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Stuttgart Muhlhausen, Germany

Coperion GmbH | Date: 2010-01-26

A screw machine for treating at least partially powdery bulk material has a housing with at least one housing bore and a screw arranged in the housing bore. A vacuum housing portion is provided, which is formed as a vacuum housing insert, which is releasably attached in the housing, in which a metal nonwoven is exchangeably held as a gas-permeable wall portion on a base body.

Coperion GmbH | Date: 2012-02-06

A device for producing granules has a water-cooled granulating mechanism for producing plastics material granules. A discharge line arranged downstream of the granulating mechanism discharges a starting mixture flow and a granule heat exchanger arranged downstream of the discharge line controls the temperature of the mixture containing the plastics material granules and cooling water using parallel fluid passages. The granule heat exchanger has an inlet and an outlet for a transmission heat exchanger medium. A drying mechanism arranged downstream of the granule heat exchanger dries the plastics material granules. The device also may have an energy recovery mechanism arranged downstream of the discharge line for recovering energy from a recovery cooling water flow, containing at least a part of the cooling water of the starting mixture flow. The device uses waste heat, transmitted to the cooling water to increase the performance of the device and improve the energy efficiency thereof.

A processing installation for the processing of bulk material has a vacuum filter insert for degassing of the bulk material. The vacuum filter insert is arranged in a casing of a screw machine downstream of the feed opening thereof and is provided with at least one filter element so that the vacuum filter insert forms a gas-permeable wall portion which defines the at least one casing bore of the screw machine. Seen in a degassing direction, a protective element comprising a plurality of through-openings is arranged upstream of the at least one filter element. The protective element acts as a granule protection for the at least one filter element and prevents granular bulk material from damaging the at least one filter element. As a result, the vacuum filter insert has a longer service life, thus ensuring a long operating time for the processing installation without interruptions.

A gearbox assembly for a twin-screw extruder comprises a speed change gearbox for adjusting a screw shaft speed of two screw shafts of the twin-screw extruder, a distribution gearbox allowing the screw shafts to be coupled thereto, and a speed reduction gearbox. The speed change gearbox and the speed reduction gearbox are configured such as to be separable from each other, wherein the speed change gearbox is arranged at a driving end while the speed reduction gearbox couples the speed change gearbox to the distribution gearbox. Due to the fact that the speed change gearbox is configured as an individual gearbox unit arranged at the driving end, an adjustment of the screw shaft speed is easily possible by replacing the speed change gearbox. As a result, a high flexibility and productivity are obtained in the operation of the twin-screw extruder.

In a processing plant for producing plastics material granulate, the start-up takes place in such a way that a screw machine is firstly driven by means of a drive device and then plastics material to be processed is fed by means of a metering device into the screw machine. At least one conveying position of the plastics material in the screw machine is determined by means of a control device by evaluating at least one measuring signal. Depending on the conveying position determined, a granulating device is activated and put into operation. The method according to the invention allows a direct start-up of the processing plant without the use of a start-up valve. This ensures an easy and safe start-up of the processing plant.

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