better know and, as far as possible, gain personal knowledge about the practice of animal husbandry, thereby, they would accept the activity of the sector in the widest range.

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