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Cirencester, United Kingdom

Corin Ltd | Date: 2010-03-01

There is described a jig for identifying a point on the femoral head which is in alignment with a central axis of the femoral neck. The jig comprises a first member which defines a plane and has means for at least partially receiving the femoral neck. The jig also comprises a guide member which is mounted apart from the first member and which defines an axis at right angles to the plane defined by the first member. The axis of the guide member intersects the plane at a point which is a predetermined distance away from the means receiving the femoral neck. In addition, the jig comprises an elongate alignment means which is mounted with respect to the first member and which is spaced apart from, but extends parallel to, the axis of the guide member. There is also described a kit for use in the resurfacing of the femoral head. The kit comprises at least one jig as previously described.

CORIN Ltd | Date: 2013-09-27

Leg alignment apparatus for use in total arthroplasty of left and right knees, comprises an intramedullary rod, a femoral body for location on or adjacent to an anterior surface of a femur, and a support element which extends or is extendable from the femoral body to the intramedullary rod for holding the femoral body stationary or substantially stationary relative to the intramedullary rod. A condylar locator which is pivotable relative to the femoral body and which is seatable on a distal end of the femur is also provided, along with a soft-tissue tensioning element to apply a separation between the femur and the tibia, and a varus/valgus indicator to indicate an angular alignment of the knee based on the intramedullary rod and the soft-tissue tensioning element. A method of determining a distal end resection position for a femur at a knee joint is also provided.

CORIN Ltd | Date: 2011-01-19

A hip prosthesis system (

CORIN Ltd | Date: 2012-10-19

A femoral sizing jig for use in total arthroplasty of left and right knees, comprises a femoral body, an external-rotation-angle arm which is, preferably pivotable, relative to the femoral body for setting an external angular rotation of a left or right femur, at least one of a cutting-jig guide and a cutting jig which is, preferably slidable, relative to the femoral body and in unison with movement of the external rotation-angle arm, and a medial posterior-condylar locator which is movable in unison with the movement of the external-rotation-angle arm, so as to maintain a fixed or substantially fixed relative distance with a medial side of the at least one of a cutting-jig guide and a cutting jig. A posterior-referencing femur resecting system using said femoral sizing jig and a method of resecting a femur at a knee joint relative to the medial posterior condyle are also provided.

CORIN Ltd | Date: 2011-07-20

An acetabular cup comprises an outer shell preferably having a first tensile modulus, an inner liner preferably having at least a second tensile modulus which is greater than that of the said first tensile modulus, and at least one reinforcing element which extends from a polar region of the outer shell along a, preferably interior, surface of the outer shell. Preferably, a wall thickness of the outer shell at a region of intersection between a part-spherical portion and a frusto-conical portion of the outer shell is less at the part-spherical portion than at the frusto-conical portion. The reinforcing element has a longitudinal extent which improves the rigidity of the wall at at least the part-spherical portion.

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