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Langenfeld, Germany

Cordis Corporation | Date: 2014-12-15

Coatings are provided in which surfaces may be activated by covalently bonding a combination of silane derivatives (A) to the metal surface, covalently bonding a lactone polymer (B) to the silane derivative by in situ ring opening polymerization, and depositing at least one layer of a polyester (C) on the bonded lactone polymer. Biologically active agents or therapeutic compounds may be deposited with any of the polyester layers. Such coated surfaces may be useful in medical devices, in particular stents.

This disclosure is directed to systems and methods for providing a guiding device having a dilatable, drilling tip. The tip is formed by wound helical members such that resistance to rotation in an unwinding direction dilates the tip. The helical members are configured so that the dilatable tip increases in stiffness when the helical members are tensioned by a resistance to rotation in the winding direction. In some embodiments, application of relative force between coaxial inner and outer tubular members is used to control the dilation, stiffness and drilling of the guiding member.

Cordis Corporation | Date: 2015-09-29

A dilator for sheathless access to a vessel of a patient, having a distal portion with a maximal outer diameter that extends from a distal end to a guidewire exit port and a proximal portion with a reduced profile that extends from the guidewire exit port to the proximal end and a lumen that extends between the distal end and the guidewire exit port. A first guidewire may be positioned within the vessel and the dilator advanced over the guidewire. A guide catheter may then be advanced over the dilator.

The present disclosure pertains to stents having a coating applied thereto, wherein the coating comprises a biocompatible polymer/drug mixture, as well as devices comprising a metallic stent, a biocompatible polymeric carrier and a drug.

Cordis Corporation | Date: 2014-10-27

The present invention includes biocompatible polymeric coatings, membranes, matrices, and films to be used with implantable medical devices. Medical devices containing such materials applied to a surface thereof contain a film-forming fluorous homo-polymer or copolymer containing the polymerized residue of a fluorous moiety, wherein the relative amounts of the polymerized residues of one or more moieties are effective to provide the coating and films with properties effective for use in coating implantable med devices.

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