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Marseille, France

An exceptional arrangement concluded for access to the HeLa cell line sequence highlights the problems involved in studies on « old » samples obtained before ethical and privacy safeguards were in place. © 2013 médecine/sciences - Inserm.

Jordan B.,CoReBio PACA
Medecine/Sciences | Year: 2013

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic tests have become quite popular in the USA. This article explores the uses to which they are put and the motivations of the customers. © 2013 médecine/sciences-Inserm.

Jordan B.,CoReBio PACA
Medecine/Sciences | Year: 2014

One of the initial motivations for the Genome project was to improve the detection of possible mutations in children of atomic bomb survivors. In fact it has proved very difficult to find any genetic effect in these descendants in spite of the strong irradiation suffered by their parents: this factual evidence is largely ignored in the current debates about the effects of radiation and the future of nuclear energy. Sequencing studies on this population would be very desirable. © 2014 médecine/sciences - Inserm.

The likelihood of adult psychiatric problems is increased by childhood trauma, particularly so in carriers of certain alleles of certain genes. I discuss here a recent paper that sheds light on the mechanism of this effect, showing that specific demethylation occurring at the time of the initial trauma persists at adulthood and induces an increased reactivity to stress.

Jordan B.,CoReBio PACA
Médecine sciences : M/S | Year: 2013

The Oldfield mouse and the Deer mouse build very different burrows in nature and also in the laboratory. This behaviour is innate and, in a series of beautiful experiments making use of new generation sequencing for genetic mapping, the authors map the burrow architecture to a very small number of loci and demonstrate modular evolution of behaviour. © 2013 médecine/sciences - Inserm / SRMS.

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